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Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign Slogan

Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2020 is the 2020 Presidential Campaign Infrastructure for Bernie Sanders.

Candidates bow to pressure on AIPAC


Succumbing to grassroots pressure, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg both announced Wednesday that they would not attend the Israel lobby's meeting this year, making them the latest two Democratic presidential candidates to decline an invitation to address the conference.

Jewish-led group IfNotNow credited its #SkipAIPAC campaign—which it's leading with MoveOn, Indivisible, and the Working Families Party—as well as years of public pressure from defenders of Palestinians' human rights—with convincing Buttigieg and Klobuchar to skip the conference.

"This is a watershed moment and a major victory against the bigotry that AIPAC has legitimized for decades," said IfNotNow co-founder Dani Moscovitch. "Even moderates in the Democratic Party are now refusing to attend a conference by a right-wing lobby that allies with bigots just to shield the Israeli government from any consequences for denying the Palestinian people freedom and dignity."

"Because of grassroots pressure, the tide is turning," IfNotNow tweeted.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald said the shift away from AIPAC solidifies its status as "a fringe, right-wing, radioactive rogue organization."

"It always was that, but its mask has finally fallen and it's now widely recognized as such," Greenwald tweeted.

Democrats as well as Republicans have for decades attended the annual policy conference led by AIPAC, which supports the Israeli military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was the first Democratic presidential candidate this year to announce she would skip the conference, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) earlier this week.

"Even moderates in the Democratic Party are now refusing to attend a conference by a right-wing lobby that allies with bigots just to shield the Israeli government from any consequences for denying the Palestinian people freedom and dignity."

Dani Moscovitch, IfNotNow

Tuesday, seven IfNotNow members were arrested at former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign headquarters in Philadelphia for holding a public action there. Biden and businessman Tom Steyer have not committed to skipping the AIPAC conference, and IfNotNow called former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is set to speak at the meeting, a "lost cause."

MoveOn said it was encouraged by the commitments of the four Democratic candidates.

"MoveOn members are excited that Democratic candidates are listening to the grassroots majority that supports peace and diplomacy over disastrous wars of choice," said senior political advisor Dan Kalik. "Thank you Senators Warren, Sanders, and Klobuchar, and Mayor Pete for standing by your values and choosing to #SkipAIPAC. No candidates should be pandering to AIPAC, which spent millions in an attempt to defeat the Iran Nuclear Deal and continues to give a platform to Islamophobes and bigots."

With a growing number of major political figures refusing to align with the anti-Palestinian rights lobby, IfNotNow is also focused on ending the U.S. government's support for the Israeli military's occupation.

"It is time to end the blank check and for our tax dollars to stop funding the Israeli occupation," said Moscovitch.[1]

Campaign co-chairs

February 2019 Sen. Bernie Sanders tapped Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner (D) and Ben Cohen, a co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, to serve as co-chairs of his presidential campaign.

Ro Khanna, in particular, is likely to play a critical role in boosting Sanders’ chances in California. The Golden State primary, where home-state Sen. Kamala Harris (D) would be a natural favorite, is slated to occur on March 3 ― much earlier than in previous primaries.

Khanna has teamed up with Sanders on legislation attempting to stop U.S. support for the Saudi war in Yemen, as well as a bill that helped pressure Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos into raising his employees’ wages.

“Every 50 years, there is someone who can fundamentally alter the course of American politics,” said Khanna, an outspoken progressive in his second term representing Silicon Valley in the House. “Bernie Sanders has the chance to reorient our economic policy towards workers and communities left behind instead of corporate interests and to reorient our foreign policy to prioritize peace, diplomacy and restraint instead of war.”

The campaign has also retained Analilia Mejia, the state director of New Jersey Working Families, as its national political director, and Sarah Badawi, the government affairs director of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, as its deputy political director.[2]

Abrar Omeish is Bernie Sanders Virginia campaign co-chair.[3]

Communications director

Field director

The Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign has tapped a Lancaster woman to be its national field director.

Becca Rast, 29, has been named to the campaign’s leadership team as it prepares for its official launch later this month.

National Events Program Organizer

Tomas Kennedy November 2019 National Events Program Organizer at Bernie Sanders.

Old Occupiers

Sanders' 2020 senior adviser Winnie Wong, national organizing director Claire Sandberg, California grassroots director Melissa Byrne, national field director Becca Rast, and deputy national field director Nick Martin were all on the ground for Occupy, in one city or another, in 2011.[4]

Debt Collective debt

In June 2019, Bernie Sanders and representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Pramila Jayapal held a press conference outside the Senate and announced the College for All Act of 2019, which, if passed and signed into law, would cancel all student debt and make public college free.

They shared the podium with members of the he Debt Collective, an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street Astra Taylor cofounded.

Our group put student debt cancellation on the national radar when we launched a groundbreaking student debt strike. The strike began with 15 former students who had attended for-profit colleges and bravely refused to pay their federal loans. That led to a larger campaign that has helped secure over a billion dollars in debt relief for tens of thousands of people, and has been said to rankle Donald Trump’s billionaire secretary of education, Betsy DeVos.
The Debt Collective has also made progress on the issue of medical debt abolition. In 2012, we launched something called the Rolling Jubilee, which involved buying portfolios of medical debt on the secondary debt market (where it is sold for pennies on the dollar), just like debt collectors do. But instead of collecting on the debts, we erased them. Ultimately, we wiped out over $15 million in predatory medical debt this way. In September, we were overjoyed when Sanders proposed eliminating all $81 billion of medical debt currently in collections using a mechanism similar to the one we devised.
When we first raised the idea of debt resistance and debt cancellation at Occupy, we were mocked. We’ve come a long way: Thousands of people have had their loans erased; our efforts have influenced the 2020 Democratic primary; and we’re planning an even bigger campaign to ensure full student debt relief and free college become not just proposals but realities. Remember this: If the federal government ends up canceling your student loans, you’ll have Occupy to thank for it.[5]

Iowa hires

The Sanders campaign announced the following hires March 2019:



Bernie Sanders 2020 Announces 11 New Endorsements from Latino Leaders in Iowa[44]

"Endorsements Build on Momentum Following Rallies with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Iowa Campaign Co-Chair LULAC State Director Nick Salazar
"DES MOINES -- Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Friday announced 11 new endorsements from Latino workers, activists and small business owners across Iowa. The endorsers include a DACA recipient, who has issued their support for Sen. Sanders as the U.S. Supreme Court deliberates on the fate of Dreamers and the DACA program.
"“Across this state, Latino Iowans are standing up and fighting for justice,” said Bernie 2020 Iowa Co-Chair Nick Salazar. “Bernie has the most progressive immigration policy in presidential history. Bernie knows where he came from, standing up for immigrant families like his. Bernie will always fight for our health care, our families and our fellow workers because our fight is his fight.”
"Ahead of holding the largest rally in Iowa of any Democratic candidate with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last week, Sanders unveiled his Welcoming and Safe America for All plan, the most comprehensive immigration plan of any presidential candidate. Latino voters are a core part of Sanders’ movement, with the campaign receiving more contributions from Latino voters than any other candidate.
"The 11 latest endorsers join 11 previously announced by the campaign, including prominent community activists Maria Bribriesco, Manny Galvez and Denise Diaz.
"newest endorsers include:

Left endorsements

December 2019 Bernie Sanders has won the endorsement of People's Action, a coalition of 40 progressive groups that said it represents more than 1 million members in key early-voting states and others across the country.

The nod is a triumph for the Vermont senator in the competition with Elizabeth Warren to become the leading left-wing candidate in the presidential primary.

“We were really struck by the fact that for the last few decades, this guy has been able to see through the haze of a neoliberal worldview that has affected so many parts of American life,” said George Goehl, national director of People's Action. “We also think he’s uniquely positioned to win. He’s already stitched together a multiracial, urban, rural, multigenerational campaign.”

Sanders received nearly 74 percent of the ballots cast by delegates from the group’s affiliates, according to People's Action. Goehl said there was a period in the primary when it seemed the vote “might be closer.” Sanders' rollout of his housing plan, which calls for building almost 10 million affordable housing units as well as national rent control, was a turning point, Goehl said.

The nod from People's Action is the latest in a string of progressive endorsements nabbed by Sanders in recent months. Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) backed him in October, giving a jolt of excitement to his campaign after he had been eclipsed in the national polls by Warren and suffered a heart attack.

Sanders has since leapfrogged Warren and is now in second place behind Joe Biden,. He also recently bested her in scoring an endorsement from the Center for Popular Democracy, a left-wing group that counts 600,000 members.

Analilia Mejia, Sanders’ national political director, said the backing of the two coalitions sends a message by progressives.

"Combined, it’s over 1.5 million members,” she said. “It gives you a sense of the popularity of our candidate, especially with those who are doing the work.”

The Sanders team worked for months to court People's Action: Sanders met and spoke with the group’s affiliates, and his team convened conference calls with them while putting out policy proposals. Omar and Tlaib also contacted the organization’s leaders in their home states to vouch for the presidential candidate, according to a Sanders aide.

Omar said an event hosted by one of the group’s affiliates helped persuade her to endorse Sanders: “It was at the Iowa People's Action presidential forum in September where I saw the power of their grassroots movement. And it was clear then that Bernie was the candidate to take on Trump and take back the White House."

People’s Action has a presence in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and Super Tuesday states, including in rural areas. In addition to Sanders and Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro and Kamala Harris also responded to the group’s questionnaire.

People's Action is one of the great grassroots organizations in this country,” said Sanders in a video that will be released after the endorsement is announced. “I am just so proud and excited to have the endorsement of People's Action because they understand what I understand: That at the end of the day, the only way we make real change in this country is through grassroots activism.”[45]

ISNA convention


Addressing the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America in August 2019 in Houston, Julian Castro and Bernie Sanders pledged to overturn Trump's travel ban, which targets several Muslim-majority countries, and vowed to create a vastly more welcoming environment for Muslims in the United States.

"It begins at home by saying that you are full partners in American progress," Castro told thousands of attendees inside the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Sanders, the independent U.S. senator, got a particularly enthusiastic response inside the convention hall as he gave a speech that hit on his usual campaign themes while zeroing in on issues specifically affecting the Muslim world, including in foreign policy. He was introduced by his campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, who is Muslim.

"We must speak out when we have a president and an administration who believe — and I quote — that 'Islam hates us,'" Sanders said, referring to a comment Trump made while campaigning for president in 2016. "We must speak out at hate crimes and violence targeted at the Muslim community and call it what it is: domestic terrorism."

At the same time, Sanders pointed to causes for optimism: the non-Muslims who joined in airport protests against the travel ban and the Muslim who have been elected to Congress under Trump. "What that tells me is that the American people understand our country is at our best when we stand together regardless of our religious or spiritual beliefs," Sanders said.

On foreign policy, Sanders touted his 2002 opposition to the the Iraq War, which, he noted, created instability in the region and gave rise to the Islamic State terrorist group whose victims are overwhelmingly Muslim. Sanders also broached a topic that has not gotten wide discussion in the 2020 field, criticizing India for recently revoking the autonomy of Kashmir, a disputed region with Pakistan.

"India's action is unacceptable," Sanders said. "The communications blockade must be lifted immediately, and the United States government must speak out boldly in support of international humanitarian law and in support of a U.N.-backed peaceful resolution that respects the will of the Kashmiri people."

Both Castro and Sanders made other stops in Houston prior to the ISNA convention.

