Help DSA-LA Take Over ADEMS!

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Help DSA-LA Take Over ADEMS!

California should be leading the way in progressive politics, but we’re not — at least not within the California Democratic Party.

We’re going to fix that.

Every two years, California Democrats elect delegates from across the state, who then convene along with appointed party officials at the party’s Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEMS). ADEMS determines what the party stands for, making this a significant opportunity for socialists to push the California Democratic Party to the left and away from the interests of union busters, the landlord lobby, fossil fuel polluters, the corporate hospital and pharmaceutical lobby, the prison industrial complex, the corporate donor class, and others that stand against our values.

Our members are running for ADEMS delegate seats so that we’re in the room when the Democratic Party sets its agenda and makes decisions on endorsing candidates for public office. We’re fighting for issues that matter to the working class in California, like Medicare for All, Green New Deal, and Defunding the Police.

Participating in ADEMS delegate elections, as a candidate or as a voter, is open to all voters registered with the Democratic Party, and these elections happen at the Assembly District level. The deadlines have passed to declare your candidacy for an ADEMS delegate seat or request a ballot from the Democratic Party. Ballots are now being delivered via USPS to those who requested them by the January 11 deadline. Returned ballots must be postmarked by Wednesday, January 27 and received by Saturday, January 30.

The DSA members listed below (in alphabetical order by first name) are running for ADEMS delegate seats on slates across LA County and have pledged to fight for our democratically-decided socialist values.

Assembly District 38

Assembly District 39

Assembly District 41

Assembly District 43

Assembly District 45

Assembly District 46

Assembly District 48

Assembly District 49

Assembly District 50

Assembly District 51

Assembly District 53

Assembly District 54

Assembly District 57

Assembly District 62

Assembly District 64

Assembly District 66