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Shawnee Badger

Shawnee Badger is an Actor, Model, Activist, Artist. Founder/President at Vegan Action Fund. She is the partner of Ankur Patel.


  • Model at Role Models Management
  • Model at M Model Management West Hollywood
  • Actor at SAG-AFTRA
  • Magic Maker at Disneyland

LIVE! Our Revolution California!

Join Our Revolution California for a special discussion with Congressman Ro Khanna , San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, Amar Singh Shergill, Aram Ayra, Janani Ramachandran, & Trinity Tran! #OrganizeToWin


Other participants included Brandon Harami, Shawnee Badger, Mike Oles, Brandee Marckmann, Anabel Nevarez.

Infiltrating the Dems

Help DSA-LA Take Over ADEMS!

Every two years, California Democrats elect delegates from across the state, who then convene along with appointed party officials at the party’s Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEMS). ADEMS determines what the party stands for, making this a significant opportunity for socialists to push the California Democratic Party to the left and away from the interests of union busters, the landlord lobby, fossil fuel polluters, the corporate hospital and pharmaceutical lobby, the prison industrial complex, the corporate donor class, and others that stand against our values.

Our members are running for ADEMS delegate seats so that we’re in the room when the Democratic Party sets its agenda and makes decisions on endorsing candidates for public office. We’re fighting for issues that matter to the working class in California, like Medicare for All, Green New Deal, and Defunding the Police.

The DSA members listed below (in alphabetical order by first name) are running for ADEMS delegate seats on slates across LA County and have pledged to fight for our democratically-decided socialist values.

Assembly District 38 - Ankur Patel, Sebastian Cazares, Shawnee Badger.

Running for Bernie delegate


Shawnee Badger March 4 2020.

Yesterday was incredible for Bernie in CA. So many of us have been working so hard for 5 years to make this happen. We did it. I'm so proud of us.

I'm running to be a delegate for Bernie Sanders (AGAIN). I am honored to be endorsed by Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential Campaign Co-chair Congressman Ro Khanna, one of the first CA electeds to endorse Bernie--Assemblymember Ash Kalra, and former Mayor of Richmond Gayle McLaughlin.

In 2016, I was elected with the most votes, went to convention, shook things up, and PROUDLY cast my vote for Bernie Sanders.

One of the moments I will probably never forget was being grabbed around my waist and shoved down stairs by a former party leader. But after 2016, I refused to be shoved out of the Democratic Party.

I stayed deeply involved. I passed resolutions. I wrote language into the California Democratic Party Platform. I cast my vote for Bernie progressive candidates. I ran and won a spot in the ADEM elections. I helped start and lead an Our Revolution chapter and brought DSA to my community. I put my body on the line. And I used my voice to advocate and fight for these life and death issues.

DSA Facebook group

Members of the California Democratic Socialists of America, statewide Facebook group, as of October 10, 2017 included Shawnee Badger.[1]

Our Revolution SCV / DSA Santa Clarita Valley Closed Facebook group

Our Revolution SCV / DSA Santa Clarita Valley Closed Facebook group, accessed May 10, 2019:




Bernie 2020 Working Group supporters


Katrina Bergstrom July 27 2019·

DSA-LA members!

You should have received a link last night to vote for the creation of DSA-LA’s Bernie 2020 Working Group - please vote YES today!

Voting is open for one week. ... See More — with Alex Wolinetz, Amarnath Ravva, Zenaida Huerta, Angelica Duenas, Olivia Gamboa, Shawnee Badger, Wendy Fagioli Ruiz, Marlin Medrano, Bobbie McGowan, Joshua Smith, Henry Huerta, Ezra Pugh, Lisa Kendall, Jeanna Harris, Kristina Meshelski, Nick Roth, Erika Feresten, Tina Fredericks, Jeanine Rohn, Jane Demian, Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla, Andrew Swetland, Aaron Balanta Holloway, Hsingii Tseng Bird, Josh Goodman, Isaac Lieberman, Ankur Patel, Sophie Eupp, Brandon Rey Ramirez, Chris Roth, Taiji Miyagawa, Symone Baptiste, Gabe Gabrielsky, Reed Heisley-Shellaby, Rachel Miller, Jack Suria Linares, Jeremy White, Mason Mineo, Gabbi Pierce, Rebecca Prediletto, Don Ward, Mark Masaoka, Rachel Reyes, Jessica Salans, Nina Eliasoph, Francisco Cendejas, Una Lee Jost, Paul Song, Don Irwin, Chris Myers, Charles Du, Eugene Pesikov, Katrina Bleckley, Kat Valentine, Rob Quan, Jenni Chang, Tom Pike, Evan Geary and Maikiko James.