Sanders headlined a low-dollar campaign fundraiser at an Indian-Pakistani restaurant where he was introduced by Abdul El-Sayed, a former Michigan gubernatorial candidate. Sanders spoke about creating a movement bigger than any one election but also expressed confidence about his chances in Texas, saying he was asking for support "to help me win the Democratic primary here — and I think we can do it."[46]

Bernie co-chair

Cullen Tiernan February 21 2019:


Holy duck 🦆 it’s going to be Nina Turner, Puerto Rico’s Carmen Yulin Cruz and Rep. Ro Khanna on the Bernie dream team. — with Ro Khanna.

People's Action

San Francisco Rising Alliance April 30 2019·


Proud to share the stage at the #PeoplesWave with Senator Bernie Sanders, pushing for #MedicareforAll and #FreeCollegeforAll!! People's Action — with Emily Ja-ming Lee, Celi Tamayo-Lee and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

Building DSA with Bernie

DECEMBER 11, 2019 by Alec Ramsay-Smith

Bernie Sanders is the first viable national candidate in living memory who identifies as a democratic socialist, and his campaign has already mobilized masses of working people. By endorsing Sanders, DSA committed to playing a key role on the national stage. Rather than limit ourselves to funneling volunteers to Sanders field offices, we launched an Independent Expenditure (IE) campaign to go toe-to-toe with the right wing and corporate Democrats. The IE gives DSA the ability to set its own strategy and dedicate its full resources to the cause as long as it does not coordinate with the campaign.

DSA may lack the resources to buy equal airtime with millionaires and billionaires, but we have a nationwide network of more than 55,000 committed socialists. Chapters have already started tabling and canvassing door-to-door in working-class neighborhoods to contact potential voters (see story on p. 4), and many have sponsored debate-watch parties and other events to grow their core of activists. The goal of each conversation is to engage people on their issues, ask them to pledge to support Bernie in the primary, and bring them into DSA. The campaign has kicked off monthly Weeks of Action to generate excitement and lift up the campaign’s socialist demands. We must also seize this moment to organize and expand our movement. To grow DSA’s power as a membership-driven organization, chapters will need to identify and recruit leaders into the work, develop their members’ strategic campaign skills, and sign up Bernie’s multiracial and working-class base as DSA members. Current at-large members can host Bernie house parties and use them to assemble organizing committees and form new chapters. If we do it right, DSA will end this campaign larger and stronger than ever before.

DSA is going to win this campaign, not because we have the best ideas, but because we out-organize everyone else. And with a class-struggle candidate in Bernie Sanders, we are ready to build toward becoming the mass movement we need. [47]

Campaign staff

  • Executive Assistant Kate Yeager (July 2019)...started as communications intern in May 2019) Director of public relations at Temple University,Aug.-Dec. 2018. Bachelor's degree in strategic communications/public relations from Temple University, 2018.
  • Deputy Campaign Manager Rene Spellman (announced Mar. 19, 2019) An executive with the CAA Foundation from 2017. Campaign manager on Jim Barksdale's run for U.Senate in Georgia, Sept.-Nov 2016. Press advance director/director of medial logistics and earlier national press wrangler and director of traveling press on Bernie 2016. Independent consultant. International experience includes GOTV consultant for the prime minister race in Trinidad & Tobago, 2015; and general consultant for presidential campaigns in Ghana in 2008 and 2012. Campaign manager for Michael Blake for NY State Assembly, 2014. Vice president for local marketing at Mtheory, a music management and marketing firm, 2014. Vice president for corporate communications, youth marketing, and entertainment PR at MWW Public Relations, 2012-14. Senior advisor for Florida on Obama's 2012 campaign. Deputy to the Director of the White House Council for Community Solutions, 2010-12. Special assistant to the Office of the CEO and liaison to the White House at the Corporation for National and Community Service, 2009-10. Confidential assistant to the White House Liaison and Advance to the Secretary of Education, 2009-10. Youth vote director for ten states on Obama's 2008 campaign. Studied political science, biology at Stanford University. Pennsylvania native.
  • Deputy Campaign Manager/Chief of Staff Ari Rabin-Havt (announced chief of staff Mar. 19, 2019; reported deputy campaign manager early Sept. 2019) Moved over from position as deputy chief of staff (from Sept. 2018) and senior advisor (from Feb. 2017) in Sanders' Senate office. Host of The Agenda on Sirius XM Radio, Oct. 2011-Jan. 2017. Senior fellow (May-Dec. 2013), executive vice president (Jan. 2011-May 2013) and vice president for research and communications, Oct. 2009-Dec. 2010 at Media Matters for America. CEO of American Independent, Jan. 2012-March 2013. Managing director of Media Matters Action Network, Jan.-Oct. 2009. Senior vice president at OMP, Jan. 2007-Jan. 2009. Deputy campaign manager at Progressive Accountability, Feb.-Nov. 2008. Director of online communications for Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Dec. 2004J an. 2007. Deputy director of online communications on John Kerry for President, April-Nov. 2004. Analyst at Penn Schoen Berland, Feb.-Dec. 2003. Legislative correspondent to U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland (OH), Sept. 2001-Feb. 2003. M..A. in political management from The George Washington University, 2006; B.A. in politics and peace studies from Brandeis University, 2001. Author of three books: The Fox Effect, The Benghazi Hoax, and Lies, Incorporated.
  • Deputy Campaign Manager/Communications Director Arianna Jones (communications director from the beginning; reported deputy campaign manager early Sept. 2019) Communications director at Friends of Bernie Sanders, July 2018-Feb. 2019. Senior vice president of PR at Revolution Messaging from July 2016. Deputy communications director on Bernie 2016, June 2015-July 2016. Segment producer (Aug. 2012-June 2015) and booking producer (March 2011-April 2013) at MSNBC. B.A. in English, history from University of Vermont.
  • Senior Advisor Jeff Weaver President of Our Revolution, Aug. 2016-June 2017. Campaign manager on Bernie 2016 from May 2015. Ran Victory Comics in Falls Church, VA from 2009. Worked for Sanders over a period of 30 years; started a driver on Sanders' 1986 independent campaign for governor; staffer on Sanders' 1990 congressional campaign; worked as a legislative assistant to Sanders in his House office while attending law school, served as Sanders' House chief of staff in the early 2000s, as his 2006 campaign manager, and as his Senate chief of staff from Jan. 2007-July 2009. Weaver ran for mayor of St. Albans in 1990 and for Ward 4 alderman in St. Albans in 1987. J.D. from Georgetown University School of Law, 1996; undergraduate degree from University of Vermont, 1990. Author of How Bernie Won: Inside the Revolution That's Taking Back Our Country (May 2018).
  • Senior Advisor Chuck Rocha (Feb. 2019) Rocha also served as an advisor to Bernie 2016. President and owner of Solidarity Strategies since Jan. 2010. Political director for the Blue-Green Alliance, July 2009-Jan. 2010. National political director for United Steelworkers, Dec. 1998-July 2009. Started as a worker at the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company and member of United Rubber Workers Local 746. Texas native.
  • Executive Assistant to Senior Advisors Amanda A. Arias (Mar. 2019) Co-founder (Dec. 2018) and CEO of Fight4EARTH. Executive office coordinator/associate/fellowship supervisor at Solidarity Strategies, Nov. 2017-Mar. 2019; also membership and online engagement director for the National Association of Diverse Consultants, Nov. 2017-Mar. 2019. Bachelor's degree in political science, communications from Towson University, 2017.
  • Deputy Political Director Sarah Badawi (reported on Feb. 20, 2019; started as a senior advisor to Friends of Bernie Sanders in Nov. 2018) Senior strategist for legislative affairs for Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), Jan. 2014-Nov. 2018. Finance assistant on Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts, Jan.-Dec. 2012. J.D. from The George Washington University Law School, 2010; B.A. in political science and government from the University of Florida, 2007.
  • Deputy Political Director (Labor) Kevin Cooper (May 2019) Deputy political director (Aug. 2016-May 2019), national political coordinator (June 2014-July 2016) and political data coordinator at Communications Workers of America. Political data coordinator at Solidarity Strategies, Jan.-Dec. 2012. B.A. in history from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2011.
  • Health Care Constituency Director Michael Lighty Most recently director of public policy for the California Nurses Association/NNU; with CNA/NNU from 1994-2018. Bachelor's and master's degrees from Stanford University. Oakland resident.
  • Director of Ballot Access and Delegates Matthew J. Berg (Mar. 2019) Campaigns director at The Fairness Project, Aug. 2017-Jan. 2019. Advisor on Tom Perez for DNC Chair, Jan.-Feb. 2017. Minnesota voter protection director on Hillary for America, Aug.-Nov. 2016. Ballot access director and legal advisor on Bernie 2016, July 2015-July 2016. Counsel to FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, April 2014-July 2015. Deputy director of state affairs and policy counsel at Justice at Stake, Sept. 2010-April 2014. J.D. from UC Berkeley School of Law, 2010; B.A. in English from University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2006.


  • Field Director Becca Rast (reported by Politico on Apr. 3, 2019) Campaign manager on Jess King for Congress (PA), July 2017-Nov. 2018. Co-founder and leadership team of Lancaster Stands Up, Nov. 2016-June 2017. Youth engagement coordinator at, Jan. 2014-June 2017. Bachelor's degree in environmental studies from Brown University, 2013.
  • Deputy National Field Director Hannah Fertig (reported by Politico on Apr. 3, 2019) Distributed organizing director on Abdul El-Sayed's campaign for governor in Michigan, Jan.-Aug. 2018. Digital strategist at Middle Seat, Dec. 2016-July 2017. Digital (distributed) organizer for NextGen Climate, June-Nov. 2016. Regional distributed organizing director for Bernie 2016, Jan.-June 2016. B.A. in history from University of Colorado Boulder, 2017.
  • Distributed Organzing Director Cole Edwards (reported by Politico on Apr. 3, 2019) A digital organizer on Bernie 2016.
  • Senior National Distributed Organizer Jack Califano (Feb. 2019) Distributed organizing manager on Organizing for Bernie (in Denver), Dec. 2018-Feb. 2019. Regional organizing director in Harrisburg for NextGen America, July-Nov. 2018. Rocky Mountain organizing coordinator for Young Invincibles, Nov. 2017-June 2018. Organizer for SEIU in Harrisburg, April-June 2017. Campus organizer for the Colorado Democratic Party, Aug.-Nov. 2016. Bachelor's degree in political science from Sarah Lawrence College, 2016.
  • National Distributed Organizer Jhari Derr-Hill (Mar. 2019) Southern regional organizer for Our Revolution, June 2018-Feb. 2019. North Carolina organizer for Organization United for Respect at Walmart, Sept. 2017-June 2018. Technical writer at Cisco for TEK Systems, Sept. 2016-June 2017. Digital storytelling specialist at Signal Hill in Raleigh-Durham, Dec. 2015-May 2016. Teaching assistant at William and Mary, Sept.-Dec. 2013; in the American Studies program, 2012-14. M.A. in the history of art, American art from Williams College, 2011; B.A. in the history of art from Marymount Manhattan College, 2008.
  • Constituency Organizing Director Yong Jung Cho (reported by Politico on Apr. 3, 2019) Campaign manager on Kaniela Ing's campaign for Congress in HI-1, Aug. 11, 2018 Democratic primary. Co-founder of #AllofUs, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2017. Campaign coordinator and earlier Southwest fossil fuel divestment organizer at Field organizer with Green Corps, Aug. 2012-Aug. 2013. B.A. in political science, pre-medicine from Bryn Mawr College, 2012.
  • National Relational Organizing Director Emily Isaac (Mar. 2019) Field director on Kulkarni for Congress, July-Nov. 2018. Campaign manager on Mary Street Wilson for Congress (TX), Mar.-May 2018. Field director on Derrick Crowe for Congress (TX), Dec. 2017-Mar. 2018. Legislative and political assistant at National Nurses United, Aug. 2016-Dec. 2017. Field organizer in Oakland, CA on Bernie 2016, Feb.-June 2016. Research assistant at ITS at UC Davis, Aug. 2015-Feb. 2016. Bachelor's degree in community and regional development from UC Davis, 2015.
  • National Calling Program Kyle Machado Director of organizing at Our Revolution. National deputy digital calling program director (from Mar. 2016) and national digital calling program associate (Dec. 2015-Mar. 2016) on Bernie 2016. Team leader at the mechanical repair facility for American Auto Brokers, Nov. 2012-Nov. 2014. Studied welding technology at Orange Coast College and automotive technology at Golden West College.
  • Policy Training Manager Hannah Bauman (Mar. 2019) Deputy policy director for the Green New Deal project at The New Consensus, Sept.-Dec. 2018. Deputy policy director on Abdul El-Sayed for Governor (MI), Oct. 2017-Aug. 2018. Secondary English teacher in Montgomery (AL) Public Schools for Teach for America, May 2013-May 2016. M.P.P. in public policy analysis from University of Michigan, 2018; B.A. in history, French from Grinnell College, 2013.


