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Brandon Rey Ramirez is a Los Angeles activist. Sr. Project Manager, Brand Partnerships at ATTN: Married to Symone Baptiste.


DSA International Committee

Democratic Socialists of America International Committee members in 2019 included Ethan Earle, Ella Wind, Isaac Miller, Sanjiv Gupta, Penny Schantz, Jared Abbott, Brandon Rey Ramirez and Jack Suria Linares.

Bernie 2020 Working Group supporters


Katrina Bergstrom July 27 2019·

DSA-LA members!

You should have received a link last night to vote for the creation of DSA-LA’s Bernie 2020 Working Group - please vote YES today!

Voting is open for one week. ... See More — with Alex Wolinetz, Amarnath Ravva, Zenaida Huerta, Angelica Duenas, Olivia Gamboa, Shawnee Badger, Wendy Fagioli Ruiz, Marlin Medrano, Bobbie McGowan, Joshua Smith, Henry Huerta, Ezra Pugh, Lisa Kendall, Jeanna Harris, Kristina Meshelski, Nick Roth, Erika Feresten, Tina Fredericks, Jeanine Rohn, Jane Demian, Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla, Andrew Swetland, Aaron Balanta Holloway, Hsingii Tseng Bird, Josh Goodman, Isaac Lieberman, Ankur Patel, Sophie Eupp, Brandon Rey Ramirez, Chris Roth, Taiji Miyagawa, Symone Baptiste, Gabe Gabrielsky, Reed Heisley-Shellaby, Rachel Miller, Jack Suria Linares, Jeremy White, Mason Mineo, Gabbi Pierce, Rebecca Prediletto, Don Ward, Mark Masaoka, Rachel Reyes, Jessica Salans, Nina Eliasoph, Francisco Cendejas, Una Lee Jost, Paul Song, Don Irwin, Chris Myers, Charles Du, Eugene Pesikov, Katrina Bleckley, Kat Valentine, Rob Quan, Jenni Chang, Tom Pike, Evan Geary and Maikiko James.

Supporting Bernie working group

In July 2019 Over 25 members in good standing of Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America submitted a proposal to form a new working group to support Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential primary campaign to DSA-LA’s Steering Committee by way of regular processes.

They were Kyle G., Steve Couch, Katrina Bergstrom, Marlin Medrano, Gabe Gabrielsky, Olivia Gamboa, Jorge Gamboa, Staci O’Neal-Robinson, Erin O’Neal-Robinson, Casey Ramirez, Erika Alvarez, Victor Alvarez, Alex Wolinetz, Ezra Pugh, Brandon Rey Ramirez, Simone Baptiste, Arun Ravendhran, John Seeley, Barry Eidlin, Tej Bhakta, Ryan Andrews, Eric Pierce, Jonathan Koch, Angelica Duenas, Alice Brown, Jeanna Harris, Francisco C, Robert Nelson, Marguerite “Peggy” Renner, Nancy Kim, Joshua Goodman, Amy Clark, Paloma Nafarrate, Wendy Ruiz, Charles Du.[1]

2019 DSA-LA National Convention Delegates Candidates

DSA-LA has 47 delegate spots available and have received 69 candidate submissions. Due to the large number of candidates and slots, this ballot is using Approval Voting rather than block voting: vote for as many candidates as you feel comfortable representing DSA-LA at the convention. Voting will close on June 15th at 11:59pm. Should delegates be unable to attend the convention for any reason, they will be replaced by delegate alternates in order of votes.

Candidates included Brandon Rey Ramirez.

Socialist Majority Caucus

DSA's Socialist Majority Caucus signatories list as of April 25 2019 included Brandon Rey Ramirez of Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America.

Leftist Voter Guide

In 2016, Democratic Socialists of America-LA members Graham McNeill, Miranda Edith Sklaroff, Carol Newton, and Brandon Rey Ramirez were key contributors to the project Leftist Voter Guide.[2]

Climate Justice Committee, DSA-LA


Members of the Climate Justice Committee, Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of August 30, 2017 included Brandon Rey Ramirez.[3]

Racial Justice Caucus - DSA-LA


Racial Justice Caucus - Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of August 25, 2017;[4]


Socialist-Feminist Caucus, DSA-LA

Members of the Socialist-Feminist Caucus, Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America, closed Facebook group, as of August 22, 2017 included Brandon Rey Ramirez.[5]

Healthcare Committee, DSA-LA

Members of the Healthcare Committee, Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of August 30, 2017 included Brandon Rey Ramirez .[6]

DSA-LA 2018 Local officer election results

Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America Local officer election results released November 2017;[7]

At large officers

  • Brandon Rey Ramirez - not elected

San Diego DSA Facebook group

Members of the San Diego Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook group, as of March 18, 2017 included Brandon Rey Ramirez .[8]

Standing for AD 43

In 2019 Brandon Rey Ramirez stood from AD 43 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

Alex Calleros is an independent filmmaker and long-time resident of Glendale, where he lives with his husband.


As a lifelong activist and organizer, I hope to bring radical change to the Democratic Party. I currently serve as the National Co-Chair for Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Immigrants’ Rights Committee and the Co-Chair of the DSA Los Angeles Immigration Justice Committee. I am currently a lead organizer in the campaign to Abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and an organizer with the ICE Out of LA Coalition. As a student in Philadelphia, I was heavily involved in the Pennsylvania Democratic Party where I worked closely with undocumented students organizing for the DREAM Act and became active in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The California Democratic Party has the potential to be a truly progressive political force to move our state and country forward. If elected as an Assembly District Delegate for the 43rd District, I will seek to build progressive coalitions within the party that fight for more transparent, egalitarian, and democratic rules for decision-making. I will fight to advance a working-class oriented agenda that prioritizes Universal Rent Control, Medicare for All, and A Green New Deal. As an Immigrants’ Rights activist, I will be an outspoken advocate to Abolish ICE. America needs a bold progressive agenda, and California can deliver. There’s no time to wait.[9]

San Fernando Valley Progressives

San Fernando Valley Progressives - Marlin Medrano January 26:

Not the results we hoped for but gained so much through the connections we've built.

Thank you to all our volunteers and my amazing slatemates.

  1. wefighton — with Connie Kazmer, Liliana Sanchez, Jose Navarrete, Brandon Rey Ramirez, Stacy Tapia, Dan Gordon, Jeanna Harris, Jon Schnitzer, Michelle Antoinette Boley, Stan Moroncini, Betty Doumas, Jeremy Aldridge, Daniel Dominguez, Taylor Gill and Angelica Duenas.