SoCal Bernie supporters

Katrina Bergstrom September 27 2019·

We are canvassing for Bernie this weekend from 10am-2pm in East Hollywood, North Hollywood and West LA, anybody who canvasses gets a free limited edition Bernie pin! RSVP HERE:


Which one is your favorite? — with Erika Alvarez, Megan Svoboda, Jessica Ann Bourque, Amarnath Ravva, Erika Feresten, Paul Song, Jeanine Rohn, Paul Krehbiel, Jane Demian, Karlenea Brown, Betty Doumas, Nicky Martin, Charles Du, Eric Wimer, Daniela Urso, Hsingii Tseng Bird, Max Goldberg, Jenni Chang, Maikiko James, Jeanna Harris, Will Shattuc, Michael Stenovec, Kyle Gaan, Brandon Rey Ramirez, Brenda Gutierrez, Steve Askin, Mason Mineo, Olivia Gamboa, Shawnee Badger, Wendy Fagioli Ruiz, Sergio Davila, Marlin Medrano, Mark Masaoka, Ben Hauck, Alex Wolinetz, Carrie Scoville, Joshua Smith, Henry Huerta, Tim Johnson, Staci O'Neal-Robinson, Steve Couch and Phillip Kim.

Gabbard connection

Cullen Tiernan April 13 2019:


Ankur Patel and Tulsi Gabbard share an amazing moment 🕊🕊 would love to have been a fly on that wall! — with Micha Liberman, Ankur Patel and Shawnee Badger.


Bryan Giardinelli March 28 2019:


With Dallas Fowler, Jacqueline Stewart, Shawn Bernhizzle and Shawnee Badger in Los Angeles City Hall.

Standing for AD 38

In 2019 Shawnee Badger stood from AD 38 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.


My name is Shawnee Badger and I’m running to be a delegate to the California Democratic Party, representing the 38th Assembly District. I’m a young, millennial, vegan of 3 years and card-holding SAG-AFTRA union actress, activist, and dedicated community member. I’ve lived in the Santa Clarita Valley since I was 2 years old. I was raised here. Educated here. Molded and shaped by this valley. I have a deep love for my district. I graduated with honors from both Valencia High School and College of the Canyons, where I graduated with an Associates Degree Cum Laude.

I have been politically active since 2016 when I was a campaign volunteer and the youngest, top vote-getting female delegate to the Democratic National Convention for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign from California’s 25th Congressional District. That and my work in the NO DAPL movement were the two experiences that really solidified my passion and need to be involved in political action and activism. I co-founded and lead Our Revolution Santa Clarita Valley and Democratic Socialists of America Santa Clarita Valley. Both groups coordinate together on events and actions to make our community a better home to all.

We have spearheaded many campaigns and actions including bringing Community Choice Energy to Santa Clarita, ending the criminalization of street vendors, stopping the criminalization of homelessness, advocating for our unhoused communities and support for and expansion of Bridge to Home, standing with students against gun violence at the March for Our Lives, taking part in and organizing actions against Steve Knight and advocating for his ousting, and standing with our undocumented and immigrant neighbors in support of SB 54. We have also endorsed many candidates for office, legislation, and ballot measures; and even co-organized an event with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. [2]

Backing Ankur

Bill Honigman March 10, 2018 near Aliso Viejo, CA ·


YUUUUGE thanks fellow CA Bernie delegates Melissa Michelson, Shawnee Badger, and all who joined us today at the incredible home of Dr Ron Birnbaum in LA to support candidate in April 3rd special election for CA Assembly and fellow champion for #SinglePayer #SB562 The #HealthyCA Act Ankur Patel AD45. The nonviolent political revolution continues!!

Progressive comrades

Marlin Medrano July 14, 2018:


With Amarnath Ravva, Phillip Kim, Ankur Patel, Marcia Martin, Shawnee Badger, Jeanine Rohn, Jacqueline Stewart, Liz Lavertu, Katrina Bergstrom, Margarita Lacabe, Kimberly Ellis, Noemi Tungui, Lesley Ester and Josh Brennecke.

