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The California Nurses Association CNA has been described by some of the national media as one of the most powerful labor unions in the country. It has been around since 1908 and has undergone a number of changes and mergers over the decades.

Of interest to KW is the fact that several well known Communist Party USA CPUSA writers have shown up since at least 2008 as "spokesmen" or "freelance writer" in their press releases and the official publication of the parent union, National Nurses Union NNU, "National Nurse".

Chuck Idelson: Has been the CNA Communications Director since at least 2008.

Idelson, for many years, was a writer for the CP's Peoples Daily World PDW and/or Peoples Weekly World PWW newspaper[1]

Carl Bloice: An old member of the CPUSA since either the late 50's or early 60's, where he worked as the West Coast correspondent for the national CP newspaper, Daily Worker DW and the West Coast version, Peoples World before writing for their successors, the PDW and PWW.[2]. COC?

He wrote at least two main feature articles of the National Nurses Union monthly magazine National Nurse in 2008 and 2010, wherein he was identified as a "freelance writer in San Francisco"

  • June 2008: "The Great Social Security and Medicare Robbery: Congress is conspiring to cut benefits for future generations of seniors. Nurses are fighting back"
  • November 2010: "Brewing Storm: How the recent push to slash Social Security and Medicare in the name of deficit reductions is really a revocation of the social pacts these programs represent."

See the Keywiki site for Carl Bloice for a much fuller list of his Communist Party USA and later Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (COCS) affiliations that have covered about 50 years. The COCS was the Angela Davis-Herbert Aptheker split-off faction of the CPUSA that was created in 1991 due to internal strife within the Party. Carl Bloice is still a member of this communist organization as of 2011.

Chuck Idelson and Carl Bloice are just two CPUSA members/writers who have either joined labor unions or similar organizations as writers or spokesman/communication directors. Two others have been David Bacon. listed in the PDW, Jan. 13, 1989, p. 8 as a "Staff Writer" who also wrote anti-American columns in the "Newspaper Guild of America" newspaper in the 1990's, and Mark Almberg, an open member of the Illinois Communist Party, who is the "Communications Director" of the CPUSA-created Physicians for a National Health Plan PNHP, which was a project of Obama medical advisor and identified member of the CPUSA, Quentin Young[3].

Some additional information on Young can be found in the [[New Mobe Staff Study, HISC, 1970[4].


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