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Kevan Nelson

Kevan Nelson is international secretary of the Communist Party of Britain.

"No to War"


CPB International Secretary

At the January 2022 Communist Party of Britain executive committee meeting Kevan Nelson was elected CPB International Secretary.[1]

Manchester communists


Hazel Roberts, Tracy Delaney, Kevan Nelson.

CPB Political Committee

At the January 2022 Communist Party of Britain executive committee meeting Andy Bain, Mollie Brown, Ben Chacko (Alternate member), Tony Conway, Lorraine Douglas, Alex Gordon, Robert Griffiths, Johnnie Hunter, Kevan Nelson (Alternate member), Carol Stavris, Ruth Styles were appointed to the CPB Political Committee.[2]

Roundtable Discussion: Marx Memorial Library

Marx Memorial Library Roundtable Discussion: 'Democracy, Neo-Liberalism and Britain's Centralised State' Part II

Join us for a panel discussion on the challenge posed by the centralised British state and the ideology of market dominance that holds it together.

Thursday, 9 December 2021 - 7:00pm

Speakers: Katy Clark, MSP West of Scotland, Sean Griffin, author of Remaking the British State, Kevan Nelson, NW Regional Secretary Unison, Beth Winter, MP for Cynon Valley. Chaired by Pauline Bryan, Labour Peer.

Scottish Morning Star conference


Scottish Communists October 2 2021.

SCOTTISH MORNING STAR AUTUMN 2021 CONFERENCE SUNDAY 3 OCTOBER "Powers for a People’s Recovery How to block Johnson’s centralised big business state".

Cuba Solidarity Campaign greets Ambassador

Manchester Cuba Solidarity August 29 2021·

We raised £595 for the Cuba Solidarity Campaign’s medical appeal yesterday!


Great speeches form Barbara Montalvo Alvarez, Tracy Delaney, Kevan Nelson and Navendu Mishra MP. Susan Piper, chair of the Manchester Cuba Solidarity Campaign also spoke.

Commemorating Atocha massacre


Eddy Redmond and Kevan Nelson represented the Communist Party of Britain in Madrid January 2020 alongside the PCE (Communist Party of Spain) to commemorate the Atocha massacre in the city 43 years ago, and the 1939 execution of the "Thirteen Roses", who were women of the Unified Socialist Youth (JSU) and PCE fighting against Franco during the Spanish Civil War.

January 24th 1977, in an office located on 55 Atocha Street near the Atocha railway station in Madrid, specialists in labour law, members of the Workers' Commissions (Comisiones Obreras, CCOO) trade union, and of the then-clandestine Communist Party of Spain (PCE) had gathered.

Armed with Ingram M-10 sub-machine guns, three assassins entered the building looking for Communist leader Joaquin Navarro, head of the CCOO's Transport Syndicate, which had recently called for a strike against the "Franquist transport mafia", denouncing the Sindicato Vertical official trade union. Failing to find him, they decided to open fire on those present, killing five and injuring four.

On the morning of August 5th 1939 thirteen women were shot dead against the walls of the Eastern Madrid Cemetery. Nine were minors, because at that time the age of majority was not reached until twenty-one. Ranging in age from 18 to 29 they were charged with being involved and conspiring against the “social and legal order of the new Spain".[3]

International Commission


Kenny Coyle, Kevan Nelson, Ben Chacko.

CPB Executive Committee

At the Communist Party of Britain’s 56th congress on November 6-7 the following executive committee was elected Nisar Ahmed, Sonya Andermahr, Andy Bain, Mollie Brown, Andrea Burford, Sean David Cannon, Ben Chacko, Andy Chaffer, Tony Conway, Mary Davis, Lorraine Douglas, Alex Gordon, Bill Greenshields, Moz Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Jonathan Havard, Richard Hebbert, Johnnie Hunter, Bernadette Keaveney, Tam Kirby, Hugh Kirkbride, Gawain Little, Sarah McDonough, David Morgan, Tommy Morrison, Kevan Nelson, Evan Pritchard, Carol Stavris, Ruth Styles, Robin Talbot, Jade Welburn.[4]

Pedal4Progress comrades

Screenshot 2022-07-09 8.42.26 PM.png

Steve Lyons, Mike McKnight, Les Doherty, Bob Kelly, Mark David-Gray, Kevan Nelson, Regi Thomas, Bernie Wentworth, Paul Vogt, Peter Middleman.

