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Bill Honigman is an Irvine California activist.

Team Putzova

Eva Putzova February 3 2020Β·


With Don B. Fireland Fanning, Rod Robinson, Michael J. Keberlein, Ken Kenegos, Pez Owen, Bill Honigman, Celia Barotz, Steve Robinson and Sandra Lubarsky.

Lobbying Porter

Bill Honigman January 4 2019:


Just made my first ever call to the Capitol Hill office of my new Rep. Katie Porter CA45 @katieporteroc in response to Public Citizen's request to voice my support for her cosponsorship of HR1 to clean up our elections and restore democracy in America. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŒŠπŸ—½ β€” in Tustin Foothills, California.

Made add for Porter

Bill Honigman August 23, 2018:


Proud to be a part of making this very positive ad for my next Representative to Congress Katie Porter CA45, advocate for we the people and #MedicareForAll #Medicare4All #mfa #m4a. Onward to #Flip45 #FlipTheHouse !!! β€” feeling motivated.

Campaigning for Katie and Harley

Bill Honigman August 29, 2018:


Great group today in support of Katie Porter CA45 and Harley Rouda CA48 to #FlipTheHouse for #MedicareForAll #Medicare4All #mfa #m4a and #HealthcareJustice β€” feeling motivated with William Moses Summerville and Octavia Tuohey in Aliso Viejo, California.


Bill Honigman September 7, 2018 Β·


With candidate for Congress Katie Porter CA45 and this group of amazing advocates for #HealthcareJustice last week, proving all politics is local and job #1 in politics is showing up. Onward!! #MedicareForAll #Medicare4All #mfa #m4a β€” with Michael Getto, Amanda Cotylo, Amy Wiwuga, Susan Meyer and Bryan Fazio in Aliso Viejo, California.

Unity Party at Democrats of Greater Irvine

Bill Honigman June 17, 2018:


Packed house for Unity Party at Democrats of Greater Irvine in support of candidate for Congress Katie Porter CA45, and #HealthcareNotWarfare #WindmillsNotWeapons #EducationNotIncarceration and #CorporationsAreNotPeople β€” feeling motivated with Iyad Afalqa.

CA 45 Berniecrats

Bill Honigman May 2, 2016:


With Ron Varasteh, Marleen Gillespie, Iyad Afalqa, Samila Amany and Mani Kang in Irvine, California.

Physicians for a National Health Program

Bill Honigman May 20, 2018:

Attending Physicians for a National Health Program PNHP Calif conference to discuss next steps for #SinglePayer enhanced and improved #Medicare4All here with the continued fight to push CA #SB562 the #HealthyCA Act through our legislature, and national #HR676. Onward to #HealthcareJustice β€” feeling motivated at Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport.[1]

Backing Ankur

Bill Honigman March 10, 2018 near Aliso Viejo, CA Β·


YUUUUGE thanks fellow CA Bernie delegates Melissa Michelson, Shawnee Badger, and all who joined us today at the incredible home of Dr Ron Birnbaum in LA to support candidate in April 3rd special election for CA Assembly and fellow champion for #SinglePayer #SB562 The #HealthyCA Act Ankur Patel AD45. The nonviolent political revolution continues!!

Endorsed Marcy Winograd

In 2006 Bill Honigman the California Statewide Director of the Progressive Democrats of America was a Politictial Organization Leader endorser of Marcy Winograd of the Los Angeles Progressive Democrats of America in her unsuccessful primary bid for the Democratic Party nomination 26th Congressional District in California[2]

Healthcare Now convention

Progressive Democrats of America staffers Dr. Bill Honigman and Dan O'Neal along with fellow PDA members and scores Single-Payer activists from around the country met September 17, in Las Vegas for the annual Healthcare Now convention.

On Saturday attendees heard stirring speeches from PDA National Advisory Board members, National Nurse United leader Michael Lighty, nationally-renowned healthcare activist Dr. Paul Song.

Nevada Congresswoman and HR-676 co-signer Dina Titus, Healthcare Now leader Ben Day, NNU Vice President Jean Ross and PDA California Co-State Coordinator Dr. Bill Honigman also spoke during the conference, and PDA Arizona State Coordinator Dan O’Neal moderated a discussion.

