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Hugh Kirkbride is vice president of the Bristol Trades Union Council. He is also Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain’s Work Commission. Heis a member of the Communist Party executive committee, a former Unite regional officer, and before that a worker in both food and agriculture.

Former T&G/Unite officer for defence workers.



Hugh Kirkbride left.

CPB Morning Star organiser

At the January 2022 Communist Party of Britain executive committee meeting Hugh Kirkbride was elected CPB Morning Star organiser.[1]

Work Commission

At the January 2022 Communist Party of Britain executive committee meeting Hugh Kirkbride became chair of the Work Commission.[2]

“The Future of Work”

Public meeting – Wednesday 13 October, 2021 at 7.00pm

“The Future of Work: Organising To Change The New Normal"

  • Andrew Maybury. Independent researcher in labour process and technology, and Greater Midlands chair of the Communist Party
  • Matt Tipper. Regional Coordinating Officer, Unite
  • Ruth Amias. Trades Union and Labour Party activist in Stroud
  • Nathan Russell. Software engineer, member of Unite South West Graphical, Paper, Media & IT and member of the Communist Party’s Future of Work Commission
  • Hugh Kirkbride. Bristol Trades Council and member of the Communist Party’s Future of Work Commission[3]

Future of Work Group

The Future of Work Group is: Paul Gurnett (Colchester CPB), Leo Impett (Durham CPB), Hugh Kirkbride (Bristol Bath & Gloucester CPB), Graham Lee (Coventry & Warwick CPB) Andrew Maybury (Birmingham CPB), Nathan Russell (Bristol, Bath & Gloucester CPB and West of England YCL).[4]

CPB Executive Committee

At the Communist Party of Britain’s 56th congress on November 6-7 the following executive committee was elected Nisar Ahmed, Sonya Andermahr, Andy Bain, Mollie Brown, Andrea Burford, Sean Cannon, Ben Chacko, Andy Chaffer, Tony Conway, Mary Davis, Lorraine Douglas, Alex Gordon, Bill Greenshields, Moz Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Jonathan Havard, Richard Hebbert, Johnnie Hunter, Bernadette Keaveney, Tam Kirby, Hugh Kirkbride, Gawain Little, Sarah McDonough, David Morgan, Tommy Morrison, Kevan Nelson, Evan Pritchard, Carol Stavris, Ruth Styles, Robin Talbot, Jade Welburn.[5]

With District secretary


Ken Keable, with Hugh Kirkbride.

Joined the communists

Hugh Kirkbride became a full time Regional Officer for Unite the Union, and joined the Communist Party of Britain in the 2000s.[6]

Miner solidarity

Over the course of 1984/’85, Mark Johnson and Hugh Kirkbride, a Swindon YCLer and a young Socialist in North Wiltshire respectively, were both given the street collection licenses to take food, clothes, money to their Trades Councils for distribution during the Miners’ Strike. The collections were taken to the Communist Party office in Swindon, and miners from Aberdare would come and pick them up.[7]



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