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Carolyn Jones

Carolyn Jones is Director of the Institute of Employment Rights and sits on the Management Committee of CLASS. She is a leading member of the Communist Party of Britain.

Carolyn Jones is vice-chair of the Morning Star management committee and member of Merseyside Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group.


  • Studied at Brunel University London
  • Studied at University of Warwick
  • Went to St Gregory's Comprehensive, Kirkby

Celebrating China


Covid and the Economic Crisis

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November 2020 with Andrew Murray, Roz Foyer, Kate Ramsden, Neil Findlay MSP, Carolyn Jones PPPS Management Cttee.

Morning Star Management Committee

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2021 Morning Star Management Committee in solidarity with Indian farmers. Dominic Macaskill, Jimmy Macintyre, Ben Chacko, Jackie Simpkins, Keith Stoddart, Jamshid Ahmadi, David Morgan, Bob Oram, Chris Kitchen, Rosie Eagleson, Joan Heath, Carolyn Jones, Andy Chaffer, Nisar Ahmed.

Morning Star 90th


Amanda Martin, Gawain Little, Carolyn Jones, Annette Mansell-Green, Jimmy Macintyre, Steve Turner, Andy Bain, Ben Chacko, Meirian Jump, Mary Davis.

Unemployment Fightback!

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Merseyside People's Assembly

Merseyside People's Assembly re-launch.

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Carolyn Jones, Laura Pidcock, Ian Byrne MP, Anthony O'Hanlon, Ben Chacko Morning Star, John Hendy QC, Sheila Coleman.

A New Deal for Workers


Institute of Employment Rights with Jo Grady, Keith Ewing, John Hendy, Barry Gardiner MP, Carolyn Jones, Christina McAnea.

Zero Covid Conference

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November 2020 The People's Assembly organized an online "Zero Covid Conference". Participants included:

Morning Star Fringe

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Ben Chacko, Andrew Murray, Abi Wilkinson, Kelvin Hopkins, Diane Abbott, Rhea Wolfson, Carolyn Jones.

Morning Star Red Xmas bash


The Morning Star December 10 2020·

Join Jeremy Corbyn, Maxine Peake and Diane Abbott at the Morning Star Red Xmas bash!

7pm Wednesday 16 December. REGISTER NOW to avoid disappointment.

Panellists include Morning Star editor Ben Chacko, CWU general secretary Dave Ward, Unite Chief of Staff Andrew Murray, legendary industrial correspondent Mick Costello, reporter Bethany Rielly, Venezuelan election observer Calvin Tucker, award-winning sports editor Kadeem Simmonds, circulation manager Bernadette Keaveney, and co-author of the ground-breaking No Holding Back report Laura Smith.

Chaired by Carolyn Jones from the Morning Star management committee.

Morning Star Labour


John McDonnell, Richard Leonard, Diane Abbott, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Richard Burgon, Salma Yaqoob.

Joined on platform by Ian Lavery, Ben Chacko, Len McCluskey, Paddy Lillis, Mick Whelan, Mick Cash, Manuel Cortes, Carolyn Jones Morning Star Management Committee.

Manchester communists


Carolyn Jones, Khalid Talati Young Communist League of Britain, Les Doherty.

Centenary conference

Communist Party of Britain centenary conference August 1, 2020

Take the Road! - mass meeting for trade union and trades council activists


90 years of the workers’ paper - rally



With special, surprise guests including Sean Hosey, Steve Marsling, Cathy Dolphin, Pete Smith and Ken Keable, of the London Recruits



"Re-developing Class Politics"

Morning Star Scottish Autumn conference October 4 2015.


Carolyn Jones, Lynn Henderson, Neil Findlay MSP, Chris Stephens MP, Cllr Bill Butler, Vicky Grandon, Tam Kirby, Phil McGarry, Vince Mills, Tom Morrison, Jennifer McCarey, Mike Arnott.

"No More Austerity"

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Speakers Owen Jones, John Hendy QC, Billy Hayes, Anita Wright, Sheila Coleman.

Chair Carolyn Jones.

Merseyside Morning Star supporters


Lynn Collins, David Sharkey, Carolyn Jones, Kevin Courtney, Roger McKenzie, Chris Guiton, Megan Dobney, Peter Middleman, Steve Gillan, Christine Blower, Ben Chacko, Len McCluskey, Jane Carolan, Gawain Little.

Fete l’Humanite

In 2014 Pedal4Progress sent a team to Fete l’Humanite in Paris.