  • Deputy Campaign Manager/Communications Director Arianna Jones (communications director from the beginning; reported deputy campaign manager early Sept. 2019) Communications director at Friends of Bernie Sanders, July 2018-Feb. 2019. Senior vice president of PR at Revolution Messaging from July 2016. Deputy communications director on Bernie 2016, June 2015-July 2016. Segment producer (Aug. 2012-June 2015) and booking producer (March 2011-April 2013) at MSNBC. B.A. in English, history from University of Vermont.
  • Deputy Communications Director Sarah Ford Communications advisor to Friends of Bernie Sanders from Jan. 2019. Communications director on Cynthia Nixon for New York, April-Oct. 2018. Account supervisor at BerlinRosen, Aug. 2016-March 2018. Deputy national press secretary on Bernie 2016, Nov. 2015-July 2016. National press secretary on Draft Biden 2016, April-Nov. 2015. B.A. in public relations and political science from DePaul University, 2015.
  • National Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray (announced Mar. 19, 2019) Columnist and senior politics editor at The Intercept from May 2018. Associate at Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky LLP (2014-May 2018) and at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP (Mar. 2013-Aug. 2014) in New York City. J.D. from Harvard Law School, 2011; B.A. in history of science/history of art from Harvard College, 2007.
  • Deputy Latino Press Secretary Belen Sisa (reported by the Washington Examiner on Feb. 28, 2019) Worked on Bernie 2016. Note: Belen Sisa's position on the campaign was subject of a Mar. 21 FEC complaint by the Coolidge-Reagan Foundation which notes she is an "Argentinian national in the U.S. under the protection of DACA.
  • Land, air and water communications manager (May 2017-Apr.2019), communications associate (Mar. 2016-Apr. 2017) and communications assistant (May 2014-Feb. 2016) at STG (Smoot Tewes). Deputy communications director on Keith Ellison for Attorney General, June-Nov. 2018. Communications advisor in North Carolina for Hillary for America, Oct.-Nov. 2016. Bachelor's degree in political science from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2014.
  • Midwest Press Secretary Bill Neidhardt (late Mar. 2019) Spokesman on U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (WI)'s 2018 re-election and previously press secretary in her Senate office.
  • Senior Communications Advisor and Speechwriter David Sirota (announced Mar. 19, 2019) Senior editor for investigations for IBT Media from July 2014. Columnist for Creators Syndicate (June 2007-Sept. 2015), freelance magazine writer (Jan. 2007-Dec. 2013), staff writer for PandoDaily (Jan.-June 2014). contributing writer (2013); reporter/columnist for Salon, Mar. 2010-June 2013; radio host for Clear Channel Radio in Denver, Mar. 2009-Jan. 2013. Founder of the Progressive States Network, 2005-Jan. 2007. Director of strategic communications at the Center for American Progress, June 2003-April 2005. Senior strategist on Brian Schweitzer for Governor, (MT), July-Dec. 2004. Communications director for House Democrats on the Appropriations Committee, 2001-03. Communications director to U.S. Rep. Bernie Sanders, 1999-2001; B.S. in journalism, journalism and political science from Northwestern University, 1998. Author of Back to Our Future (Ballantine Books), The Uprising (Crown Publishing), Hostile Takeover (Crown Publishing).
  • Senior Communications Advisor Mike Casca (reported early Sept. 2019) Co-founder (July 2019) with Karthik Ganapathy of MVMT Communications. Spokesman for de Blasio's Fairness PAC on leave from the Mayor's Office from Apr. 2019. Communications director to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio from Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017. Deputy communications direction in Sanders' Senate office. Rapid response director on Bernie 2016. Worked briefly in Sanders' Senate office as press secretary/digital director, Aug.-Sept. 2015. Communications director to U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (MN) to end of July 2015; started with Ellison as a press intern.


  • Digital Communications Director Josh Miller-Lewis Moved to the campaign from position as communications director in Sanders' Senate office (from July 2017) where he started as a press assistant (May-Sept. 2015). B.A. in political science and religion from Williams College, 2014.
  • Senior Social Media Strategist Georgia Parke (announced Mar. 19, 2019) Digital director (Jan. 2018-Feb. 2019), deputy digital director (Dec. 2016-Jan. 2018) and press intern (June-Nov. 2016) in Sanders' Senate office. B.A. in political science, policy journalism and media studies, English from Duke University, 2016.
  • Video Director Mia Fermindoza (Apr. 2019) Supervising physical producer (Mar. 2017-Apr. 2019), live producer (Apr. 2016-May 2017), producer and editor (Jan.-Apr. 2016) for NowThis. Media operations for The Huffington Post, Nov. 2014-Jan. 2016. Postgraduate fellow for Now This, July 2014-Jan. 2015. B.A. in media studies from Vassar College, 2014.
  • Senior Media Producer Armand Aviram Moved over from the Senate office. Formerly a producer at Now This News.
  • Media Producer Samuel Adaramola (Apr. 2019) Lead designer ( from Aug. 2016) and digital media specialist (Jan. 2018-Mar. 2019) at Our Revolution. Freelance digital designer and videographer, Jan. 2015-Dec. 2016. Part time content manager for Ceca Foundation, Jan.-Nov. 2015. Digital producer at Ogilvy, May 2014-Jan. 2015. Content manager at RealInvestors, Jan.-Mar. 2013. B.S. in mass communication/media studies from Towson University 2012.
  • Spanish Digital Coordinator Luis Alcauter (Apr. 2019) Partner (Jan.-Apr. 2019), vice president (Jan. 2018-Jan. 2019) and creative director (Nov. 2015-Dec. 2017) at Solidarity Strategies. Owner of Visual Design in Fresno, CA, July 2012-Nov. 2015. Program assistant with the U.S. Forest Service, June-Sept. 2015. Documentation specialist at the Mexican Consulate General in Fresno, Feb.-May 2015. Intern in the U.S. Senate, Aug.-Nov. 2014. IT consultant, May 2011-July 2014. Bachelor's degree in political science and government from Cal State Fresno, 2015. Born and raised in Mexico.
  • Digital Media Coordinator Tyler Evans (Mar. 2019) Digital communications coordinator for Our Revolution, Apr. 2018-Mar. 2019. Senior digital strategist and designer for American Bridge 21st Century, May 2015-Apr. 2018. Branding and design consultant to Sittenfeld for Senate, Dec. 2014-May 2015. Principal designer and brand manager for Battleground Texas, May-Nov. 2014. Designer/owner at Tyler Evans Design, Mar. 2007-May 2014. NOC technician for CONEXIS, Sept. 2013-Jan. 2014. Catalog production artist for Mouser Electronics, Feb. 2011-Aug. 2013. B.F.A. in advertising design from The Art Institutes, 2008.


  • Research Director Tyson Brody Mar. 2019; reported by New York magazine's Gabriel Debenedetti on Mar. 20 >) A deputy research director on Hillary for America from Apr. 2015. Research director to Sen. Mary Landrieu, March 2013-Dec. 2014. Research associate at Obama for America, July 2011-Nov. 2012. B.A. in history and sociology from Columbia University in the City of New York, 2009.


  • Policy Director Josh Orton (announced Mar. 19, 2019) Most recently senior advisor in Sanders' Senate office. Senior legal advisor to NARAL Pro-Choice America, focused on judicial nominations including Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. Longtime senior advisor and policy director to U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold (WI). press secretary and progressive outreach director for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, serving when Democrats regained Senate control in 2006. J.D. and B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From Madison, WI.
  • Deputy Policy Director William Gendell A policy adviser on Bernie 2016. Gendell held various positions in the U.S. Senate starting as a legislative intern in Jan. 2013. B.S. in history from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2012.
  • Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Heather Gautney (announced Mar. 19, 2019) Associate professor of sociology at Fordham University. Executive director of Our Revolution from Fall 2018. a senior policy advisor on the U.S. Senate Budget Committee (Sanders the ranking member). A senior researcher for Bernie 2016. Legislative fellow in Sanders' Senate office, 2012-13. Ph.D. in sociology from the CUNY Graduate Center. Author of Crashing the Party (Verso).


  • Chief Technology Officer Chris Mabry (Mar. 2019) Technology director for Our Revolution, Aug. 2016-Mar. 2019. Frontend developer on Bernie 2016, Apr.-June 2016. Freelance web developer at Chris Mabry Design in Nashville, May 2015-Apr. 2016. Co-founder and CTO at Arrister, May 2014-May 2015. Studied computer science at Tennessee Technological University.


  • Data Director Jeremy Meadow (May 2019) Data director on Beto for Texas, May-Nov. 2018. Data scientist (volunteer) for Swing Left, Feb.-May 2018. Business intelligence analyst for Brigade, Dec. 2016-May 2018. Director of analytics on Bernie 2016, Jan.-May 2016. Business intelligence lead (Sept. 2015-Apr. 2016) and finance associate (Aug. 2013-Sept. 2015) at Everlane. Assurance associate at PwC, Sept. 2012-July 2013. Master of Accountancy (2012) and bachelor's degree in accountancy (2011) from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Deputy Data Director Ariane Schang (from Sept. 2019, started as senior data analyst May-Sept. 2019) Analytics fellow (Dec. 2018-May 2019) and Katie Porter for Congress (July-Nov. 2018) for DigiDems. Mobile developer and researcher for the Health Informatics Group at McGill University, Jan.-May 2018. B.Sc. in computer science, international development from McGill University, 2017.
  • Data Engineer Gustavo Sanchez (June 2019) Senior data and technology for The Movement Cooperative, June 2018-June 2019. Applied data scientist at Civis Analytics, July 2016-May 2018. Strategic data analyst at EMC Research Inc., June 2015-May 2016. B.A. in public policy studies and political science from University of Chicago, 2015.
  • Director of Analytics Michael Futch (May 2019) Lead data scientist at BlueLabs: Analytics, Data, Technology, Nov. 2013-May 2019. Statistical modeling analyst on Obama for America, Apr.-Nov. 2012. Economist with the U.S. Treasury, 2004-05. Ph.D. in economics from UC San Diego, 2011; undergraduate degree from University of San Francisco, 2003.
  • Deputy Analytics Director Alison Mortell (Oct. 2019) Senior analytics manager (July-Oct. 2019) , team manager, political analyst (Aug. 2018-July 2019) and engagement strategist (July 2016-July 2018) at BlueLabs: Analytics, Data, Technology. Digital associate at Connections Media LLC, Feb. 2015-July 2016. Field organizer with Field Strategies, May-Nov. 2014. B.A. in political communication from The George Washington University, 2014.


