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Bill Gallagher

Love, Power, Solidarity and Protection


Winnie Wong November 23, 2016;

Love, Power, Solidarity and Protection to brothers and sisters who are at Standing Rock for #PeaceGiving. — with Bill Gallagher, Mary Clinton, Lorenzo Serna, Phil Aroneanu, Tom Hallaran, Brett Banditelli, Gerard Brogan, Nick Katkevich, Alyssa Kang, Rae Breaux, Jodi Archambault-Gillette, Claire Sandberg, Patsy Games, Caleb-Michael Files, Wiyaka Eagleman, Sarah Cecile, Katherine Brezler, Judith LeBlanc, Desiree Kane, Daphne Carr, Lena Tso, Susan Rubin and Moumita Ahmed.

DAP protest

Lauren Steiner October 24, 2016:

Tell Obama: Halt the Dakota Access Pipeline


This is a protest we did outside the $100,000 a plate frundraiser for Clinton with Obama as the guest of honor. This is the second video of the event which ends with Obama's motorcade passing us by. The first video starts with the march up. The second shows the closing prayer and song. You can find these on my page and on the event page "Tell Obama: Halt the Dakota Access Pipeline." There will be less scrolling if you go to that page. — with Karl Greenblatt, Chelsea Lyons, Yosh Yamanaka, Ed Higgins, Alex Eason, Keith Anthony Sikora, Evan K. Duke III, Shawnee Badger, Will O'Reagan, Mende Smith-Regan, Michael Mandel, Venus Banuelos, Felicia Bander, Bill Gallagher and Sue Denaim.