Brandon Harami

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Brandon Harami

Brandon Harami is a San Francisco activist. Aide at Councilmember Sheng Thao, District 4.




San Francisco Queer Resistance

Brad Joseph Chapin April 6, 2018.


The San Francisco Queer Resistance march against fascists in San Francisco late 2017. Proud to be part of a bunch of queers against fascism. — with Gabriel Haaland, Lavie Kąkol, Brandon Anthony, Tommi Avicolli Mecca and Brandon Harami.

DSA in CDP member

Members of the DSA in CDP: Democratic Socialists of America members in CA Democratic Party Closed Facebook Group, June 7, 2018 included Brandon Harami.

DSA comrade


Democratic Socialists of America member Brandon Harami with Hae Min Cho.


Cullen Tiernan November 18, 2018:


Shenanigans 🌈 at Shenanigans 🍀 — with Hae Min Cho, Brandon Harami, Alfred Twu, Karen Bernal, Bill Lackemacher and Zach Denney at Shenanigans Irish Pub & Grille.

Berniecrat Super Progressive Bash-A Celebration of Activism

Zenaida Huerta February 25, 2018:


The Berniecrat Super Progressive Bash-A Celebration of Activism was an event to not miss. We even got to hang out with Senator Jeff Merkley for the night! — with Brandon Harami.

#California Bernie family

Cullen Tiernan February 28, 2018 ·


A little slice of heaven, a little slice of our #California Bernie family, and it looks like we’re in control of the lighting now 💡💡💡 — with Ernesto Ascencio Gomez, Brandon Harami, Natalie Higley, Noemi Tungui, Alexis Edelstein, Ashley Smith, Tania Singh, Melissa Demyan, Alison Flemings Buliavac and Luci Riley.

"Progressive" Kimberly Ellis supporters

Andrew Scot Becker May 20, 2017:


✊✊✊ #KimberlyIsWithUs ✊✊✊ — with Terry Schanz, Orlando Fuentes, Alan Haffa, Kimberly Ellis, Maria Estrada, Kerri Asbury, Andres Ramos, Eric Sunderland, Phillip Kim, Derek S. Matthews, Joyce L.Childs, Alex Barrios, Karen Bernal, Amy Champ, Becky Chavez, Maria Grijalva, Brandon Harami, Amar Shergill, Kevin Lourens and Desiree Bates Rojas at Sacramento Convention Center Complex.

Dem slate

Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza January 8, 2017:


My awesome slate members. We ran an amazing campaign for such short notice, and I'm so proud to have had a chance to work with all of them. — with Kelly Akemi Groth, Brandon Harami, Amy Erb, Li Miao Lovett, Maureen Dugan, Gabriel Medina and Ian Fregosi at Cafe Doelger.