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Phillip Kim

Phillip Kim is a Sacramento activist.

DSA connection


Phillip Kim is a member of Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America.

Asian-Americans honoring MLK

Raymond Lee January 16, 2017 ·

Asian Americans honoring Rev., Doctor Martin Luther King.


With Mel-Odile, Mel Ody, Ian Lee, Di Ngua, Phillip Kim.

Progressive Caucus

Phillip Kim, was in 2017, an At-Large Officer, California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus.[1]

Phillip Kim is a clarinet player and guitarist who lives in the Sacramento area. He is president of the Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento and a proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America. He moved to California 10 years ago and worked in a casino for 7 years, where he was an active shop steward and leave-of-absence organizer with UNITE HERE. In recent years he has been taking music and recording classes at American River College and worked on the Bernie 2016 campaign for 6 months. Phillip grew up in Maryland in the Washington DC area. He looks forward to winning single payer healthcare and keeping the political revolution going.[2]

Peoples Summit

Phillip Kim

Ryan Skolnick June 10, 2017 ·

  1. PPLSummit breakout session 2: Transforming the Democratic Party

Wellstone Progressive Democrat FB group


Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento FB Discussion group, as of August 8 2017;



As of July 11, 2017 Phillip Kim, was President of the Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento.

"Progressive" Kimberly Ellis supporters

Andrew Scot Becker May 20, 2017:


✊✊✊ #KimberlyIsWithUs ✊✊✊ — with Terry Schanz, Orlando Fuentes, Alan Haffa, Kimberly Ellis, Maria Estrada, Kerri Asbury, Andres Ramos, Eric Sunderland, Phillip Kim, Derek S. Matthews, Joyce L.Childs, Alex Barrios, Karen Bernal, Amy Champ, Becky Chavez, Maria Grijalva, Brandon Harami, Amar Shergill, Kevin Lourens and Desiree Bates Rojas at Sacramento Convention Center Complex.

DSA Healthcare Rally


Phillip Kim with Shane Brinton and David Roddy, Jonah Paul, .Annabel Vera, Shirley Toy, Ellen Mack, April Ford, Mel Ody, David Hildebrand, Alyssa De La Rosa, Ian Lee, Andee Sunderland, Eric Sunderland, Sandra Delgadillo Kearns, Russell Rawlings.

April 11 2017· Sacramento, CA ·

Mark your calendar for Wed. April 26, 11am! Sacramento Rally & Senate Health Cmte Hearing-SB 562's 1st Vote! If you support single payer / healthcare for all, we need hundreds of people there to make sure that the Senate Health Committee votes in favor of SB.[3]

Building the Bass! 🌹🎶 DSA Musicians

Members of Building the Bass! 🌹🎶 DSA Musicians Closed Facebook Group, as of October 15 2017 included Phillip Kim.[4]

DSA Facebook group

Members of the California Democratic Socialists of America, statewide Facebook group, as of March 16, 2017 included Phillip Kim.[5]

2018 Sacramento DSA endorsements


Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America, May 4 at 5:47pm

DSA Sacramento is pleased to announce our endorsements for the 2018 election cycle:

It's truly an honor to endorse such a strong slate of Socialist candidates for public office and we're thrilled by what this election cycle has in store. Special thanks to all who participated in our April 29th candidate forum.

Progressive Alliance Voter Guide

Sacramento Progressive Alliance, Saturday, May 26, 2018 Progressive Alliance Voter Guide - Updated.


DSA in CDP Personnel


Admins and Moderators

Won Democratic primary


Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America, June 6, 2018.

Congratulations to Phillip Kim for CA State Senate - District 4 for advancing past the primary! We're proud to have you represent us and ready to work for your campaign in November. #PhilTheBern



Jacobin Reading Group Sacramento closed Facebook group, accessed December 1, 2017.[7]


Other members

California Teachers Association strike supporters

Phillip Kim January 13 2018.


With Dean Murakami, Tamika L'Ecluse, Shirley Toy, Rachelanne Vander Werf, Jillynn Molina, Robert Longer, David Mandel, Anna Molander, Ian Hoffmann, Norma Alcala, Michelle Pariset, Tim Molina and Rene Cruz Martinez at California Teachers Association.

"Medicare for All"

Phillip Kim August 11, 2018 ·


With Marianna Battiste, Jennifer Muir, Johann Carrillo, James, Tina Boardman Rufo and Grant Davenport at Lewis Park.

Tim Faust Sacramento event

Phillip Kim July 28, 2018 near Sacramento, CA ·


With Randy Hicks, Patricia Johnson, Jon Feyer, Tim Faust, Sarah Armstrong Saunders, James Jackson , Jr., Michael Saunders, Ian Lee and Marianna Battiste.

MFA team

Phillip Kim July 21, 2018 ·


With Patricia Johnson, Brian Sittner, David Mandel, Marianna Battiste, Lilly Solorio and Karen Walker in Mangan Park, Sacramento.

18th Annual Cesar Chavez March and Rally

Phillip Kim March 31, 2018 ·


Healthcare, housing, union rights! Si se puede! — attending 18th Annual Cesar Chavez March and Rally with Robert Coplin, Jonah Paul, Sam Lieu, Ceolsige Brewer, David Roddy, Ian Lee, Alyssa Kang and Mel Ody at Southside Park Pool.

Organize Sacramento

Darrow Sprague December 9, 2016:


With Michelle Pariset, Phillip Kim, Veronica Beaty, J.D. Garcia and Daniela Urban at Organize Sacramento.

#Medicare4All Barnstorm

Democratic Socialists of America, Sacramento February 13 2019·

Our #Medicare4All Barnstorm was a huge success last night! We organized nearly 100 people into 20 canvass events around the Sacramento region. New M4A bill co-sponsors incoming!


Huge shoutout to National Nurses United for all the support! — with Samantha Brown, Jonah Paul, David Hildebrand, Scott Glen and Phillip Kim.