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Alexis Edelstein

DSA Facebook group

Members of the California Democratic Socialists of America, statewide Facebook group, as of March 16, 2017 included Alexis Edelstein.[1]

Bernie Sanders delegation

Manuel Zapata July 24, 2018:


Two year ago today, I arrived in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. I didn’t know and couldn’t know what I was in for haha.

To be honest, I know there will always be a connection between those of us from the Bernie Sanders delegation... and I am happy to have shared that experience with so many amazing people. Thank you to everyone that helped me get to Philly and those that continue to support me on this journey through politics. — with Alexis Edelstein, Shawnee Badger, Pamela Brooks-Stowe, Mendoza Jessie and Monica Rizo.

#California Bernie family

Cullen Tiernan February 28, 2018 ·


A little slice of heaven, a little slice of our #California Bernie family, and it looks like we’re in control of the lighting now 💡💡💡 — with Ernesto Ascencio Gomez, Brandon Harami, Natalie Higley, Noemi Tungui, Alexis Edelstein, Ashley Smith, Tania Singh, Melissa Demyan, Alison Flemings Buliavac and Luci Riley.


Jay Ponti October 24, 2016:


With Deia Schlosberg, Kor Nelson, Kor Element, Keith Anthony Sikora, Alexis Edelstein, Perla Medina, Shawnee Badger, Lee Ziesche, Marcia Martin, Jason Levitt, Michelle Eileen, Lisa Salvary, Frances Fisher, Lauren Hammel and YahNe Ndgo.

Kimberly Ellis election result challenge

Alexis Edelstein May 30, 2017 near Los Angeles, CA ·




Formal Challenge Issued in California Democratic Party Chair's Race

For Immediate Release

OAKLAND, Calif. (May, 30, 2017): The Kimberly Ellis campaign has submitted a formal challenge to the election results in the California Democratic Party Chair's race.

The campaign's review of ballots and election procedures is ongoing. A formal challenge was issued, pursuant to Article XII, Section 4 of the Bylaws and Rules of the California Democratic Party. Per the bylaw, a challenge must be submitted within seven days of the cause of action.

The Ellis campaign's action is also accompanied by challenges submitted in the CDP Female Vice Chair and Secretary officer elections, as well as challenges submitted in a majority of regional director races.

"Our review process is ongoing. It's critical that all formal processes outlined by the CDP's Bylaws are followed at this time so that there can be no concern about raising issues in the manner prescribed by our Party," said Hilary Crosby, immediate past Controller of the California Democratic Party. — with Rebecca KZ, Raymond Braun, Marcia Martin, Cullen Tiernan, Margarita Lacabe, Shawnee Badger, Brian Lis, Melissa Michelson, Don Ford and Eden McFadden.