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Alan Minsky is a lifelong activist, who has worked as a progressive journalist for the past two decades. Alan was the Program Director at KPFK Los Angeles from 2009-2018; and has coordinated Pacifica Radio’s national coverage of elections. Before that, Alan was one of the founders of LA Indymedia. He is the creator and producer of the political podcasts for The Nation and Jacobin Magazine, as well as a contributor to Commondreams and Truthdig.

Alan’s activism began in college with union solidarity work and opposition to US involvement in Central America. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Alan was active in the counter-globalization and media democracy movements. In 2011, he began organizing for Occupy Wall Street in the months leading up to the occupation of Zuccotti Park.

Alan is a committed anti-racist and feminist. He is also an advocate for economic policies that address social inequality, eradicate poverty, and prioritize the interests of working and middle-class households. Alan began working with Progressive Democrats of America in 2014.[1]

Alan Minsky is a member of of Democratic Socialists of America.[2]

Dispatches from the US left


Thursday, 04 April 2019 14:30 - 18:30 Venue: European Parliament:

Compilation: European United Left–Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) discussion with American Socialists 2019

Public conversation with leaders from the US left, including Maria Svart, David Duhalde, Alan Minsky, Alexandra Rojas, and Matt Duss (tbc) about the common challenges during the upcoming election cycle 2019/2020.

"On the eve of the elections to the European Parliament, and at the beginning of the race to the US Presidential elections in November 2020, Western Democracy is at a crossroads. While we are facing an organised roll-back of libertarian achievements, there is a need to unite in our defence, and to win this struggle together in order to be in the position to prevent climate change, build prosperous post-growth economies, and organise inclusive and rights-based societies in a new technological environment.
"This event will provide information about the progressive candidates, including Bernie Sanders, who will successfully challenge Donald Trump, and the campaign techniques applied. The discussion will analyse the state of play of new political camps being constructed in Europe in the context of the elections for the European Parliament, and the diversity of the struggle inside and outside of Parliaments on both sides of the Atlantic.
"Moderated by Barbara Spinelli, MEP and Ethan Earle.[3]

Guest of the European Left


After Bernie Sanders launched his campaign for Presidential candidacy last Saturday, we as Party of the European Left would like to point out, that we had invited leaders from the US left to Brussels.

03 April 2019 6:00 pm European Left Public Event in Brussels: DISPATCHES FROM THE US LEFT

A conversation with leaders from the US left about upcoming elections, Bernie Sanders, and the need for a new progressive internationalism.

Salle “L’Aurore” de l’Association Culturelle Joseph Jacquemotte, 162 Rue du Midi, 1000 Bruxelles / Belgique

Our Guests:

Additional to this public event there will be on 4th April 2018 a Seminar in the European Parliament organized by representatives of GUE-NGL in co-operation with the EL. If you want to take part in the GUE-NGL seminar, that is held in the premises of the European Parliament, you must register at the GUE site as soon as the seminar is announced in order to get a pass for entering the parliament.[4]

In the spirit of Bernie Sanders’ recent call to begin building an “international progressive front”, the European Left invited leaders from the US Left to Brussels to develop concrete working relationships.
Over two productive days, Maria Svart, National Director of the Democratic Socialists of America, David Duhalde, Political Director of Our Revolution and Alan Minsky, Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, met with leaders of the European Left and GUE/NGL, as well as with representatives from civil society, ETUC, and national parties across Europe.

We look forward to working together to combat the domination of the 1% and the rise of what Sanders calls the “new authoritarian axis”, and to developing positive alternatives together.

Maite Mola & Paolo Ferrero

Vice-Presidents of the Party of the European Left.[5]

Strategic Partnership

Our Revolution and Progressive Democrats of America Announce Strategic Partnership

Our Revolution (OR) and the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) are excited to announce a formal partnership established by both organizations’ national boards. OR and PDA will work together on advancing progressive issues like Medicare for All and restoration of voting rights for those who’ve paid their debt to society, as well as electing progressive candidates this November.

PDA and Our Revolution have cooperated on actions against Trumpcare and the Affordable Care Act repeal, and in support of the People’s Platform, a series of progressive and transformative core policies and issues.

“Our Revolution looks forward to our continued work and partnership with PDA,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. “Before Sen. Sanders’ historic presidential run, people thought ideas like Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage, and tuition-free college were impossible to achieve. In only a few short years we’ve changed the narrative on what is possible in this country and now the American people are on our side.”

Turner added, “Our partnership with PDA will continue to change the narrative about what is possible, and result in many more newly elected progressive leaders who will work to implement our progressive vision for the country. Progressive Democrats of America was the first national group to endorse Senator Sanders for President, and since Our Revolution’s founding, has been our partner on issues, candidates, and reforming the Democratic Party.”

Incoming PDA Executive Director Alan Minsky said, “PDA’s relentless ‘Run Bernie Run’ campaign, launched in 2014, directly contributed to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ decision to run for president in the Democratic primaries. PDA and the nationwide grassroots effort that evolved into Our Revolution worked throughout the 2016 campaign to support Sen. Sanders’ out-of-nowhere challenge for the Democratic nomination. PDA and OR continue to empower the millions-strong movement that Bernie Sanders’ campaign energized.”

Minsky added, “Working together, OR led by President Nina Turner and incoming Executive Director Dr. Heather Gautney and PDA will continue to grow the progressive political revolution necessary to elect progressive candidates and build towards a progressive governing majority, and thereby enact widely popular reforms including: Medicare For All, a Living Wage, Free College and Vocational Training, Clean and Fair Elections, Inclusive Prosperity, Protecting the Climate, and Equality and Justice for All. Stunning upsets in this year’s Democratic primaries by progressive candidates— including Benjamin Jealous, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Andrew Gillum, and Ayanna Pressley—as well as consistent public polling results have shown that Americans support candidates and organizations that speak out and stand up for the 99%, even when that requires directly challenging the status quo and incumbents who are insufficiently dedicated to achieving needed progress.”

Our Revolution has over 600 local groups in 49 states and nine countries. Our Revolution’s Board includes former Ohio (state) Senator Nina Turner, Labor organizer Larry Cohen, Native American leader Deborah Parker, Jim Hightower, James Zogby, former Chief of Staff for Sen. Bernie Sanders Huck Gutman, , Our Revolution South - Carolina member Lucero E. Mesa, and Our Revolution - Illinois Chicago member Richard Rodriguez.

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is a grassroots political action committee. PDA’s Healthcare Not Warfare campaign brings together the need for a comprehensive universal health care system with our advocacy for scaled-down military spending and increased reliance on diplomatic foreign policy. The PDA National Advisory Board includes Barbara Lee, Keith Ellison, Raul Grijalva, and James McGovern; as well as progressive leaders such as Michael Moore, Mimi Kennedy, Lila Garrett, Thom Hartmann, Medea Benjamin, and Dr. Paul Song, M.D. [6]