  • Director of Scheduling and Advance Jean Michel Picher Principal at Marathon Enterprises from 2006; served as a consultant to Bernie 2016 from May 2015-July 2016. Advance associate for The White House, 2009-16. Vice president of business development at Solar Ship, 2009-10. National advance lead on Obama for America, 2007-08. Special assistant in the Office of the Prime Minister, 2005-06. National advance staff on John Kerry for President, 2003-04. Assistant/research director at Shrum Devine Donilon, 1997-98. M.B.A. from Richard Ivey School of Business, 2006; L.L.B. from University of Western Ontario Law School, 2006; B.A. in political science and government from Colby College.
  • Deputy Director of Scheduling and Advance Carl Ober National advance desk on Bernie 2016. Fulbright Scholar in Denmark, 2014-15. Interned for Sen. Sanders in Burlington and Washington, DC. Graduate of Villanova University, 2013.
  • Deputy Director of Advance Lindsay Adams (started Apr. 2019 as travel desk director) Political advance associate from June 2017. Author and speaker program associate at Sixth & I, Jan.-May 2019. I.E. executive coordinator for the DCCC, Apr.-Dec. 2018. Writing assistant at Cards Against Humanity, LLC, Mar. 2017-Mar. 2018. Deputy campaign manager on Renato Mariotti for Attorney General (IL), Oct. 2017-Feb. 2018. Director of scheduling and advance on Ameya Pawar for Governor (IL), Aug.-Oct. 2017. Bachelor's degree in political science from Northwestern University, 2017.

advance team includes

  • David Maddox Also part of the advance team on Bernie 2016. Experience includes social sciences teacher, Aug. 2014-May 2015; youth development volunteer in Morocco with the Peace Corps, Sept. 2011-Oct. 2013. Bachelor's degree in psychology, political science, philosophy from Rockhurst University, 2011.
  • John Marzabadi (Mar. 2019) Administrative coordinator at Our Revolution, 2018-19. Systems administrator/administrative assistant (2011-2018) and administrative assistant/accounts payable clerk (Aug. 2010-Nov. 2011) at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. B.A. in political science and government from American University, 2010.
  • Lisa Gerlach (Feb. 2019) Director of scheduling and advance on Ben Jealous for Governor, June 2017-Nov. 2018. Intern for The World Food Prize Foundation, Feb.-May 2017. Lead organizer for Vote Mob in Des Moines, Sept.-Nov. 2016. National advance (Dec. 2015-June 2016) and deputy field organizer in Des Moines (July-Dec. 2015) on Bernie 2016. B.A. in political science from Drake University, 2017.
  • Charla Bailey (Apr. 2019) Certified personal trainer at LA Fitness from Sept. 2018. Managing partner at Blue Knot Strategies LLC from June 2011. Director of production media national tour II for the March for Our Lives, June 2018-Jan. 2019. Deputy finance director for Sen. Blanche Lincoln (AR), 2010. National advance lead on Obama for America, 2008; political outreach and national advance on Hillary for America, 2007-08. B.A. in political science and government from University of Memphis, 2005.
  • Joe Magee (Apr. 2019) Organizer on Friends of Bernie Sanders re-elect campaign from May 2018. Deputy campaign manager on Carina Driscoll for Mayor of Burlington, VT, Dec. 2017-Mar. 2018. Press assistant on Mike Kelley for Boston City Council, June-Nov. 2017. Ground logistics coordinator (Feb.-Aug. 2016) and lead intern (Sept. 2015-Jan. 2016) on Bernie 2016. Bachelor's degree in marketing/marketing management from University of Vermont Grossman School of Business, 2018.
  • Melissa Kaplan-Pistiner (Apr. 2019) Field organizer on Lori Lightfoot for Chicago, Mar.-Apr. 2019. Operations director on Randy Bryce for Congress (WI), Aug.-Nov. 2018. Legislative fellow to U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle, June-July 2018; policy fellow to U.S. Rep. John Conyers, Jr. Aug.-Dec. 2017. General counsel to Voatz, Jan.-Aug. 2017. Regulatory affairs staff attorney at Center for Science in the Public Interest, June-Dec. 2016. J.D. from University of Wisconsin Law School, 2016; B.S. in sociology from University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010.
  • Chloe Tomlinson (Apr. 2019) Strategy director (Sept. 2016-Mar. 2019), program director in Uganda (June 2014-Aug. 2016) and Uganda program manager (Aug. 2013-June 2014) for Spark MicroGrants. Social innovation fellow at StartingBloc, May 2017-May 2018. Coordinator at HIAS Pennsylvania, July 2012-July 2013. B.A. in peace and justice studies from Tufts University, 2012.
  • Advance Desk Robert Lord (Apr. 2019) Tour leader (from Mar. 2019) and trip director (Jan. 2018-Mar. 2019) at Insider Expeditions. Membership and development associate at GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality, July 2016-Jan. 2018. Academic program assistant at American University, June 2015-June 2016. Assistant project manager at Rusk Renovations, Inc., Jan. 2013-Dec. 2014. Language and culture assistant at the Spanish Ministry of Education, Sept. 2011-Aug. 2012. Bachelor's degree in political science from American University, 2011.
  • National Advance Manager Sheila Angelo (Feb. 2019) Political event logistics coordinator/independent contractor from Feb. 2017. Creative project manager and director of operations at Revolution Messaging, May 2017-Feb. 2019. Press advance for the White House, Aug.-Nov. 2016. National advance press lead on Bernie 2016, Nov. 2015-July 2016. Bachelor's degree in political science from University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2015.
  • Crowd Lead Bryan Haynes (Feb. 2019) Field director on Ken Harbaugh for Congress, Feb.-Nov. 2018. Field organizer in Wayne County for the Ohio Democratic Party, July-Nov. 2016. National advance staff on Bernie 2016, Apr.-June 2016. Regional field director for Terra Strategies, Nov. 2015-Feb. 2016. Cse management specialist in Summit County, Ohio, Jan.-Oct. 2014. Staff assistant in U.S. Senate office in Cincinnati, Feb. 2013-Jan. 2014. Field organizer in Wooster for the Ohio Democratic Party, Apr.-Nov. 2012. B.A. in political science from the University of Akron, 2012.


  • Chief of Staff to Jane Sanders Nicola Dones (Mar. 2019) Consultant to The Sanders Institute, Oct.-Dec. 2018. Director of operations and administration (Jan. 2014-May 2018) and assistant to the executive director at California Nurses Association/NNU (Aug. 2006-Jan. 2014). B.A. in legal studies, general from UC Berkeley.
  • Press Secretary Shana Frahm (Apr. 2019) Founder (Mar. 2014) of Shana Frahm & Associates. Media director for The Sanders Institute, Jan.-Apr. 2019. Worked on the Arts and Culture team for Bernie 2016, Jan.-May 2016. Global head of public relations for Icebreaker Merino, Apr. 2014-July 2015. Global marketing and communications advisor for Quiksilver, Aug. 2009-Apr. 2013. Global public relations director for Burton Snowboards, Jan. 2006-July 2009. Marketing manager for Vans Shoes, Feb. 2001-Mar. 2003. Account supervisor at Weber Shandwick Worldwide, 2000-01. Director of public relations and promotions for MGM Grand, 1999-2001. National manager for marketing communications and experiential for Hard Rock International, 1988-1997.


  • Chief of People and State Operations Rikimah Glymph Business consultant since Sept. 2006. Global director of People Operations for Dimagi, Feb. 2017-Mar. 2019. Global human resources director for, May 2014-Feb. 2017. Chief administrative officer for Equality California, Apr. 2013-Apr. 2014. Director of operations and administration at in Oakland, CA, June 2012-Apr. 2013. Director of finance and operations for the New Organizing Institute Education Fund, June 2010-June 2012. M.P.M. in project management (2009) and M.B.A. in marketing and advertising (2008) from Keller Graduate School of Management; B.A. in history from UCLA, 2006.
  • Senior Benefits Administrator April Friend, aPHR, M.H.R.M., C.N.P. (May 2019) HR associate for the National Society of Professional Engineers, May 2018-May 2019. HR team member for Target, May 2017-Mar. 2018. Senior director, tax services at the Center for Economic Progress, Apr. 2006-Feb. 2016. Program coordinator at the Akron Summit Community Action, Nov. 2004-Mar. 2006. Tax program specialist at Center for Economic Progress, Dec. 2003-Nov. 2004. Master's degree in human resource management (2018), and Master of nonprofit administration (2016); B.S. in marketing from Bradley University, 2001.


  • Senior Advisor Tim Tagaris CEO/Owner of Aisle 518 Strategies from Jan 2018. Partner at Revolution Messaging, Feb. 2013-Jan. 2018; served as the digital fundraising director on Bernie 2016. Advisor to Ustream, Inc. June 2007-Feb. 2016. Digital director on Chris Murphy's campaign for U.S. Senate in Connecticut, 2011-Dec. 2012. New media director for SEIU, June 2008-Nov. 2011. Director of media technologies on Sen. Chris Dodd's presidential campaign, Jan. 2007-Jan. 2008. Internet director on Ned Lamont's U.S. Senate campaign in Connecticut, March-Nov. 2006. Internet outreach coordinator at the DNC starting in Oct. 2005-March 2006. Internet communications director for Sherrod Brown; built/primary author of Worked on Paul Hackett's campaign in the Aug. 2005 special election in Ohio's 2nd CD. Communications director on Jeff Seeman's congressional campaign Ohio's 16th CD (Canton) in 2004. Blogged at Swing State Project and occasionally at MyDD. Served in the Marines. Graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in television production.
  • Digital Fundraising Director Robin Curran Vice president of digital strategy for Aisle 518 Strategies from Jan. 2019. Email director at the DNC, Dec. 2017-Jan. 2019. Digital strategist (Dec. 2016-Nov. 2017) and production associate (May 2015-Dec. 2016) at Revolution Messaging; served as digital production director on Bernie 2016. Communications fellow at the Center for Community Change, June 2014-May 2015. B.A. in sociology and Italian from Dominican University, 2014.
  • Digital Fundraising Manager Michael Whitney (Apr. 2019) Newsletter editor and email strategist for The Intercept, Feb. 2018-Apr. 2019. Digital fundraising consultant and trainer at 27 Strategies, Dec. 2016-Feb. 2018. Fundraising expert in residence efor the Centre for Australian Progress, Feb.-Sept. 2017. Senior campaign strategist at Revolution Messaging, July 2014-Dec. 2016. Digital fundraising manager on Bernie 2016, Apr. 2015-July 2016. Self employed digital organiizng consultant, Feb.-June 2014. Director of U.S. email (May 2012-Feb. 2014) and campaign director (July 2011-May 2012) at Digital strategy director at, Aug. 2009-July 2011. Online campaign manager at SEIU, Sept. 2008-Aug. 2009. New media coordinator for American Rights at Work, May 2006-Sept. 2008. Strategist at, July-Nov. 2004. Generation Dean co-founder, Mar. 2003-Feb. 2004. Bachelor's degree in visual media: photography and political science from American University, 2006.


