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San Diego Democratic Socialists of America is affiliated to Democratic Socialists of America.

Steering Committee Elections, 2019

Posted on November 19, 2019 (November 19, 2019) by Emily

At Sunday’s general meeting we heard from our candidates for the 2020 Steering Committee. Voting for Steering Committee will be done online and will commence soon. Current members will receive a link to the form in the next couple of days, and the election will run for two weeks. Here are the statements from each candidate:

Co-Chair (2 slots)

Internal Organizer (2 slots):

Secretary (1 slot):

Treasurer (1 slot):

External Organizer (1 slot):

Communication Secretary (1 slot):

YDSA and Branch Liaison (1 slot): Tejen Bhakta[1]


Yesi Padilla is co-chair of San Diego Democratic Socialists of America.[2]


Jasyn Brackett was San Diego Democratic Socialists of America Tresurer in 2018.[3]


San Diego Democratic Socialists of America endorsed two candidates in the 2018 election cycle: Genevieve Jones-Wright for district attorney, and Christian Ramirez for City Council District 8.[4]

International day of action Migrant Caravan

SLO Democratic Socialists of America shared an event. January 5 at 4:02 PM:


From Shauna McKenna, member of the Democratic Socialists of America - San Diego Steering Committee/DSA San Diego Immigration Working Group:

"Dear comrades,
As you know, DSA San Diego has been in continuous contact with fellow activists in Tijuana, including current and former members of the Central American exodus. Through the national working group's facilitation, members from chapters all over the country have either offered their solidarity labor or are on their way - and thankfully so. Last night, approximately 200 asylum seekers were tear gassed and shot by rubber bullets once again by Customs and Border Patrol as they attempted to scale the border wall. The group included children. If anyone is wondering why children would be put at such risk, consider the violence their families are fleeing. Our brothers and sisters see the U.S. government's obstructionism and bad faith, and take drastic measures accordingly. Their remaining options - returning to Honduras or staying in a country where their security is deeply compromised - are no options at all.
On January 11 and 12, the San Diego Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition (of which DSA San Diego is an active member) is leading two strategically targeted direct actions, one protesting the Department of Homeland Security in their downtown location, one returning to the border. We ask for the DSA Immigration Working Group to endorse both actions, and join us in designating January 12 as an international day of action."

Founder passes

Muriel Sobelman Jencks, one of the founders of San Diego DSA, passed away in 2017.

Muriel was a life-long progressive activist, a friend to the broad San Diego socialist left, and a regular contributor to the Rosenberg Fund for Children, a public foundation started in 1990 by Robert Meeropol and named in honor of his parents Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.
Muriel was the widow of Clint Jencks, the legendary labor organizer who became a movie star by essentially playing himself in the blacklisted classic film Salt of the Earth.
She devoted all her energy to rescuing that film from the obscurity to which it had been consigned during the McCarthy years. The current appreciation of that film in any discussion of labor history, Latino working class struggles, and especially Socialist Feminism, owes a tremendous debt to Muriel's tireless efforts.
Muriel had recently moved from San Diego to Northern California to be near her daughter.[5]

1993 actions

San Diego DSA held a March forum with Greg Akili, co-chair of the African American Organizing Union, on "The New Administrationand the Struggle for Universal Health Care."

San Diego DSAers were also active waging a campaign to convince the area Congresspeople, Lynn Schenk and Bob Filner, to co-sponsor the McDermott-Conyers bill for a single-payer health care system.[6]

San Diego DSA hosted an August 20 lecture on Clinton's economic program by Ray Boddy, Professor of Economics at San Diego State University. The local also became active in the fight to defeat the school voucher initiative.[7]

2000 actions

In 2000, Local members worked on the anti-voucher initiative with Californians for Justice and the California Teachers’ Association, campaigned for Nader, and fundraised for Medea Benjamin.

