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Cliff Tasner


Carlos Marroquin May 26 2019·



Big thanks to my activist brothers and sisters getting ready for CADEM State Convention. Today we shot a promo Video and more. Special thanks ti everyone for coming out. I’m honored working with great leaders. Always on the frontlines in the fight for Medicare for All and organizing the event Erika Feresten. Also thanks to LA’s great organizers Jenni Chang, & Betty Doumas, Mel Tillekeratne, Rigo Vazquez, Tina Fredericks, Cliff Tasner, Michelle Manos, Lauren Hammel, Keith Anthony Sikora, Victor Casas, Ian James.

Standing for AD 46

In 2019 Cliff Tasner stood from AD 46 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

I am the President of the Southern California chapter of Americans for Democratic Action. I have served as an ADEM since 2012.

I have been an activist my entire adult life. I got my start in politics in 1984, working on the Mondale/Ferraro as an intern for the Massachusetts State Committee while I was a student at Tufts University. When I moved out to California in 1987, I got involved with Clinic Defense, the people keeping women’s clinics open in the face of aggressive assaults by the extremist anti-choice organization, Operation Rescue.

I marched and protested throughout the ‘90s and then, in 1999, I joined the board of Americans for Democratic Action of Southern California, serving as chair of the Endorsements Committee and the Secretary until 2014, when I became President of the chapter. I also serve as Secretary of the National ADA. ADA is a Left/Progressive organization founded by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1947.

I am a composer of film music who devotes much of my creative energies to being an artist/activist – creating songs for the movement. Since 2000, I’ve been writing and producing the songs for the political satire street theater group, The Billionaires. Last year, I wrote and produced a series of animated music videos for the California Nurses, explaining how a Single-Payer system would better serve our state and our country.

I am on the Political Committee of Local 47 of the American Federation of Musicians as well.

If we hope to create a sustainable, just world where we finally address Climate Change and implement Medicare for All, we will need to end the Democratic Party’s reliance on donations from corporate interests and build a Progressive Populist Democratic Party that can energize our base and take back our country! That effort has to start right here in California![1]

Coast to Coast revolution

Danny Garcia August 2, 2018:


With Ankur Patel, Michael Stratigakis, Clifford J. Tasner, Shawnee Badger, Lanee Fitisemanu, Jaci Lyn, Tim Johnson, Craig Pasta Jardula, Kathy Sue and CJ Fitisemanu at The Los Angeles Theatre Center.

De Leon backers

Ryan Skolnick July 15, 2018:


These rock stars are why we are able to call Kevin de Leon the endorsed Senate Candidate of the California Democratic Party — with Stacy Fortner, Manuel Zapata, David Atkins, Josh Donner, Richard M. Mathews, Clifford J. Tasner, RL Miller, Cathy Willott, Varsha Sarveshwar and Logan Smith.

Healthcare protest

Jenni Chang November 20, 2017:

We meant it when we said we wouldn’t give up this fight. Just need to keep seeing and creating the light! Single payer–SB562 at Doo Dah Parade over the weekend—these folks fire it up wherever possible ☀️🔥💪


📷 Cary Winston Eatmon — with Tim Parks, Clifford J. Tasner, Cary Winston Eatmon, Cesar Blackbeard, Raven Gilliam, Helga Rodriguez, Erika Gabaldon Feresten, Pilar Schiavo, Carol Fodera, Angel Leung and Maureen Cruise.