  • Pollster Ben Tulchin Also served as pollster for Bernie 2016. Founder and president of Tulchin Research in San Francisco. Previously started and directed Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research’s California office, worked for the California-based polling firm of Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates, as well as the Washington, DC-based polling firms of Garin-Hart-Yang, and Lake-Snell-Perry. Bachelor’s degree in history from Amherst College.


  • Arts and Culture Director Evan Rose (Apr. 2019) Principal creative for Mountain Rose, LLC in Burlington, VT from Mar. 2019. Vice president of creative marketing (Feb. 2016-Feb. 2019), creative director (Jan. 2009-Feb. 2016) and marketing director (July 2004-Jan. 2009) for Burton Snowboards. Content provider for Four Star Distribution, Feb. 2002-July 2004. Digital producer for EMAP, May 2000-Feb. 2002. Sales and marketing representative for Rossignol Group, Jan. 1996-May 2000. Studied recreation management, natural resources at University of Vermont.

National Endorsements



  • State Director Misty Rebik (announced Mar. 12, 2019) Event and stewardship coordinator for One Iowa, Aug. 2018-Mar. 2019. Campaign manager on Cathy Glasson for Governor, July 2017-June 2018. Regional director of strategic partnerships and development for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Mar. 2016-July 2017. Executive director of the Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa, Aug. 2013-Feb. 2016. Graduate research assistant at the University of Iowa Labor Center, Aug. 2012-June 2014. Community organizer at Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, Aug. 2010-Aug. 2012. Iowa Immigration Education Coalition for AmeriCorps VISTA, June-Aug. 2010. M.S. in city/urban, community and regional planning (2014) and B.A. (2009) in international/global studies, Spanish from University of Iowa.
  • Caucus Director Evan Burger (announced Mar. 12, 2019) Senior organizer (coordinating political work) with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. Iowa advance director on Bernie 2016, and earlier events coordinator and started as college outreach director (announced June 13, 2015). Farming and environment organizer at Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement from May 2013. Graduate of Columbia University in the City of New York, 2013.
  • Deputy Caucus Director Tony Anthony (reported by Iowa Starting Line on Mar. 21, 2019) Campaign manager on Racine for Attorney General (DC), July-Nov. 2018. Campaign manager on Paul Pelletier for Congress (VA), Jan.-June 2018. State director (Oct.-Nov. 2016) and deputy director (July-Oct. 2016) in Florida for GRSG Company. DC state director (Apr.-June 2016), New York statewide field director (Mar.-Apr. 2016), Missouri state director (Feb.-Mar. 2016) and deputy Iowa caucus director (Dec. 2015-Feb. 2016) on Bernie 2016. Consultant (organizing director-Caribbean) for 270 Strategies, Oct. 2014-Sept. 2015. Project manager for Grassroots Solutions, June 2013-Mar. 2014. Regional director for Voting for America (Project Vote), Dec. 2011-Nov. 2012. Director of political and media affairs at A Solutions, Jan. 2010-Dec. 2011. Project manager for Independent Strategies, Mar. 2008-Nov. 2010. Political director on For Maryland for Our Future, Mar.-Nov. 2008. Project manager at The Saint Group, Mar. 2006-Nov. 2007. Media and political strategist at Concepts & Strategies, April 2004-Sept. 2007. Campaign manager for Voting is Power, Mar. 2004-July 2005. Deputy political director at the DNC, 2003-04. Media and political strategist at The Rendon Group, Dec. 2001-Mar. 2003. Deputy executive director for the Georgia Democratic Party, June 2000-Nov. 2001. Director of intergovernmental relations in the Office of the County Executive, Hudson County, NJ, Jan. 1998-Dec. 2000. Worked on multiple campaigns, 1995-2000. Administrative assistant/assistant field director on U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman's re-election campaign, June-Nov. 1994. B.A. in political science from the University of New Mexico, 1994.


  • Political Director Oliver Hidalgo-Wohlleben (started June 2019 as director of Latinx outreach; succeeded Jess Mazour, who left the campaign in Sept. 2019) Professor at Kirkwood Community College. Fellow with Amnesty International USA, Apr..-Sept. 2016. Deputy political director on Patel for Iowa, Feb.-July 2015. B.A. in economics, Spanish from University of Iowa, 2016. Fellow in Iowa City on Obama for America, Sept.-Nov. 2012.
  • Rural Coordinator Chris Neubert On leave from graduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Policy and campaigns associate for National People's Action, Aug. 2013-Aug. 2014. Fulbright fellow in Kandy, Sri Lanka, Oct. 2012-July 2013. Community organizer with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, June 2008-Sept. 2012. B.A. in sociology, global development studies from Grinnell College, 2008.
  • Labor Coordinator Victoria Moon Loan servicing specialist with Wells Fargo and case monitor with Youth Justice Initiative (YJI). Latino community outreach intern for the DeJear for Iowa campaign. Fundraising work for Save the Children as well as grassroots organizing for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Austin, TX. B.A. in international relations from Loma Nazaren University, 2013.
  • Political Coordinator Abshir Omar Candidate for Des Moines City Council in 2017. Des Moines resident since 2012; Somali refugee.


  • Field Director Michael Fasullo (reported by Iowa Starting Line on Mar. 21, 2019) Organizer on Cathy Glasson for Governor campaign. Organizer at SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana. Graduate of Loyola University Chicago; served as president of student government from Spring 2015-Jan. 2016, when he resigned.
  • Deputy Field Director Brooke Adams (Apr. 2019) Student action organizing director for the People's Action Institute in Seattle, May 2017-Apr. 2019. Field organizer in Illinois and NH on Bernie 2016, Jan.-Apr. 2016. Degree in mathematics and history, philosophy and social sciences of science and medicine (HIPS) from The University of Chicago, 2017.

Regional Field Directors

  • Polk County Justin Nemon (June 2019) Field organizer on Cindy Axne for Congress, Jan.-Nov. 2018. Campaign manager on Cecil Bothwell for Asheville City Council, May-Oct. 2017. B.A. in political science and government from American University.
  • Northeast [Dubuque] Derek Menges (Nov. 2019 succeeding Jodi Risper who moved over to operations; Menges started as a field organizer, July-Nov. 2019) Field organizer on Bucks Victory (PA), June-July 2019. Graduate of Penn State University.
  • North Central [Ames] Gabe Hodgkin (May 2019) Field organizer on Randy Bryce for Congress (WI), June-Nov. 2018. Bachelor's degree in social studies from Harvard University, 2018; served as campaigns director for Harvard College Democrats, Jan. 2015-Dec. 2016, also interned for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, May-July 2015 and on her Senate campaign, Sept.-Nov. 2012.
  • Waterloo Alim Flowers (started as a field organizer) Field organizer on Beto for Texas U.S. Senate campaign. Studied at the University of Alabama.
  • Johnson Co. outside of Iowa City Jodi Clemens (initally all of Johnson County) 2018 Democratic nominee for Iowa House of Representatives in District 73. Experience includes co-owner, with her sisters of Marg's Little Red House Antiques & Uniques.
  • Iowa City Vicente Cortez (started as a field organizer in Clinton in June 2019) Regional field director (June-Nov. 2018) and field organizer (Dec. 2017-June 2018) on Walt Maddox for Governor (AL). Experience also includes correspondence intern on Hillyar for America, Aug.-Nov. 2016. Bachelor's degree in communication and information sciences, advertising from University of Alabama, 2017; associate degree from Enterprise State Community College, 2014.
  • Southwest Luke Hoffman Experience includes GOTV director on Kara Eastman's congressional campaign in NE-2. M.P.A. in public policy and B.S. in political science from University of Nebraska.
  • Southwest Jessica Burbank (Nov. 2019; started as a field organizer, July-Nov. 2019) M.P.A. from Brown University, 2019; undergraduate degree in international relations and affairs from Wells College, 2017.
  • Iowa Campus Outreach Director Bar Kolodny Graduate of Hampshire College. Born in Jerusalem, moved to Chicago at age 6.


  • Communications Director Roger Ouellette (April 4, 2019 tweet) Most recently speechwriter/communications director at Tell That Story Creative Campaigns. Communications director on Cathy Glasson for Iowa, Oct. 2017-June 2018. Campaign director at Tell That Story Creative Campaigns from Oct. 2016. Arts and entertainment coordinator at The Public Interest Network, July-Sept. 2016. Regional GOTV director in Central in Northern Calif. (May-June 2016) and regional field director in the Des Moines area (Oct. 2015-May 2016) on Bernie 2016. Production for Gracie Films, Dec. 2013-Oct. 2015. Production assistant for "The X Factor," Mar.-Dec. 2013. B.A. in creative writing from Emerson College, 2012.


  • Data Director John Baker (May 2019) Self-employed political consultant, Jan.-May 2019. Data director on Jess King for Congress (PA), Aug.-Nov. 2018. Digital director on Jess Wilhelm for Montgomery County Council, Feb.-June 2018. Software developer for Lexical Intelligence, Mar. 2017-Feb. 2018. Deputy voter file manager and data analyst for the Texas Democratic Party, Aug.-Nov. 2016. B.A. in computer science from Grinnell College, 2016.


  • State Operations Coordinator Jodi Eleazer-Risper (Nov. 2019...started as Northeast regional field director in Waterloo, May-Nov. 2019) Training associate with the PCCC, Mar.-May 2019. Regional organizing director with NextGen America, June-Nov. 2018. Deputy field director on Greg Edwards for Congress (Allentown, PA), Mar.-May 2018. Assistant director at Lehigh Valley Children's Centers, Sept. 2016-Mar. 2018. Bachelor's degree in social work from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, Sept. 2016-Mar. 2018.
  • Operations Coordinator Ashley Parker (May 2019) HIV prevention specialist (Nov. 2017-May 2019) and HIV case manager (May-Nov. 2017) for Primary Health Care, Inc.. Brain injury specialist with Community NeuroRehah, July 2015-June 2018. Online organizer for Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, July 2016-Mar. 2017. Bachelor's degree in social work from University of Iowa.
  • Scheduler and Operations Coordinator Joe Fahey Finance assistant and call time manager for the Iowa Democratic Party from June 2018. Deputy finance director on Pete for Iowa (IA-3), Apr.-June 2018. Finance assistant on Greenfield for Congress (IA-3), July 2017-Apr. 2018. Degree in public relations and communications from Drake University, 2017.
  • Senior Advisor Pete D'Alessandro (announced Mar. 12, 2019) Candidate for Congress in Iowa's 3rd CD, finishing third with 15.6% in the June 5, 2018 primary. Iowa campaign coordinator on Bernie 2016 (he led in putting the team together) then served as Oklahoma state director, senior adviser in Nebraska, Indiana state director, director of Northern California and the national convention delegate director. Founder (2001) and CEO of PAD Consulting in Des Moines. Political director for Gov. Chet Culver, 2007-11. Political director of Bill Bradley's 1999-2000 Iowa caucus campaign. Field director on Tom Vilsack's 1998 campaign for governor. Worked on Leonard Boswell's 1996 campaign for Congress. Worked in social service positions with underrepresented communities. Graduate of Illinois State University, 1986. Berwyn native (suburb of Chicago).
  • Serior Advisor Jessica Vanden Berg (reported by the Des Moines Register on Apr. 23, 2019) Partner at Maverick Strategy and Mail, LLC from Jan. 2007. Chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, June 2013-Oct. 2014. Senior advisor to U.S. Sen. Jim Webb (VA), Jan. 2012-Jan. 2013. Manager of Christie Vilsack for Congress, Sept. 2011-Nov. 2012. Campaign manager on ONE Campaign's ONE Vote 08, Feb. 2007-Feb. 2008. Campaign manager on Webb for Senate, Mar. 2006-Jan. 2007. Campaign manager on Klobuchar for Minnesota, 2005-06. Coordinated campaign manager for the North Carolina Democratic Party, 2004. Oklahoma state director on Clark for President, 2003-04. Iowa state director on Graham for President, May-Oct. 2003. caucus director for the Iowa Democratic Party. In 2002 she worked as the deputy director of the IDP's 2002 Coordinated Campaign. She served as Rep. Leonard Boswell's communications director after managing his successful re-election campaign in 2000. B.A. in political science from Central College, 1997. From Pella, Iowa. note: worked for Gabbard on Capitol Hill, managed Klobuchar's 2006 Senate campaign, and was courted by Biden (+)