One of the most stirring talks was Las Vegas activists Amy Vilela who told the heart wrenching story of losing her daughter due to not having healthcare Insurance. Amy is now running for Congress on a strong progressive platform in NV CD- 3.[3]

Healthcare-NOW - Las Vegas

Progressive Democrats of America October 5, 2017:


PDAmerica - Healthcare-NOW - Las Vegas β€” with Dan O'Neal, Tista Stemp, Keenan Korth, Hector Rivera, Georgia Davenport and Bill Honigman.

CA Bernie delegates

Bill Honigman August 1, 2016:


With my peeps, the CA Bernie delegates, a beehive of heart and soul. I love you all.  :-) β€” with Henry Huerta, Marcia Martin, Zenaida Huerta, Samila Amany, Gilbert Cedillo, Jose Navarrete, Iyad Afalqa and Angelica Duenas.

Progressive Democrats of America

Progressive Democrats of America, February 26, 2017.


It's time to make sure all Americans have the health care services and medications we need and deserve!!!

Ian Schiffer, Cheryl Harris, Bill Honigman, Patrick Morales, Belen Sisa, Judy Hess, Conor Boylan, Aaron Mandell, Allan Affeldt, Donna Smith, Janis Kay, Russell Freedman, Sarah Mahler, Tom Tilden, Cameron Stempel, Michael Fox, Michael Thaller and Sharon Janis at Historic Plaza Hotel.

Bill Honigman November 25, 2016:


With Mike Hersh, Pamela Powers Hannley, Michael Fox, Russell Freedman, Bill Bianchi, Stephen Shaff, Judy Hess, Walter Kloefkorn, Virginia Hauflaire, Andrea Miller, Stephen Spitz, Barbara Njos, Donna Smith, Janis Kay, Randall Holmes, Mimi Kennedy, Tim Carpenter and Terence Dicks at La Posada Hotel.

Our Revolution SoCal OC

Tim Johnson December 9, 2018:

I love every single one of you. Seeing this group come together and really get off the ground is honestly thee biggest accomplishment of my life. Thank you Russell Allin Baldwin for reaching out to me after #Bernie2016 to start the next stage of the political revolution. And thank you so so much to Socrates Cruz, Ken Warfield, Margot Tenenbaum (Emma) & Stahsha Kay for making our leadership team complete. And a super special shout out to Jaci Lyn Iannello for totally rising to the occasion in becoming not only our lead organizer, but truly the new leader of Our Revolution SoCal OC.

To the revolution. ✊


God bless it. πŸ’žπŸ¦πŸ™ β€” attending ORSOC December Meeting with Yenni Diaz, Jaci Lyn Iannello, Bill Honigman, Virginia Tibbetts, Iyad Afalqa, Scott Rhinehart, Russell Allin Baldwin, Ken Warfield, Margot Tenenbaum, Jestin Samson, Socrates Cruz and Joese Gloria.

Winograd team

Bill Honigman June 10, 2014:


Teamwork 2006.  :-) β€” with Carrie Darrow Honigman, Marcy Winograd, Cindy Sheehan, Stephen Shaff, Tim Carpenter, Mimi Kennedy, Jodie Evans and Kevin Spidel at SoCal.

PDA Family

Bill Honigman February 13, 2014:


PDA Family  :-) β€” with Terence Dicks, Michael Lighty, Allan Nowakowski, Janis Kay, Eric Griego, Mark Dudzic, Paul Stokes, Russell Freedman, Mimi Kennedy, Walter Kloefkorn, Barbara Njos, Randall Holmes, Phil Lopes, Virginia Hauflaire, Judy Hess, Stephen Spitz, Mary Ellen Marino, Ruth Carter, Jim Hannley, Tim Carpenter, Conor Boylan, Michael Fox, Russell Greene and Jeanne Marie Dauray.

Los Angeles PNHP

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Los Angeles Physicians for a National Health Program, August 2017. Nancy NiParko, Maureen Cruise, Bill Honigman, Hank Abrons, Emma Jensen, Keith McCallin, Tristen Murphy, Ron Birnbaum, Trevor Kline, Jenni Chang, Bill Bronston.