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Tracy Delaney

Tracy Delaney is active in the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign. Active in UNISON in Manchester. Has been to Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. Joined the Communist Party of Britain in August 2020.[1]

Manchester communists


Steve Andrew, Tracy Delaney, Eddy Redmond, Tony Williams.


Hazel Roberts, Tracy Delaney, Kevan Nelson.

Cuba Solidarity Campaign greets Ambassador

Manchester Cuba Solidarity August 29 2021·

We raised £595 for the Cuba Solidarity Campaign’s medical appeal yesterday!


Great speeches form Barbara Montalvo Alvarez, Tracy Delaney, Kevan Nelson and Navendu Mishra MP. Susan Piper, chair of the Manchester Cuba Solidarity Campaign also spoke.

Centenary conference

Communist Party of Britain centenary conference August 1, 2020

Take the Road! - mass meeting for trade union and trades council activists


Unison for Cuba

Unison delegates reaffirmed their support for Cuba at their annual national delegates’ conference in June 2019.

Moving the motion, Scottish Region Convener, Lilian Macer, said: “As a health worker, I recognise since the Cuban Revolution that they have achieved a world-class health system on a fraction of the budget of most other countries, and despite suffering 60 years of blockade.”

Isle of Wight delegate Yve White said: “In Cuba, nobody walks barefoot, dies of hunger, is illiterate from the age of six, or has to pay for education.

“In Cuba, the trade unions play an active role in all aspects of life,” said North West delegate Tracy Delaney. “They are the organisations that helped draft Cuba’s Labour Code legislation. They were consulted throughout the process, made amendments, and ensured workers’ voices are heard.”

Scottish Young Members Committee member, Ryan McLaughlin, who participated in the May Day Brigade, reminded delegates of the Trump administration’s ultimate goal: “to deny the Cuban people their right to self-determination and to create another puppet of the US government.”

According to Paul Glover, Chair of the International Committee, Cuba was a “beacon” to countries around the world.[2]

Unions for Cuba conference

Saturday 2 November 2019, 10am-5pm.

NEU Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BD.

Join Cuban leaders from across the island, representing workers in health, education, transport, communications, energy, mining and public administration at the Unions for Cuba Conference in November.

Heading the delegation is Carmen Rosa Lopez Rodriguez, Cuban MP and Deputy General Secretary of the CTC, on her first visit to Britain. She is accompanied by 14 trade union leaders from Cuba’s SNTS (health), SNTAP (public administration), SNTECD (education) SNTCIE (communications), SNTTP (transport and ports) and SNTEM (energy and mining) unions.

From Britain speakers include Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite the Union, Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, Dave Ward, General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union, and Karen Lee MP.

The line up of speakers from Cuba and Britain at this historic conference includes:

Gilda Gilberta Chacon Bravo, Europe Officer, CTC // Luis Castanedo Smith, CTC Regional Secretary // Santiago Badia Gonzalez, General Secretary, SNTS (Health union) // Miriela Padron Macías, Regional Secretary, SNTAP (Public Administration union) // Mykeyly Ramirez Guevara, National executive, SNTEM (Energy and mining union) // Neisy Pino Lago, National executive, SNTAP (Public Administration union) // Alba de la Caridad Estevez Novo, National executive, SNTCIE (Communications union) //Nayda Elisa Diaz Luis, National executive, SNTECD (Education union) Katia Labrada Vidal, National executive, SNTTP (Transport union) // Gloria Petronila Martinez, Regional Secretary, SNTS(Health union) // Iris Maite Lorenzo Silva, CTC Regional Leader// Evelina Torres Acosta, SNTS (Health Workers’ Union ) Regional Secretary // Enma Avila Tarrago, SNTS (Health Workers’ Union ) Regional Secretary // Diana Holland, Assistant General Secretary, Unite //Maggi Ferncombe, Regional Secretary, UNISON Greater London Region // Lilian Macer, Regional Convenor, UNISON Scotland // Pete Kavanagh, Regional Secretary, Unite London and Eastern Region // Marcus Barnett, International Officer, Young Labour // Lara McNeill, Labour NEC // Navendu Mishra, Labour NEC // Tracy Delaney, Regional Chair, International Committee, UNISON North West Region and more![3]

Cuban friends


Tracy Delaney with Cuban union officials Yelena Gomez and Yuneil Espinosa Reyes.


In 2018 Tracy Delaney was part of a UNISON delegation to Cuba.


Tracy Delaney visited Palestine in 2017. Met members of the Palestine People's Party.


Tracy Delaney visited Colombia in 2015.