Ocasio-Cortez meeting

Jason Levitt August 4, 2018:


Breakfast meeting with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and all our amazing, local, activist groups . I'll come back to tag peeps and groups, but feel free <3 — with Michelle Eileen, Craig Pasta Jardula, Keith Anthony Sikora, Carlos Marroquin, Lanee Fitisemanu, CJ Fitisemanu, Eugene Pesikov, Fiorella Isabel, Brenda Gutierrez, Tim Johnson, Jaci Lyn, CAFP's other mascot, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jeremy White, Mel Tillekeratne, Victor Casas, Erika Feresten, Allie White, Shawnee Badger, Lauren Hammel and Marco Flores.

2017 People's Summit Bernie delegation

Luis Magana June 13, 2017:


Still in it, to win it — with Keith A. Rubino for NYS Assembly 118th District, Jeff Marshall, Keith A. Rubino, Lynette McClain, Selina Vickers, Jesica Butler, Ben Schoch, Cleo Dioletis, Jada Peten, Drew Romano, Sarah Scanlon, Carolanne Fry, Leigha LaFleur, Shawnee Badger, Julie Tuck, Jessica Hydle Crowe, Nita Ellenback Lynch, Sole Breeze, Jeff Day, Zenaida Huerta, Annie Naranjo-Rivera, Shawnee Badger, Melissa Demyan, Glee Oeste, Tatum Kenn, Natalie Higley, Steven Abreu, Katrina Bergstrom, Bobbie McGowan, Gabriel McArthur, Zach Denney, Daniel Clark, Sitina Gutierrez, Miranda Gold and Caleb Hansen.

MFR at the People's Summit

Ryan Skolnick June 11, 2017:

Millennials For Revolution has some big plans in the works. Expanding our network and bringing other politically engaged basement dwelling river rats into the process is the first step. Let's #SeizeTheMemes!!!

  1. PPLSummit — with Ethan B. Fox, Noemi Aidee Tungui, Ashik Siddique, Tania Singh, Zackary Reinhardt, Carla Borderies, David Ian Robin, Shawnee Badger and Logan Smith.

Katie Hill connection

Shawnee Badger November 7, 2018:


MAY WE PRESENT YOUR NEXT CONGRESSWOMAN ♥️ Katie Hill for Congress 💜 — with Ankur Patel.

Coast to Coast revolution

Danny Garcia August 2, 2018:


With Ankur Patel, Michael Stratigakis, Clifford J. Tasner, Shawnee Badger, Lanee Fitisemanu, Jaci Lyn, Tim Johnson, Craig Pasta Jardula, Kathy Sue and CJ Fitisemanu at The Los Angeles Theatre Center.

Bernie Sanders delegation

Manuel Zapata July 24, 2018:


Two year ago today, I arrived in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. I didn’t know and couldn’t know what I was in for haha.

To be honest, I know there will always be a connection between those of us from the Bernie Sanders delegation... and I am happy to have shared that experience with so many amazing people. Thank you to everyone that helped me get to Philly and those that continue to support me on this journey through politics. — with Alexis Edelstein, Shawnee Badger, Pamela Brooks-Stowe, Mendoza Jessie and Monica Rizo.

Cullen Tiernan August 12, 2016:


The moment they turned the lights off on [Oregon for Bernie Sanders 2016] for chanting #nomorewars --- we started chanting "lights lights lights" and eventually they realized they had to turn them back on... Shawnee Badger, you remind me of Lady Justice in this photo, and Mendoza Jessie has all the heart and soul. — with Motecuzoma Patrick Sanchez, Sandy Reding, Ben Becker, Malinda Markowitz, Ashley Flowers, James Albert, Shawnee Badger, Raisa Donato, Eddie Cisneros, Mendoza Jessie, Monica Rizo, Vecky Elliott, Pilar Schiavo, Joe Tiernan, Amy Erb and Valerie Verity.

Tom Steyer connection

Alfonso Ruiz September 15, 2017:


With Philip Germain, Richard Garcia, Isaac Lieberman, Logan Smith, Enaya Hanbali, Tom Steyer, Matthew Pierce, Wade Alexander, Brandon Sutton and Shawnee Badger.

Fluke connection

Ash Kalra August 17, 2017:


Great to catch up with some amazing SoCal progressives to discuss big issues to move forward in Sacramento! — with Shawnee Badger, Sandra Fluke and Logan Smith at M Street Coffee.

Kimberly Ellis election result challenge

Alexis Edelstein May 30, 2017 near Los Angeles, CA ·




Formal Challenge Issued in California Democratic Party Chair's Race

For Immediate Release

OAKLAND, Calif. (May, 30, 2017): The Kimberly Ellis campaign has submitted a formal challenge to the election results in the California Democratic Party Chair's race.

