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Danielle Hirano LinkedIn Page Screenshot

Danielle Hirano works for Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2020.

Fellow Bernie Staffers are 'further left than the Democratic Socialists'

Kyle Jurek

Kyle Jurek listed fellow Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2020 as "further left than the Democratic Socialists". He listed "Justin, Derek, Danielle and Jessica."[1]

Danielle Hirano stands with Kyle Jurek and other Bernie Sanders Campaign workers
Kyle Jurek (center) with Danielle Hirano (front and center)

ACLU and Planned Parenthood

According to her LinkedIn profile,[2] Danielle Hirano "worked on two different national campaigns geared toward social justice and activism: the ACLU LGBTQ campaign and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America campaign".


According to her LinkedIn profile, Danielle Hirano "completed a four month program with SIT Vietnam centered around sustainable economic development, social change, and the globalization of Southeast Asia. The main components of the program were political economy, Vietnamese government structures, Vietnamese language, gender, culture, and social change."