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Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor is a Field Organizer for Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2020 based in South Carolina.

"We don’t want to scare people off"

Daniel Taylor, South Carolina Field Organizer, Sanders Campaign was exposed by Project Veritas in a video released January 28 2020.[1]

He was caught on camera saying:[2]

“For me personally, I have no problem going all in on the campaign stuff because you’re planting a seed…yeah, the whole socialist thing four years ago was a whole lot more toxic than it is today…”
“We don’t want to scare people off, you first have to feel it out before you get into the crazy stuff…You know we were talking about more extreme organizations like Antifa, you were talking about, Yellow Vests, all that but we’re kinda keeping that on the back-burner for now.”
“We have all this momentum, where do we go, regardless of the outcome, after it’s all over? Change won’t come easily, regardless. Even if Bernie is elected, change will not come swiftly or easily, so the connections we make now in the campaign with people, and volunteers, it’s important we retain that regardless of the outcome. It’s unfortunate that we have to make plans for extreme action but like I said, they’re not going to give it to us even if Bernie is elected.”
“Oh yeah, he (Bernie Sanders) has a history of protest and that’s what makes him so attractive to the younger people and those fed up with the bureaucracy. Bernie has been out there standing on the picket lines and doing that uncomfortable stuff…and I absolutely think he’d definitely endorse that kind of action because sometimes that’s what you have to do to get it done.”

This follows a similar expose on Mason Baird, Kyle Jurek, Martin Weissgerber from Project Veritas.

"The Best Canvass Communicator"

Mason Baird Facebook screenshot

Our Revolution Austria (likely posted by Bruce Murray) raved over Daniel Taylor's canvassing skills in a post from January 12, 2020.[3]