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Columbia Mayor Steven Benjamin (left) and Michael Wukela in 2015

Michael Wukela is Communications Director, Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2020 in South Carolina.[1]

Progress South

In 2015, it was reported that Michael Wukela "left his job as the mayor’s strategic policy adviser to become executive director of a newly formed statewide advocacy group for progressive issues, Progress South." [2]

"“The past five years working for the mayor’s office and serving the people of Columbia have been absolutely amazing,” Wukela said. “It’s been a privilege and an honor, and walking away from something like that, especially working with a man like Mayor Benjamin and the folks at the city, it’s not easy, and it’s not something I do lightly.”
His mission at Progress South will be to “drive progressive issues to the front of the public debate” in South Carolina, he said. That means pushing statewide conversations and actions on issues such as the gender wage gap, equal rights, women’s health and domestic violence."
"Earlier, he worked in journalism in Florence, Darlington and Athens, Ga." Michael Wukela’s brother, Stephen Wukela, was the mayor of Florence.