Field Organizers include:

Endorsements (press releases) announced June 6, 2019

Announced July 2, 2019

  • UFCW Local 230 of Ottumwa
  • Stacey Walker, Supervisor, Linn County, IA

Announced Nov. 7, 2019

Announced Nov. 15, 2019

Announced Dec. 2, 2019 / formal announcement Dec. 5

Announced Dec. 3, 2019

Announced Dec. 4, 2019



  • State Director Shannon Jackson (from Sept. 15, 2019, replacing initial state director Joe Caiazzo) Campaign manager on Sanders' 2018 re-election campaign, Mar. 2018-Feb. 2019. Executive director at Our Revolution, July 2016-Feb. 2018. Senior advisor to Bernie 2016, May 2015-July 2016. Budget analyst for the U.S. Senate Budget Committee, Dec. 2014-May 2015. Correspondence manager and staff assistant at the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Feb. 2013-Dec. 2014. Staff assistant to U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, July 2012-Feb. 2013. ESL teacher in Kalasin, Thailand, 2011-12. B.S. in environmental science and policy from University of Maryland College Park.
  • Deputy State Director and Communications Director Carli Stevenson (announced Mar. 12, 2019) Campaigner at Demand Progress and Demand Progress Education Fund, focusing on the issue areas of money in politics and net neutrality. New Hampshire deputy communications director on Bernie 2016, then worked on the campaign in Minnesota, Ohio and Indiana. Strategic communications for AFSCME in Indiana from May 2014. Communications specialist at UNITE HERE in Chicago area, June 2012-May 2014. Field organizer at Every Child Matters, Sept. 2011-May 2012. Communications assistant/researcher for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Dec. 2010-April 2011. Campaign manager on Jackie Cilley for State Senate, NH District 6, Aug.-Nov. 2010. Campaign coordinator on Denise Garlick for State Representative, May-Aug. 2010. Organizer in training with AFSCME, Dec. 2008-July 2009. B.A. in history and women's studies, sociology from UNH, 2008. Native of Hampton, NH.


  • Political Director Will Bateson (announced May 30, 2019) Constituent services coordinator for U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan from July 2017; also director of communications for the Nashua Democratic City Committee from May 2017. Assistant to the Mayor of Nashua, Nov. 2016-July 2017. Campaign manager on Dan Weeks for Executive Council, May-Nov. 2016. Campaign manager on Jim Ireton for Congress (MD), Jan.-Apr. 2016. Political director on Hugh Hill for Senate (MD), Apr.-June 2014; campaign manager on Murray for Delegate (MD), Jan.-June 2014. Deputy director of communications on Andy Schmookler for Congress, July-Nov. 2012. A.A. from Piedmont Virginia Community College, 2017. Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Reserves from Feb. 2010.
  • Deputy Political Director Mo Baxley (announced May 30, 2019; initially political outreach coordinator) Recently a Second Vice Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Assistant director of Pittsfield Listens! Executive director of New Hampshire Freedom to Marry for almost six years to Nov. 2011. Served in the NH House of Representatives.
  • Constituencies Director Suraj Budathoki (announced May 30, 2019; initially political outreach coordinator) Executive director of Building Community in NH, Mar.-Aug. 2018. Executive director of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Bhutan, Aug. 2012-Mar. 2018. M.A. in international relations from Norwich University (Northfield, VT), 2018; B.A. in political science from Southern New Hampshire University, 2015. Refugee from Bhutan, lived in a refugee camp in Nepal for 19 years, before coming to the U.S. in 2009.
  • New England Labor Director Sheila Healy Deputy City Clerk (and lobbyist for progressive city charter changes) for the City of Montpelier, VT, 2018-19. Field director on Friends of Bernie Sanders (Senate re-elect), 2018. Senior strategist for the Vermont Democratic Party, 2017. Regional vice president for the Vermont State Labor Council AFL-CIO, 2017. Studied history at Trinity College-Hartford.


  • Field Director Sean Ward (announced May 30, 2019) Senior campaigns associate for Pennsylvania for Working America, Apr. 2017-Nov. 2018. Deputy organizing director for the Nevada State Democratic Party, June-Nov. 2016. Deputy field director in the greater Philadelphia area, and regional field director for North Country/Littleton, NH, Oct. 2015-Apr. 2016. Lead organizer and communications director for the Albuquerque Teachers Federation, Dec. 2013-Aug. 2015. Campaign manager on John Wallace for New Mexico, Jan.-Nov. 2014. Marketing and customer service for car2go N.A., LLC, Sept. 2012-Aug. 2013. Master's degree in political management from The George Washington University, 2013; bachelor's degree in political science from University of New Mexico, 2010.
  • Deputy Field Director Caty Wagner (announced May 30, 2019) A regional organizing director for NextGen America the Central Valley of California. Former social worker, she previously worked in Haiti, Uganda and Colombia on issues of poverty, trafficking and human rights. Native New Englander.
  • Deputy Field Director Michael Ortiz (announced May 30, 2019) Most recently consulted on state Sen. Cristina Castro (IL). Campaign manager on Joan Padilla for state rep., July-Nov. 2018. Campaign manager on Jake Castanza for state House (IL, District 68), Apr.-July 2018. Field director on Sara Dady for Congress, Jan.-Apr. 2018. Northern Illinois political-field director on Kennedy for Illinois, June 2017-Jan. 2018. Executive director for Winnebago County Democrats, Feb.-May 2017. Campaign manager for Illinois Senate Democrats, July-Nov. 2016. A regional field director in Illinois and a field organizer in Iowa on Bernie 2016, Oct. 2015-June 2016. Union rep. fro SEIU Healthcare WI, July-Sept. 2015. Field organizer on Fight for 15, Aug. 2014-June 2015. Organizer for SEIU HCII, Feb. 2013-Aug. 2014. Field organizer on John Sullivan for State Senate (IL), June-Nov. 2012. Field director on Mike Boland for State Senate (IL), Aug. 2011-Mar. 2012. General studies at Sauk Valley Community College.
  • Deputy Field Director Miracle Jenkins (started as a regional field director in May 2019) Deputy campaign manager for the Waukegan Voter Alliance, Mar.-April 2019. Field organizer (Northside Chicago) on Toni Preckwinkle for Mayor, Dec. 2018-Mar. 2019. Deputy political director on Jan Schakowsky's 2018 re-election campaign, Aug.-Nov. 2018. Research assistant at WayForward Research, July-Nov. 2018. Studies at Oakton Community College.


  • Operations Director Susan Roman Also served as NH operations director on Bernie 2016. Attorney in Durham, NH. J.D. from Stetson University College of Law, 1981; B.A. from University of New Hampshire.

Field Organizers include:

Endorsements (press releases) announced May 15, 2019

Announced July 3, 2019

  • New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Emeritus the Hon. Mark MacKenzie, served as president from 1989-2015.

Announced Sept. 5, 2019

Community Leaders:

Announced Oct, 26/28, 2019

Announced Nov. 17, 2019

NH Veterans for Bernie Co-Chairs

Announced Dec. 6, 2019


  • State Director Sarah Michelsen (reported by The Nevada Independent on Mar. 27, 2019) Executive director of Arizona Wins (America Votes) since Sept. 2013. Political and organizing consultant in Phoenix, Aug. 2012-Sept. 2013. Arizona state fellow for the Center for Progressive Leadership, Jan.-Sept. 2012. M.P.P. from Arizona State University, 2016; B.A. in women's and gender studies from American University, 2009.
  • Senior Advisor Peter Koltak (reported by The Nevada Independent on Mar. 27, 2019) Campaign manager on Coalition to Defeat Question 3, the energy choice initiative on the Nevada ballot in Nov. 2018. Chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Ruben Kihuen from Aug. 2017. Executive director of the Nevada Senate Democratic caucus to July 2017. Communications director on David Pepper's 2014 campaign for Ohio Attorney General.
  • Caucus Director Chris Klarich (announced July 30, 2019) Pennsylvania state director for Community Outreach Group LLC in the 2018 midterms (directed a voter outreach program on behalf of Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Votes). Worked on Bernie 2016 in the caucus states of Iowa, Colorado, Washington and Wyoming and then served as Montana state director for the campaign. Studied at the University of Dayton, Ohio. From Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.
  • Deputy Caucus Director Spencer Carnes (June 2019) Co-founder and organizing director of Organizing for Bernie, Dec. 2018-Feb. 2019. Distributed organizer on the National Nurses United Campaign to win Medicare for All, Sept.-Nov. 2018. Distribute organizer and field director for Real Justice PAC (Suffolk County MA District Attorney race), Apr.-Sept. 2018. Campaign manager on Jena Griswold for Colorado, Aug.-Dec. 2017. Organizing and engagement strategies at Middle Seat, Feb.-May 2017. Campus organizing director and spokesman for the Colorado Democratic Party, May-Nov. 2016. Field and delegate organizer in Boulder, CO on Bernie 2016, Jan.-Apr. 2016, co-founded "Buffs for Bernie" in 2015. B.A. in English language and literature from University of Colorado Boulder, 2016.


  • Political Director Leisa Moseley (announced July 30, 2019) President and CEO of The Action Company since Aug. 2006; Moseley is a Las Vegas based radio personality, consultant and coach. Organizer on Obama for America, June-Nov. 2008. Senior sales director for Mary Kay, Inc. Oct. 2004-Feb. 2007. Officer in the probation department of San Bernardino County, Apr. 1991-Feb. 2003. Studied criminal justice at Cal State San Bernardino; A.A. in administration of justice.


  • Field Director Susana Cervantes (announced July 30, 2019) Worked for Nevada Democrats in 2018. Deputy political director and earlier regional field director in Sioux City on Bernie 2016 Iowa caucus campaign. Western regional field director on the Run Warren Run campaign. Worked for the Nevada Democratic Party. Worked for Organizing for Action in Chicago. A field organizer for President Obama's re-election campaign in Las Vegas in 2012. Started as an organizer for the United Farm Workers in California.
  • Deputy Field Director Liliana Rebolledo (announced July 30, 2019) Deputy field director (Mar.-Nov. 2018) and regional field director (Feb.-Mar. 2018) for For Our Future (PA). Philadelphia canvass manager (Dec. 2017-Jan. 2018) and deputy canvass manager in Northern Virginia (Aug.-Nov. 2017) for Community Outreach Group, LLC. Deputy canvass manager in Las Vegas area for Community Outreach Group, LLC, July-Nov. 2016. Quality control lead in Las Vegas for FieldWorks, Mar.-June 2016.
  • Deputy Field Director Jeremy Parkin Field director on Lisa Brown's congressional campaign in WA CD-5 in Fall 2018; volunteer coordinator on Delaine Eastin's 2018 primary campaign for Governor of California. Campaign organizer at MoveOn. Regional field director and canvass coordinator on Tim Canova for Congress. Environment volunteer with the Peace Corps. Organizer on Bernie 2016. Studies acting at Dalhousie University.

