Lauren Steiner

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Lauren Steiner

Lauren Steiner is Lead Organizer at Los Angeles for Bernie Sanders.

Coachella DSA connection

In April 2021 Coachella Valley for Democratic Socialism public FB page members included Lauren Steiner.

Public Facebook Group

Members of the DSA San Diego - North County Branch public Facebook Group - January 13 2021 included Lauren Steiner.

Pasadenans and Altadenans Against Police Violence

Erika Feresten April 14, 2018:

It was an honor to join Pasadenans and Altadenans Against police violence to call for #justice, #peace and say their names:


With Kirsten Magnuson, Kimberly Ellis, Pilar Schiavo, Julie Tyler, Julie Goulet Stromberg, Walter Ruiz, Kristen Gritter Cox, Larry Gross, Marcia Martin, Zach Denney, Katrina Bergstrom, Betty Doumas, Gideon Sarantinos, Keith Anthony Sikora, Lauren Steiner, Todd Jones, Lucas Henry Julius Fehring, Jeanine Kay, Paul Stanton, Paul Song, Jenni Chang, Marlin Medrano, Linda Teach, Lydia Ileliya Ester Ponce, Jeanine Rohn, Edie Riggins Ortenberg, Maria Estrada, Julia Jaye Posin, Karen Bernal, Estee Chandler, Max Goldberg and Rebecca KZ in Pasadena, California.

DAP protest

Lauren Steiner October 24, 2016:

Tell Obama: Halt the Dakota Access Pipeline


This is a protest we did outside the $100,000 a plate frundraiser for Clinton with Obama as the guest of honor. This is the second video of the event which ends with Obama's motorcade passing us by. The first video starts with the march up. The second shows the closing prayer and song. You can find these on my page and on the event page "Tell Obama: Halt the Dakota Access Pipeline." There will be less scrolling if you go to that page. — with Karl Greenblatt, Chelsea Lyons, Yosh Yamanaka, Ed Higgins, Alex Eason, Keith Anthony Sikora, Evan K. Duke III, Shawnee Badger, Will O'Reagan, Mende Smith-Regan, Michael Mandel, Venus Banuelos, Felicia Bander, Bill Gallagher and Sue Denaim.

Anti TPP


Alison Rose Levy wrote in Facebook, 11/12/2016;

Hooray for the Flush the TPP Friends of the Earth U.S. and TradeJustice New York Metro Progressives-- with a little help from our friends, Margaret Flowers Kevin Zeese Adam Weissman William Waren Andrea Miller Arthur Stamoulis Stan Sorscher Lauren Steiner Elizabeth Warren Mary Ellen Persuit Jeanne Marie Dauray Mara Cohen Arthur Stamoulis Ilana Solomon Ben Beachy Evan Greer Tom Kruse Susie Chasnoff Celeste Drake Nancy Russell Strong Harriet Heywood Wendie W. Goetz and of course---- Lori Wallach and everyone at Global Trade Watch!!!

Bernie delegates

Erika Feresten May 1, 2016 near Los Angeles, CA ·


We won!! The four of us are going to the Democratic National Convention to support Bernie Sanders. Big thanks to all my fellow slate members, my Los Angeles friends who came out today and voted, Susie Shannon who assembled the Progressive slate and all of you here on this page who cheered me on. I am deeply humbled and ready to represent. #BernieSanders #Election2016 — with David Ball and Lauren Steiner.