The campaign's review of ballots and election procedures is ongoing. A formal challenge was issued, pursuant to Article XII, Section 4 of the Bylaws and Rules of the California Democratic Party. Per the bylaw, a challenge must be submitted within seven days of the cause of action.

The Ellis campaign's action is also accompanied by challenges submitted in the CDP Female Vice Chair and Secretary officer elections, as well as challenges submitted in a majority of regional director races.

"Our review process is ongoing. It's critical that all formal processes outlined by the CDP's Bylaws are followed at this time so that there can be no concern about raising issues in the manner prescribed by our Party," said Hilary Crosby, immediate past Controller of the California Democratic Party. — with Rebecca KZ, Raymond Braun, Marcia Martin, Cullen Tiernan, Margarita Lacabe, Shawnee Badger, Brian Lis, Melissa Michelson, Don Ford and Eden McFadden.

Muslim "ban" protest

Doug McLean January 28, 2017 ·

Trump's "Muslim Ban" temporarily blocked by courts! #ResistanceIsFertile #WhenWeAreScrewedWeMultiply "To our Muslim neighbors in the world: I & tens of millions of others are so very sorry. The majority of Americans did not vote 4 this man." ~ Michael Moore

  1. NotThisTime #NoWallNoBan Love Makes A Way The Welcome Dinner Project End #TrumpocalypseN... See More — with Teena Pugliese, Paul Busch, Kelley Keefner, Frances Fisher, Branden Barber, Samaha John, Sarah Pipes, Josh Fox, Nomiki Konst, Tim Canova, Ed Higgins, Jonathan Klett, Lori Woodley, Chelsea Lyons, Paul Lee Padgett, Michael Sullivan, Ann Kleinhenz, Johnny Linehan, Ann Leonard, Andrea Bowers, Gina Figueroa, Nathalie Babou, Mary Ellen Persuit, Jane Ciepiela, Malia Hulleman, Andrew Kimmel, Kyle Cadotte, Lee Ziesche, Peter Dowson, Tanner Woodley, YahNe Ndgo, Shawnee Badger, John Quigley and Kelly Breaux at JFK Avianca Terminal 4.

Josh Fox connection

Angel Rolland October 25, 2016


Josh 💥 & Shawnee ✊ Revolutionaries for a better future 💚💚💚 "Everyone does what they can..." Let's all stay united and supportive of one another✌Progressive actions against the establishment ✊✊✊ — with Josh Fox and Shawnee Badger.


Jay Ponti October 24, 2016:


With Deia Schlosberg, Kor Nelson, Kor Element, Keith Anthony Sikora, Alexis Edelstein, Perla Medina, Shawnee Badger, Lee Ziesche, Marcia Martin, Jason Levitt, Michelle Eileen, Lisa Salvary, Frances Fisher, Lauren Hammel and YahNe Ndgo.

DAP protest

Lauren Steiner October 24, 2016:

Tell Obama: Halt the Dakota Access Pipeline


This is a protest we did outside the $100,000 a plate frundraiser for Clinton with Obama as the guest of honor. This is the second video of the event which ends with Obama's motorcade passing us by. The first video starts with the march up. The second shows the closing prayer and song. You can find these on my page and on the event page "Tell Obama: Halt the Dakota Access Pipeline." There will be less scrolling if you go to that page. — with Karl Greenblatt, Chelsea Lyons, Yosh Yamanaka, Ed Higgins, Alex Eason, Keith Anthony Sikora, Evan K. Duke III, Shawnee Badger, Will O'Reagan, Mende Smith-Regan, Michael Mandel, Venus Banuelos, Felicia Bander, Bill Gallagher and Sue Denaim.

Bernie viewing party

Angel Rolland April 15, 2016

LAst night was lit. Bernie Sanders Organizers & Delegates from all over nearby districts gathered at the SFV Tri-District Debate Viewing Party. As you all know, 2/3 of the City of Los Angeles is composed of the SFV. Our combined efforts are "grassroots". We engage and mobilize our communities with ever growing support. New people are joining and getting involved. From the way everything is snowballing... Bernie is going to win California <3 <3 <3 =) =) =) As the Bernie Sanders Brigade saying goes: "Let's get Bernie elected, AND stay Connected" =D


Canova connection


Tim Canova with Shawnee Badger.