Regional Field Directors include:


  • Communications Director Bianca Recto (reported by The Nevada Independent on Mar. 27, 2019) Press secretary to U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto. Press assistant for the Democratic Policy and Communications Center in the U.S. Senate, July 2014-Nov. 2015. B.A. in communications studies from UNLV, 2014.


  • Data Director Zach Asman (July 2019) Senior business intelligence associate for Burrow, Jan.-June 2019. Senior data analyst for LiveIntent, Inc., Jan.-Dec. 2018. Product analyst at Manta, Sept. 2015-June 2017. Business analyst (Apr. 2014-May 2015) and associate (June 2012-Mar. 2014) for The Advisory Board Company. B.A. in journalism from The Ohio State University, 2012.


  • Operations Director Patrina McKinney (announced July 30, 2019) Has worked on numerous campaigns in Nevada and brings a wealth of experience organizing voter education campaigns in Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, and Florida. In Nevada, McKinney managed field programs for Color of Change PAC.

Field Organizers include:

Endorsements (press releases) announced Aug. 26, 2019

Announced Aug. 29, 2019

  • George Allen, a Las Vegas home care worker and Fight for 15 activist


  • State Director Jessica Bright (reported Nov. 14, 2019, succeeding Kwadjo Campbell; Bright had been serving as deputy state director) Political director on Joe Cunningham for Congress from Sept. 2018. Medical scribe for Scribe Solutions, Inc. Oct. 2014-Oct. 2015. Patient access representative at Colleton Medical Center, Oct. 2013-Oct. 2015. Counselor for the SC Department of Mental Health, Nov. 2013-May 2015. Data analyst at Benefitfocus, Oct. 2014-Feb. 2015. M.S. in health informatics from the Medical University of South Carolina, 2017; B.S. in health science from Clemson University, 2009.


  • Political Director Raymond Corley Principal at Raymond Corley & Associates in Columbia since 1998. South Carolina field director on John Edwards 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns. Campaign manager of Joe Riley for Governor in 1994 (the Charleston mayor lost the Democratic primary after a run-off). Deputy campaign manager and field director on Dick Riley for Governor.


  • Field Director Ernest Boston, Jr. A regional field and GOTV director for the Democratic Party of Georgia in the 2018 midterm elections. Deputy state field director and earlier Florence/Pee Dee regional field director on Bernie 2016. Worked on the South Carolina Democratic Coordinated Campaign in 2014. B.S. in political science and history from Francis Marion University in Florence.


  • Communications Director Michael Wukela Executive director of Progress South from 2015. Owner/CEO of Wukela Communications from Jan. 2008. Strategic policy advisor to the City of Columbia,, Oct. 2010-Nov. 2015. Communications director on Benjamin for Mayor, Nov. 2009-Apr. 2010. Assignment editor at WACH FOX, Mar. 2007-Oct. 2009. B.A. in English language and literature/letters from Francis Marion University.


  • Data Director Sina Sinai (July 2019) Vice president, senior data scientist @Studio for Citi Ventures, May-July 2019. Data scientist at Ennvoy Inc., July 2017-May 2019. Associate for risk and quantitative analysis with BlackRock, Aug. 2014-June 2017. B.S. in applied mathematics from UCLA, 2014.

Field Organizers include:

Endorsements (press releases) announced April 18, 2019.

Announced June 6, 2019

Announced June 10, 2019

Announced Oct. 30, 2019


  • Deputy State Director Shelli Jackson Member consultant for the Speakers Office of Member Services from Mar. 2015. Sideline reporter for Verizon Fios 1 Sports, Mar. 2010-Nov. 2014. Freeland sports reporter for ABC News, and producer/talent for CNN iReport, 2008. On-air talent for YES Network, 2007. Production assistant for ABC News, 2001-06. B.A. in communications from Cal Stat University of Bakersfield.


  • Political Director Susie Shannon Homeless and anti-poverty activist; executive director at Poverty Matters in Los Angeles. Has worked as a senior advisor, campaign director and labor consultant for over 14 years on statewide and local campaigns in California. An elected member of the DNC from California since 2016, has led efforts to establish a DNC Poverty Council (+). Member of the executive board of the California Democratic Party since 2007.
  • Grassroots Director Melissa Byrne A leader in strategic direct actions to hold President Trump accountable; has worked extensively with Ultraviolet, MoveOn, and CredoAction. NH digital director on Bernie 2016, Oct. 2015-Feb. 2016. Founder (2015) of Project Springboard, which seeks to organize defaulted student loan borrowers and parents of future college students to fight for loan forgiveness and free college. Has worked as a consultant since 2012. Digital director for OurDC, May-Dec. 2011. Digital director, acting field director on the Campaign to Strengthen Social Security/Social Security Works, May 2010-May 2011; national climate rally field director for Earth Day Network, Feb. 2010-May 2011. Senior field on Citizens for Alan Khazei, Sept.-Dec. 2009. Political desk at SEIU, Aug.-Nov. 2008. Organizer on Obama for America, Feb.-Aug. 2008. Coalition manager for Win Without War, April 2007-Feb. 2008. Political coordinator at the AFL-CIO, May-Nov. 2006. Field mobilization organizer for the SEIU, 2005-06. Field organizer for America Coming Together, 2005. Canvasser on Dean for America. Riverside County native.
  • Policy Advisor Sand Brim Experience includes director of strategic campaigns, senior advisor, and speech writer for both the California Nurses Association and National Nurses United. Prior to that Brim was an attorney specializing in child abuse cases.


  • Field Director Jorrel Verella (Aug. 2019) District director for Assemblyman James Ramos (Rancho Cucamonga), Dec. 2018-July 2019. District director to Assemblyman Jose Medina (Riverside), Dec. 2016-Dec. 2018. Voter outreach director on James Ramos for Assembly, Sept.-Nov. 2018. Statewide director on California Vote Project, Mar.-Sept. 2018. Field director on Dawn Ortize-Legg for Assembly, Oct.-Nov. 2016. Consultant to Speakers Office of Member Services, Dec. 2012-Nov. 2016. Deputy statewide director on California Vote Project, Feb. -Oct. 2016. Field director on Rudy Salas for Assembly, 2014. Deputy statewide director on California Vote Project, Jan.-Sept. 2014. Deputy statewide director on California Vote Project, Jan.-Sept. 2012. Field consultant to the Coalition for School Reform, Jan.-May 2011. Campaign manager on CYD [Young Voter Revolution], Sept.-Nov. 2010. Studied at University of Colorado Boulder.

Regional Directors

  • Los Angeles Daniel Andalon Principal at Andalon & Associates from July 2013. District representative and labor liaison in the state Senate from Dec. 2018. Campaign manager on Bob Archuleta for state Senate (Montibello) from Feb. 2018. Deputy campaign manager on Jimmy Gomez for Congress (Los Angeles special election), Jan.-June 2017. Campaign consultant on Tim Sandoval for Mayor of Pomona, Aug.-Nov. 2016. Campaign manager on Nestor Valencia for Bell City Council, Jan-Mar. 2015. Campaign manager on Lucille Roybal-Allard for Congress, Sept.-Nov. 2014. Campaign manager on Hilda Solis for L.A. County Supervisor, Mar.-June 2014. Field deputy for L.A. City Councilman E. P Reyes (May 2012-July 2013) and LA. City Councilman Jose Huizar, 2010-12. East area representative for L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, 2008-10. Community liaison for L.A. Care Health Plan, 2000-06. Studied at Cal State University Northridge.
  • San Diego Robert Dempsey Campaign manager on Doug Applegate’s campaign against U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa in CA-49 in 2016. Bernie 2016 state director in Minnesota Wisconsin and New Jersey. Executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party, May 2013-Feb. 2014. Campaign manager on Scott Peters for Congress (CA), Nov. 2011-Dec. 2012. Staffer in the U.S. Senate, May-Oct. 2011. Executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party, May 2009-March 2011. Midwest candidate service director at the DCCC, June 2007-Dec. 2008. Director of Ohio Senate Democrats, June 2005-May 2007. Regional representative for U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Dec. 2002-June 2005; campaign manager on Kaptur's 2004 re-election. Field director on Jacobs for Congress, July-Nov. 2002. Regional director for the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee, Dec. 2001-June 2002. Campaign manager on Kalamazoo Against Discrimination, July-Nov. 2001. Legislative assistant in the PA House of Representatives. Campaign manager for the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee, April-Nov. 2000. Campaign coordinator on Coleman for Mayor in Columbus, OH, Fall 1999. B.A. in English from University at Buffalo, SUNY, 1999.
  • Bay Area Jane Kim Candidate for Mayor of San Francisco in 2018, finishing third with 24.03% of the vote. Served two terms on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors representing District 6 from 2011-19, elected in 2010. Member and President of San Francisco Board of Election; elected in 2006. President of the San Francisco People's Organization (SFPO), 2005. Organizer for the Chinatown Community Development Center. J.D. from UC Berkley School of Law; bachelor's degree in political science and Asian American studies from Stanford University. Daughter of South Korean immigrants.
  • Inland Empire and Orange County Samuel Sukaton Associate director at Inland Empire United, Apr. 2018-Mar. 2019. Regional political organizer at SEIU UHW, May 2017-Apr. 2018. Inland regional organizer for the Golden State Opportunity Foundation, Jan.-May 2017. GOTV director on Eloise Gomez Reyes for Assembly, Oct. -Nov. 2016; Sierra Club San Gorgonio chapter political coordinator, Sept.-Nov. 2016. Associate organizing representative for the Sierra Club, May 2014-Aug. 2016. Administrator and projects coordinator/executive director at Labor United for University Healthcare, Jan.-Sept. 2013. PCCC organizing fellow, June-Sept. 2012. Community organizer with SEACA-LA, Dec. 2011-June 2012; communications consultant on SEIU ULTCW, Nov. 2011-Jan. 2012. B.A. in history from UCLA, 2011.


  • Spokesperson Anna Bahr (Aug. 2019) Deputy press secretary (Jan. 2017-July 2019), speechwriter (Jan. 2015-June 2019) and communications manager (Mar. 2015-Dec. 2017) to L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti. Reporter for The Upshot at The New York Times, Jan.-Dec. 2014. B.A. in political science and women's studies from Barnard College at Columbia University, 2014.


  • Data Director Asna Ansari (June 2019) Founder of Pleiades Data Consulting in SF Bay area, June 2018. Head of data science at Tia, June 2017-June 2018. Data scientist for Uber, Feb. 2016-June 2017. Work towards Ph.D. in planetary science at Columbia University in the City of New York; B.A. in mathematics from Northwestern University.


  • U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17) ...announced as a national co-chair on Feb. 21, 2019

Nearly 50 California endorsements ...Oct. 28, 2019

36 California elected officials ...Nov. 15, 2019

40 elected officials, more than 80 community leaders and more than 200 academics ...Dec. 21, 2019


  • State Director Pilar Chapa (May 2019) Executive director of the Colorado Democratic Party from Nov. 2017. Communications and outreach specialist on ProgressNow Colorado Campaign for a Strong Colorado, May 2015-Nov. 2017. Campaign manager on Charles Tedesco for Adams County Commissioner, May-Nov. 2016. Outreach director on Alex Romanoff for CO-6, June 2013-Nov. 2014. Field organizer in Denver area on Organizing for America, Mar.-Nov. 2012. Independent consultant on Chapa Communications, LLC, Jan. 2008-Feb. 2012. Director of communications for Easter Seals Colorado, Feb. 2006-June 2008. Associate director for El Centro Su Teatro in Denver, July 2003-Dec. 2005. Director of Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, Nov. 1997-May 2003. B.A. in art history, criticism and conservation from Metropolitan State University of Denver; B.A. in communication and media studies from University of Houston.

