We Will Replace You

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We Will Replace You

We Will Replace You intends to resist President Donald Trump. "We’re a group of organizers and activists who have helped to build both mass movements and large-scale electoral programs. Many of us were involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016..."


"Tell the Democrats:
"Resist Trump or #WeWillReplaceYou
"Donald Trump is a threat to the American people and everything we believe in. Millions are rising up in resistance, but too many Democrats have been enabling and collaborating with him instead.
"Sign up to tell Democrats: “Do everything you can to Resist Trump, or we will replace you with someone who will.”
"Our intention is to spend the first few months of the Trump administration pushing Democrats to do more to fight Trump on the critical early battles, and then later in 2017 announce next steps for supporting primary challengers to Democrats who have not shaped up.[1]

What does it mean to fight Trump?

Democrats have a lot of power to stop Trump’s agenda—if they choose to use it. If Democrats decided to fight, they could use Congressional rules of order to grind business as usual to a halt to stop the unconstitutional Muslim ban, fight the theft of a Supreme Court nomination, and demand Steve Bannon be fired, for instance. Instead, many Democrats seem to be operating under the delusional assumption that if they play nice with Trump, he’ll magically become more reasonable. That kind of logic just results in us losing more ground every day—and it’s why we need to hold Democrats’ feet to the fire.
Resisting Trump would mean, at a minimum:
Voting no on all Trump appointees and fighting all of Trump’s legislative priorities
Fighting the unconstitutional Republican theft of a Supreme Court nomination
Using Congressional processes and rules of order to systematically bring all business to a crawl to block Trump’s agenda and demand Steve Bannon be fired
Publicly supporting impeachment if Trump is found to have broken the law or violated the Constitution


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