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Helen O'Connor

Helen O'Connor was, prior to becoming a trade union officer, a nurse working on the front lines of the NHS for 28 years. Many in her cohort in 1990 were migrant women, mostly Irish, just like O'Connor.

On steering committee of The People's Assembly.

"The cost of living..."


Communist Party of Britain public meeting.

"Pandemic vs Profits"

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Dr. Andrew White, Sandra Trotter, Helen O'Connor, Thabo Miller.

"Where next for the Covid crisis?"


January 2022. "Where next for the Covid crisis?" With Diane Abbott MP, Richard Burgon MP, Dr Deepti Gurdasani, Prof Susan Michie, Vicky Blake (UCU), Cat Hobbs (We Own It), Emmy Kelly, Richard Murphy, Helen O'Connor GMB, Jonathan Fluxman, Ben Chacko (Morning Star).

Moderator Nimo Hussein.

"Once again cases and hospitalisations are rising once more. In some countries the number of new deaths is rising sharply too. It remains to be seen whether that will happen in this country too.

But the current situation already means that large numbers are becoming seriously ill, cases of Long Covid will grow and deaths are rising at an unacceptable rate.

All of this puts enormous strain on the NHS itself. Healthcare workers are off sick themselves while serious cases mount and the peak of the winter 'flu season is approaching. The same combination of risks, staff illness and rising cases is affecting other sectors, from refuse collection to transport to schools . Despite all this, Boris Johnson has decided to take no extra measures to restrict the virus, in contrast to the devolved administrations. Countries such as Germany have adopted new measures successfully, and the ZeroCovid countries continue unscarred by the mass deaths seen here and elsewhere.

The question now is whether the NHS faces a breaking-point and will be able to cope with government policy. Our excellent speakers will discuss this and related topics."

"Stopping the virus"

"Stopping the virus: It doesn't have to be this way"

Zero Covid Coalition was live January 24 2021.

Our demand is that the government adopt a Zero Covid strategy, learning from the great success it has had in in other countries. To do this, we are uniting all those who want more effective action from the government.

Join us to hear from 25+ speakers including Jeremy Corbyn MP, Diane Abbott MP and Richard Horton (Lancet) to find out more.


Participants included Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP chair, Jo Grady UCU, Jay Patel, Robert West, Richard Burgon MP, Dr. Coral Jones, Keith Venables, Zita Holbourne, Sabby Dhalu Stand Up To Racism, Karen Reissmann People Before Profit, Lawrence Davies Equal Justice solicitors, Dr. Emma Runswick Zero Covid Coalition, Ramona McCartney The People's Assembly, Louise Irvine Keep Our NHS Public, Ben Chacko Morning Star, Howard Beckett Unite the Union, Riccardo la Torre FBU, Pascale Robinson We Own It, Matt Willgress, Arise and Labour Outlook, Sonali Bhattacharyya Momentum UK, Larissa Kennedy NUS, Helen O'Connor GMB.

Unemployment Fightback!

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May 29 2021.

Speakers include Bill Greenshields and Mollie Brown of the Communist Party of Britain, Steve Turner, Mark Porter of Rolls Royce Unite, Rohan Kon of Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise, Johnnie Hunter YCL, Laura Smith - ex Labour MP and No Turning Back campaigner, Helen O'Connor - NHS activist, Sabby Dhalu of SUTR and Jackie Simpkins of War on Want and Mike Lynch of RMT.

Jonny Butcher of ACORN and Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise stood in for Rohan Hon.

"Safe Schools Safe Workplaces"


Laura Briggs, John Foster, Gawain Little, Helen O'Connor.


FightBack2021 was held online January 2021. Thousands of Labour activists tuned in to be part of Arise Festival’s kickstart to a year of activism, ‘Fighting back in 2021: How Labour’s Left should respond to the current crisis’. Listeners heard from an impressive array of speakers, ranging from MPs in the Socialist Campaign Group, left journalists, trade unionists, and activists in the Labour Party and wider social movements. The message was loud and clear – the Labour left is here to stay, and will be at the forefront of both resisting the Tories’ reactionary agenda, and standing for socialist solutions to the crisis and democracy in the Labour Party.

The second session, Chaired by Rachel Garnham (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy), saw participants debate ‘Resisting the Tories: Mobilising Labour’s grassroots, the trade unions, communities and the movements’.

Sian Errington, from the Arise Festival team, set the scene by arguing that ‘work inside the Labour Party and building movements in our workplaces, communities and the streets are not in any way counterposed or contradictory. As Tony Benn argued again and again, both are essential and supplement each other’.

Building on that point, Andrew Scattergood, national Co-chair of Momentum, emphasised that we should ‘focus on building power in local government and in our workplaces… building a confident movement that leads resistance against the Tory treatment of working class communities, that elects the best of our movement into national and local chambers, and continues the task of democratising the Labour Party, pushing it to adopt transformative, socialist policies’.

The panel featured further contributions from Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, Christine Blower (former NUT General Secretary and Labour peer), Helen O'Connor (The People's Assembly Against Austerity), Ronan Burtenshaw (Tribune), Gemma Bolton (Labour NEC), Sean Waters (Sussex Uni Labour), and Dr John Puntis (Keep Our NHS Public). All emphasised the importance of socialists in the Labour Party joining with trade unions, community campaigns and social movements to resist the Tory’s agenda.

Making Sense of the Crisis

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Laura Pidcock, Dave Ward Jac Berry, Helen O'Connor.

Zero Covid Conference

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November 2020 The People's Assembly organized an online "Zero Covid Conference". Participants included:

Building the Fightback

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Labour Assembly Against Austerity with Richard Burgon MP, Mark Serwotka PCS, Diane Abbott MP, Helen O'Connor The People's Assembly, Mish Rahman Labour NEC.

Morning Star


Northampton Marxists & Communists

Northampton Marxists & Communists is a public Facebook group affiliated with the Communist Party of Britain. Members include Helen O'Connor.

Carty connection


Marian Carty with Helen O'Connor.

Centenary conference

Communist Party of Britain centenary conference August 1, 2020

NHS and public health


Sisterhood, Socialism & Struggle

The Communist Party of Britain has organised a New Year feminist conference celebrating Sisterhood, Socialism & Struggle in the UK and across the world. This free weekend event on January 16-17 2021, will provide a virtual opportunity for women and men on the left to discuss and debate the importance of women’s liberation for the whole human race.


This event aims to put women’s liberation at the heart of class struggle and explore how we should respond to the intensification of women’s oppression under modern capitalism.

Based upon the three strands of the Charter for Women, which was adopted by the National Assembly of Women in 2020, sessions include Marxist-feminist analysis of women in society, at work, and in the international labour movement. Drawn from across the labour movement our speakers include Mary Davis on the roots of women’s oppression, Pragna Patel on domestic violence, migration and racism, Sarah Woolley on sexual harassment and Kellie O'Dowd on abortion rights.


Scheduled sessions include "Women in the workplace": with Denise Christie, Rohan Kon, Helen O'Connor andSarah Woolley.[1]

Lauren Conway replaced Rohan Kon.

Chaired by Abbie Rhodes.

Unemployment Fightback!


Bill Greenshields and Helen O'Connor