Endorsements announced Oct, 28, 2019


  • State Director Ben Collings (reported Sept. 2019) Member of the Maine House of Representatives representing District 42 (Portland), elected in Nov. 2016. Consultant in the Portland area. Bachelor's degree in social science from University of Maine at Farmington.


  • State Director Joe Caiazzo ...Bloomberg reported on Dec. 3, 2019 Caiazzo was leaving to pursue other opportunities.


  • State Director Reed Millar Principal at Bespoke Consulting in the greater Minneapolis St. Paul area since Feb. 2013. Field director on Bernie 2016 Nevada Caucus campaign, then worked on the campaign in HI, DE and CA. Senior project manager at Grassroots Solutions, May 2006-Jan. 2013. Political director on Bob O'Connor for Mayor, Jan.-May 2005. Consulting in Pittsburgh, 2003-05. Work for the DCCC in late 2004. Organizer on John Kerry for President, June 2003-Jan. 2004. Regional field representative on Mark Warner for Governor, July-Nov. 2001. Organizer for the Iowa Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign, 2002. Field director for PAHDCC, May-Nov. 2000. B.A. in psychology from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, 1999.
  • Field Director Joelle Stangler (to start Dec. 10, 2019) Political director at TakeAction Minnesota, Jan.-Dec. 2019. Campaign manager on Ilhan for Congress primary, June-Sept. 2018. Organizing director for the Minnesota DFL, Mar.-June 2018. Co-founder of Consent Education MN, Jan.-Apr. 2018. Campaign manager on Raymond Dehn for Mayor (Minneapolis), Feb.-Dec. 2017. District director on Neighbors for Ilhan Omar, Nov. 2016-Feb. 2017. Youth vote director for the Minnesota DFL, Aug.-Dec. 2016. Deputy campaign manager on Neighbors for Ilhan Omar, May-Aug. 2016. Bachelor's degree in political science, mass communication from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2016; student body president, Apr. 2014-July 2016.


  • U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN-5) ...announced Oct. 15, 2019


  • State Director Josh Visnaw (Apr. 2019) Deputy field director for the Michigan Democratic Party One Campaign, July-Nov. 2018. Lead researcher and project manager in Dili, Timor-Leste for FAO, Dec. 2017-Apr. 2018. Fulbright public policy fellow in Dili, Timor-Lest, Aug. 2016-July 2017. Field staff in Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Indiana on Bernie 2016, Sept. 2015-June 2016. Frankin Project ambassador for The Aspen Institute, Apr. 2015-June 2016. Field manager for Peacework International Dangriga, Belize, May 2014-July 2015. Program consultant for Little Rock Promise Neighborhood, Oct. 2013-May 2014. Program and governance staff at the Belize Ministry of Education, May-Aug. 2013. Program assistant afor the Arkansas Minority Health commission, Dec. 2012-Mar. 2013. AmeriCorps fellow, May 2009-Jan. 2012. M.P.S.. from University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, 2014; B.S. in journalism from Central Michigan University.



Announced July 23, 2019



  • U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI-13) ...announced Oct. 27, 2019 in rally at Cass Technical High School in Detroit

Announced Oct, 28, 2019

  • Eric-John Szczepaniak, Trustee, Kenowa Hills School Board, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Ryan Bennett, Business Manager, West Michigan Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, MI
  • Abdul El-Sayed, physician and 2018 candidate for Governor ...announced Nov. 21, 2019




  • Political Director Jess Mazour ...departure reported by CNN on Sept. 18, 2019 (announced Mar. 12, 2019) Community organizer (farm and environment team) with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, April 2012-Mar. 2019. Customer service coordinator at ITAGroup, Oct. 2010-Feb. 2012. Wealth high value servicer for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, May 2009-Oct. 2010. B.S. in psychology from Iowa State University, 2009. Deputy Field Director Kevin Lata (Apr. 2019) Field director for the Iowa House Democratic Caucus, May-Nov. 2018. Legislative aide in the Florida House of Representatives, Feb.-Apr. 2018. Campaign manager on Margaret Good for State House special election, Nov. 2017-Feb. 2018. Campaign manager/field director on Brian Cunningham for City Council (NY), July-Nov. 2017. Regional field director on Tom Perriello for Governor, Mar.-June 2017. Regional organizing director in Strafford County for the NHDP Coordinated Campaign, Aug.-Nov. 2016. National advance staff (Apr.-June 2016), regional field director in Pittsburgh (Mar.-Apr. 2016), deputy field director in Ohio (Feb.-Mar. 2016) and field organizer in Littleton, NH (Dec. 2015-Feb. 2016) on Bernie 2016. B.A. in political science from Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • Polk County Regional Field Director Alex Liao (Apr. 2019) Lead Manhattan organizer on Jumaane Williams for NYC Public Advocate special election in Feb. 2019. Lead Savannah organizer on Stacey Abrams for Governor (GA), Oct.-Nov. 2018. Lead Manhattan organizer on Cynthia Nixon for Governor (NY), July-Sept. 2018. Field organizer on David Richardson for Congress (FL), Mar.-May 2018. B.A. in public policy from New York University, 2018.
  • Northwest Regional Field Director Adrian Koster Field director on J.D. Scholten 4 Congress, Sept.-Nov. 2018. Field director in the 26th CD for the Florida Democratic Party, May-Aug. 2018. Campaign manager (Sept.-Nov. 2017) and field director (July-Nov. 2017) on Carlos Menchaca for City Council (NY). Field organizer on Tom Perriello for Virginia, May-June 2017. Field organizer on NH Democratic Coordinated Campaign, June-Nov. 2016. Bachelor's degree in international affairs from The George Washington University, 2016.


  • State Director Joe Caiazzo Sept. 2019, reassigned to Massachusetts State Director (Sept. 15, 2019; started as NH state director, announced Mar. 12 to Sept. 15, 2019) Campaign manager on Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)'s 2018 re-election. Principal at Knox Cannon Strategies, LLC from Jan. 2012. Rhode Island state director on Hillary for America from June 2016. Rhode Island communications and political director (March-April 2016) and Massachusetts communications and political director (Dec. 2015-March 2016) on Bernie 2016. Has worked on many campaigns in Mass. including political advisor to Seth Moulton for Congress, Sept.-Nov. 2014; campaign manager on Mike Lake for lieutenant governor, June-Sept. 2014; and political director on Don Berwick for governor, April 2013-May 2014. B.A. in history and theology from Barry University, 2009.
  • Senior Advisor Kurt Ehrenberg Sept. 2019 (announced Mar. 12, 2019) New Hampshire political director on Bernie 2016 from May 20, 2015; as campaign coordinator was top NH staffer until Julia Barnes started in Aug. 2015. NH field director on Run Warren Run, Feb.-May 2015. Political and legislative director of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO. Served over seven years as the Sierra Club’s representative in New Hampshire and throughout New England. Portsmouth resident.


  • State Director Kwadjo Campbell ...AP reported on Nov. 14 that Campbell was off the campaign but no details were available (reported Apr. 18, 2019) President of JC & Associates (earlier Jeffers-Campbell Associates), a consulting firm in Greenville, from Jan. 2004. Educator at Legacy Charter School Greenville from Jan. 2013. Member of the Charleston City Council, 1998-2005. Master's in education from Clemson University, 2012; undergraduate studies at College of Charleston; served in the Marine Corps Reserves.


  • State Director Joe Caiazzo ...Bloomberg reported on Dec. 3, 2019 Caiazzo was leaving to pursue other opportunities (Sept. 15, 2019; started as NH state director, announced Mar. 12 to Sept. 15, 2019) Campaign manager on Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)'s 2018 re-election. Principal at Knox Cannon Strategies, LLC from Jan. 2012. Rhode Island state director on Hillary for America from June 2016. Rhode Island communications and political director (March-April 2016) and Massachusetts communications and political director (Dec. 2015-March 2016) on Bernie 2016. Has worked on many campaigns in Mass. including political advisor to Seth Moulton for Congress, Sept.-Nov. 2014; campaign manager on Mike Lake for lieutenant governor, June-Sept. 2014; and political director on Don Berwick for governor, April 2013-May 2014. B.A. in history and theology from Barry University, 2009.


  • Trip Director Will Pierce to Sept. 2019 (reported by NBC News MTP; an account executive with iConstituent (Feb. 2019) Strategic development (Nov. 2018-June 2019) and political accounts coordinator (Apr.-Nov. 2018) at Hustle. Deputy campaign manager on Ameya Pawar for Governor (IL), May-Oct. 2017. Civil affairs officer in the U.S. Army Reserves, Apr. 2007-Apr. 2017. National advance associate on Bernie 2016, Oct. 2015-June 2016. Founder and executive director of Draft Biden 2016, Mar.-Oct. 2015. Field director on Manan Trivedi for Congress (PA), Mar.-Nov. 2014. Regional field director on Anthony Brown for Governor, Apr.-Oct. 2013. Advance associate for the White House, Jan. 2009-May 2013. National advance staff on Obama for America, July-Nov. 2008. M.P.A. (2013) and bachelor's degree in political science from American University, 2011.
  • Assistant to the Campaign Manager Carolina Dominguez (Mar. 2019) Special assistant to the national political advocacy department (May 2018-Mar. 2019) and assistant to the national political director (Mar. 2017-May 2018) at the ACLU. Public affairs associate at Teach for All, June 2014-Nov. 2016. Community economic development advisor for the Peace Corps in Guinea, Nov. 2011-Jan. 2014. Account associate at Wellons Communications in Orlando, Aug. 2009-Aug. 2010. B.S. in public relations from University of Florida, 2011.
  • On Feb. 26, 2019 several outliets reported that Tad Devine, Julian Mulvey, and Mark Longabaugh were splitting from the campaign over creative differences. The three, who are partners at Devine Mulvey Longabaugh, served as senior advisors on Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign and helped with the 2020 launch.

Bernie 2020 has shaped up to be a significantly different campaign than Bernie 2016. There were allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination on Sanders' 2016 campaign (+), and in a Feb. 22 interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes, Sanders directly stated that the '16 campaign had been "too white, too male-oriented" (>). Bernie 2020 has gone all in to ensure a diversity and a positive work environment, ranging from the selection of campaign manager to the national co-chairs to the Mar. 15 announcement that the campaign has unionized. Writing at Refinery29, Natalie Gontcharova states, "The campaign says that now, every single one of its teams — management, political, policy, organizing, communications, advance, digital, and fundraising — has women, and predominantly women of color, in leadership positions. Overall, the national leadership team is around 70% women."

Senate Office

  • Chief of Staff Caryn Compton (Sept. 2018) Previously legislative director to Sen. Sanders from June 2013. Legislative director to U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson. Legislative counsel to Sen. Robert C. Byrd and Senate committees. Also worked in the Legislative Resource Division at the Office of Management and Budget. J.D. from The Catholic University, 2004; M.A. in classical philology from University of Arizona, 2001; B.A. in ancient Greek and philosophy from Marshall University, 1998.


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