The local held a well-attended meeting this fall around the utilities deregulation fiasco, featuring Craig Rose from the San Diego Union Tribune, who was instrumental in getting the issue out locally; DSAers are presently meeting with important people connected with this issue, and they hope to be part of a movement toward creating a municipal utility.[8]

DSA 2005 Western Regional Conference

San Diego DSA hosted the March 5, 2005 DSA Western Regional Conference

The morning workshops emphasized internal questions, including DSA Local Development and dialog around cooperation between San Diego DSA and other members of the San Diego Socialist Unity Network.

In the afternoon the workshops moved toward more general themes relating to the economy. DSA National Director Frank Llewellyn and San Francisco National Political C o m m i t t e e member Tim Sears presented a workshop on Wal-Mart and the Low Wage Economy. San Diego DSA member Gregg Robinson led a workshop on Saving Social Security. Finally, Amelia Simpson from the Environmental Health Coalition presented a power point presentation on CAFTA and the Border Economy. This presentation "emphasized the devastating impact NAFTA has had on both sides of the border, and made the case for organizing to prevent the extension of NAFTA-like free trade to Central America via CAFTA".

The evening panel discussion centered on organizing around the maquiladora industry. Featured were well-known author, reporter and photographer David Bacon; Carmen Valadez from the Workers’ Information Center , Tijuana, and the Colectiva Feminista Binacional; Enrique Davalos from CITTAC and the San Diego Maquiladora Workers’ Solidarity Network (SDMWSN); and Teresa Loyola from the Tijuana Women’s Rights Advocates. San Diego DSA is a very active founding member of the SDMWSN. [9]


In 2010 San Diego DSA brought its members out to the Fifth Anniversary Celebration of San Diego’s Living Wage Ordinance. The local Tea party had have put an initiative on the November ballot that would repeal the Living Wage for San Diego, and DSA expects to be heavily involved in efforts to defeat it. The local has also participated in demonstrations and marches relating to the massive education cuts in California, and maintained its ongoing coalition work with the San Diego Maquiladora Solidarity Network; the San Diego Affordable Housing Coalition; and the Socialist Unity Network.[10]

Socialist Unity Network

SD DSA has been an ongoing member of the San Diego Socialist Unity Network (SUN), along with Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. Starting about 2007, SUN has held bi-monthly “Socialist Salon” gathering.[11]

Occupy San Diego

According to report from San Diego Democratic Socialists of America, members Herb Shore and Virginia Franco on October 16, 2011, on Occupy San Diego;[12]

We had a successful march and rally a week ago, October 7, with a DSA contingent of about seven people, taking turns carrying the DSA banner. The march was from a downtown SD park to Civic Center. It was huge for this city's standards—an impressive 1500 marchers. We passed out lots of copies of the DSA Fact Sheet on the federal budget. A couple of DSAers, Pam Barratt and Virginia Franco spent this first night 'al fresco', with no tent.
Since the first march and rally, DSA SD has participated with food donations two more times to the occupiers at Civic Center. Last night, we contributed 144 brownies at about 10:00 PM and displayed a sign. Although, late evening, we managed to show a sign expressing the SEBOR cover statement, and passing out the pamphlets. Someone mentioned we were going to be on their Facebook page. One young leadership occupier expressed interest in DSA, and said she would mail the brochure to her father in NYC, an economic conservative.

DSA supports Ammar Campa-Najjar

Katie MeyerDemocratic Socialists of America - San Diego. September 24, 2018 ·


We are now exactly 2 WEEKS from when ballots go out! The Campa Campaign NEEDs your help these next 2 weeks in calling and walking. This weekend is one of the last opportunities to talk to voters before ballots go out and defeat indicted Congressman Duncan Hunter. Join us this week for at least 1 shift and bring friends. We especially need canvassers at our north county events!

DSA San Diego General Membership Meeting


DSA San Diego General Membership Meeting · Hosted by Democratic Socialists of America - San Diego

Sunday, February 19 at 4 PM - 6 PM PST

3850 Westgate Pl, San Diego, CA 92105-5113, United States[13]

Invited on Facebook



Public Facebook group


San Diego Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook group, as of March 18, 2017;[14]

Admin Christian Adams, Encinitas, California


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More names had been added by June 26, 2018;

San Diego DSA Second Public Group


As of August 3, 2017;



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