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Ron Birnbaum

Standing for AD 51

In 2019 Ron Birnbaum stood from AD 51 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

I am a bilingual Argentinian-Jewish Am. dad, doc, vet, union member, kids’ soccer ref, and lifelong-Dem asking for your support for re-election to DSCC. Winning big elections in Nov. mattered, but – especially because we have moved to 1-party rule in CA– we need delegates to hold electeds to our progressive platform and challenge establishment when it serves corporations and not people. CA continues shamefully to lead in income inequality, child poverty, housing insecurity/displacement, and we still frack; we Dems must do better. [1]

Backing Ankur

Bill Honigman March 10, 2018 near Aliso Viejo, CA ·


YUUUUGE thanks fellow CA Bernie delegates Melissa Michelson, Shawnee Badger, and all who joined us today at the incredible home of Dr Ron Birnbaum in LA to support candidate in April 3rd special election for CA Assembly and fellow champion for #SinglePayer #SB562 The #HealthyCA Act Ankur Patel AD45. The nonviolent political revolution continues!!

Birnbaum supporters

Ron Birnbaum supporters.

Jenni Chang October 3, 2017:


With Dale Solomon, Susan Meyer, Betty Doumas, Ken Warfield, Jane Demian, Jeanine Rohn, Mishna Erana Hernandez, Hsingii Tseng Bird, Adam Gorgoni and Cesar Blackbeard.

Los Angeles PNHP

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Los Angeles Physicians for a National Health Program, August 2017. Nancy NiParko, Maureen Cruise, Bill Honigman, Hank Abrons, Emma Jensen, Keith McCallin, Tristen Murphy, Ron Birnbaum, Trevor Kline, Jenni Chang, Bill Bronston.