Kevan Nelson, Paul Vogt, David Owen, Hazel Roberts, Cad Jones, Bob Kelly, Nick Wright, Mark David-Gray, Steve Lyons, Peter Middleman, John O'Brien, Dan Smith, Regi Thomas, Matthew Tollitt, Calvin Tucker and Bernie Wentworth.[1]

Farewelling Sam Watts

Morning Star supporters gathered for an inspirational social evening at Liverpool’s Casa club May 2015 in memory of veteran communist and campaigner Sam Watts, who died last year aged 89.

Mr Watts featured in the Ken Loach film The Spirit of ’45, and his interview from the film was shown on Saturday.

Speakers at the social evening included Gordon Nash, 90, a veteran comrade of Mr Watts, Carolyn Jones, director of the Liverpool-based Institute of Employment Rights, and Kevan Nelson of Merseyside Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group. Band the Peacemakers gave a lively and well-received performance.[2]

Merseyside CPB

Morning Star management committee chair Carolyn Jones spotlights Gordon Nash selling five copies of the paper at his Unite Community branch meetings. But she also raises his keen sense of humour, noting that, “on his 90th birthday, after we had put up a plaque in the CASA (the club set up by Liverpool dockers) to celebrate the life of Sam Watts, Gordon announced that he wanted one too — but he wanted it while he was still alive so he could enjoy it!

“That was done and then he contributed an extra donation to update the words when he was no longer with us — something we will do with sorrow and pride. “Gordon was a wise old man with political drive and determination. Our branch was all the better for having him as a member.”[3]



In 2011 Carolyn Jones was a a member of the Communist Party of Britain executive committee and Director of the Institute of Employment Rights.

"Red Lives"

The editors, Simon Meddick, Liz Payne and Phil Katz would like to express our thanks to all the contributors to this volume of Red Lives, who have given their time and work freely in the interests of ensuring these personal histories could be shared to inspire others.

Personal recollections and connections have been the principal source for the writers of these biographies, which makes this collection so special. Therefore our thanks go to: Kolya Abramsky, Bill Adam, Mary Aldridge, Brian Allbutt, Arthur Attwood, Meic Birtwistle, Annie Banham, Martin Brown, John Campbell, Colin Carritt, Jennie Chesterton, Joe Clark, Tony Conway, Andy Croft, Mary Davis, Lesley Discum, Megan Dobney, Lorraine Douglas, Paul Dunn, John Ellison, Dan Evans, Ann Field, John Foster, John Fox, Susan Galloway, Tom Gill, Alex Gordon, Bill Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Liane Groves, Anita Halpin, Jonathan Havard, David Horsley, Pat Jay, Ben Jay, Cad Jones, Roger Jones, Meirian Jump, Chris Kaufman, Phil Katz, Ken Keable, George Kerr, Tam Kirby, Peter Lazenby, Martin Levy, Eleanor Lewington, Alex Maxwell, Rosie McGregor, Bevis Miller, Laura Miller, Tommy Morrison, Kevan Nelson, Cynthia Oughton, Liz Payne, Mike Pentelow Evan Pritchard, Mike Quille, Neil Rafeek, Ruth Rickman-Williams, Jane Rosen, Jane Scott, Tom Sibley, Dr. Mike Squires, Carol Stavris, Dave Stavris Graham Stevenson, Keith Stoddart, Robert Streader, Ruth Styles, The Vale of Leven History Project, Mike Vine, Michael Walker, Lynne Walsh, Robert Wilkinson, Jim Whyte, Tanya Wills, Anita Wright, Nick Wright.

Communist University 2009

The Crisis of Working Class Representation

CP trade union organiser

Graham Stevenson was for many years a member of the executive and political committee of the Communist Party of Britain and became its fourth trade-union organiser following Kevin Halpin, Carolyn Jones and Anita Halpin. [5]

CPB executive committee


In 2008 the Communist Party of Britain executive committee consisted of Carol Turner, Ivan Beavis, Geoff Bottoms, Mary Davis, John Foster, Pauline Fraser, Bill Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Anita Halpin, Kevin Halpin, John Haylett, Joel Heyes, Steve Johnson, Carolyn Jones, Martin Levy, Gawain Little, Alan MacKinnon, Emily Mann, Tommy Morrison, Andrew Murray, Rick Newnham, Ben Stevenson, Graham Stevenson, Carol Turner and Anita Wright.[6]