Pedals for Progress


Kevan Nelson left.

Tolpuddle ride

In the early hours of 15th July 2016 Pedal4Progress left the comfort of the overnight hotel and took the short drive to the Morning Star head quarters in East London to begin the last stage of the 4th edition.

The solo effort by Les Doherty to ride over 230Km to the Tolpuddle Festival and personally deliver solidarity greetings from the Morning Star to all those attending the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom eve of festival fringe meeting.

Text messages from veteran rider Mark David-Gray and constant support on twitter from Peter Middleman (himself a vet of all four editions) and the Halton Unison Local Government Branch was a welcome cure for the screaming lungs and legs.

Big thanks to all those who have supported and sponsored us across all four challenges and to this years team of riders; Richard Aubery, Anna Burton, Paul Collins, Jason Cook, Les Doherty, Matt Jenkinson, Mike McKrell, Peter Middleman and Matthew Tollitt Logistics and support driver Kevan Nelson and our P4P graphic designer Hazel Roberts.[5]

Fete l’Humanite

In 2014 Pedal4Progress sent a team to Fete l’Humanite in Paris.

Kevan Nelson, Paul Vogt, David Owen, Hazel Roberts, Cad Jones, Bob Kelly, Nick Wright, Mark David-Gray, Steve Lyons, Peter Middleman, John O'Brien, Dan Smith, Regi Thomas, Matthew Tollitt, Calvin Tucker and Bernie Wentworth.[6]

CPB comrade


Farewelling veteran communist

Morning Star supporters gathered for an inspirational social evening at Liverpool’s Casa club May 2015 in memory of veteran communist and campaigner Sam Watts, who died last year aged 89.

Mr Watts featured in the Ken Loach film The Spirit of ’45, and his interview from the film was shown on Saturday.

Speakers at the social evening included Gordon Nash, 90, a veteran comrade of Mr Watts, Carolyn Jones, director of the Liverpool-based Institute of Employment Rights, and Kevan Nelson of Merseyside Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group. Band the Peacemakers gave a lively and well-received performance.[7]

Red Star Festival 2015

Red Star Festival 2015 was held July 2015 Clerkenwell Green, London was held It was sponsored by the Morning Star, Marx Memorial Library and the Communist Party of Britain.

Speakers included Trish Lavelle, Kevan Nelson, Tony Conway.

"Red Lives"

The editors, Simon Meddick, Liz Payne and Phil Katz would like to express our thanks to all the contributors to this volume of Red Lives, who have given their time and work freely in the interests of ensuring these personal histories could be shared to inspire others.

Personal recollections and connections have been the principal source for the writers of these biographies, which makes this collection so special. Therefore our thanks go to: Kolya Abramsky, Bill Adam, Mary Aldridge, Brian Allbutt, Arthur Attwood, Meic Birtwistle, Annie Banham, Martin Brown, John Campbell, Colin Carritt, Jennie Chesterton, Joe Clark, Tony Conway, Andy Croft, Mary Davis, Lesley Discum, Megan Dobney, Lorraine Douglas, Paul Dunn, John Ellison, Dan Evans, Ann Field, John Foster, John Fox, Susan Galloway, Tom Gill, Alex Gordon, Bill Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Liane Groves, Anita Halpin, Jonathan Havard, David Horsley, Pat Jay, Ben Jay, Cad Jones, Roger Jones, Meirian Jump, Chris Kaufman, Phil Katz, Ken Keable, George Kerr, Tam Kirby, Peter Lazenby, Martin Levy, Eleanor Lewington, Alex Maxwell, Rosie McGregor, Bevis Miller, Laura Miller, Tommy Morrison, Kevan Nelson, Cynthia Oughton, Liz Payne, Mike Pentelow Evan Pritchard, Mike Quille, Neil Rafeek, Ruth Rickman-Williams, Jane Rosen, Jane Scott, Tom Sibley, Dr. Mike Squires, Carol Stavris, Dave Stavris Graham Stevenson, Keith Stoddart, Robert Streader, Ruth Styles, The Vale of Leven History Project, Mike Vine, Michael Walker, Lynne Walsh, Robert Wilkinson, Jim Whyte, Tanya Wills, Anita Wright, Nick Wright.