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Mason Baird


Mason Baird is a Field Organizer for Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2020 based in Greenville, South Carolina.

"It's gonna take militancy"

Mason Baird, South Carolina Field Organizer, Sanders Campaign was exposed by Project Veritas in a video released January 28 2020.[1]

He was caught on camera saying:[2]

“I’ve canvassed with someone whose an Anarchist, and with someone who’s a Marxist/Leninist so we attract radical, truly radical people in the campaign but obviously that’s not outward facing…”
“Um…well, I think the goal is just to build a…you know, build a coalition…so, a lot of people…their politics fall outside of the American norm, so their politics are Marxist/Leninist, they’re Anarchists, so these types of folks they have more of a mind for ‘direct action’ for engaging in politics outside of the electoral system.”
“Bernie said that – that the only way that we’re going to – the only way we’re going live is if – is if we have this mass movement going after the election.”
“For the first time, for the first time, in like, my life, maybe even, probably most of our lives in American history, we’re going to have – like if we have Bernie in the White House, we’re going to have, a real plan for dual power; where we’ll have the presidency and we’ll have a mass movement, right alongside it, that’s like going to be like institutionalized and supported…and I’d like to participate in it.”
“…Once we break up Google, YouTube, Facebook, nationalize these things, then that would be a huge thing forward so far as education stuff goes.”
“We would need a federal government and labor union movement that is working together to strip power away from capitalists and preferably directing violence toward property. At the end of the day, this kind of stuff will come out through practice, through the work and it’s hard for me to talk about it in the moment we live in cause I think China today is not what Mao envisioned, right it was through the practice of Chinese people doing the work to create the China today. So, it never – we’re never going – I think a lot of the stuff – a lot of these answers are going to come through practice – we’re going to try things – things aren’t going to work – we’re going to move on to the next thing, and we’re going to try to be as conscious and intentional about those things, but when you get into a certain level of detail, and depth, it’s like, that’s kind of my ‘cop out’, it comes through the work, you know. The answers come through the work.”
“It would, it’s gonna take, you know, it’s gonna take militancy…like a militant labor movement that’s willing to…strike, and if necessary, you know, just destroy property and things like that.”
“A militant labor movement is kind of our last – our last real chance before we try…other means.”
“…After we abolish landlords, we don’t have to kill them, that’s my feeling I think it’s damaging to the soul, but um, there were plenty of excesses in 1917 (Russian Revolution) I would hope to avoid. Labor, I think that’s a big source of power for us, and just try to gain as much leverage and power in the short time that we have. You know, Lenin didn’t have the internet, they were a peasant society, and I mean it was like, so you know I would hope that like, that we would – we’d have – we’d be doing a bunch of prep work before the capitalists got hip to what we were doing, I guess. That’s my best uh, I’m not excited about the prospect of armed struggle…”
“…And so I think that, um, I think if we pay attention to, to the lived experience of people in post-Soviet States and in Russia and things like that, then we do find that, yeah, like a lot of the stories we’re told in the United States about, you know, the Gulags and the persecution of the Kulaks and things like that are exaggerated…we certainly don’t have, uh, uh, a straight perspective on that stuff here in America."

This follows a similar expose on Daniel Taylor, Kyle Jurek, Martin Weissgerber from Project Veritas.

Scrubbed Social Media

Mason Baird Facebook screenshot

In the wake of the Project Veritas report, Mason Baird deleted his Facebook account.[3]