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Tobita Chow with Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams is Iowa co-field director for the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2020.

Twitter Lock Down

Brooke Adams tweets photo with "top tier organizers" Danielle Hirano and Kyle Jurek

The Washington Examiner reported that Brooke Adams and Misty Rebik locked their Twitter accounts in the wake of the Kyle Jurek comments about burning down cities if Bernie Sanders loses the democratic nomination. Additionally, the Washington Examiner reported that before she locked her account, Brooke Adams tweeted a photo with "top tier organizers" Danielle Hirano and Kyle Jurek:[1]

"Iowa state director Misty Rebik and Iowa co-field director Brooke Adams both locked their Twitter accounts after Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe claimed they hired or worked with Kyle Jurek, who deleted his Twitter account this afternoon. O'Keefe published a Sept. 21 tweet of Adams celebrating with Jurek along with accompanying text that read: "This room is about to hit 20,000 phone calls!! Led by our top-tier organizers @hiranodanielle Danielle Hirano and Kyle Jurek!"