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Peter Middleman is a Liverpool activist. TUC North West regional vice-chair and NEU North West regional secretary.


In 2021 Peter Middleman was Regional Secretary for the National Education Union.[1]

Pedal4Progress comrades

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Steve Lyons, Mike McKnight, Les Doherty, Bob Kelly, Mark David-Gray, Kevan Nelson, Regi Thomas, Bernie Wentworth, Paul Vogt, Peter Middleman.

International Solidarity

Pedal4Progress International Solidarity.

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Eddy Redmond, David McKnight, Matthew Tollitt, Alex Gordon, Peter Middleman, Les Doherty, Mike McKnight.

Tolpuddle ride

In the early hours of 15th July 2016 Pedal4Progress left the comfort of the overnight hotel and took the short drive to the Morning Star head quarters in East London to begin the last stage of the 4th edition.

The solo effort by Les Doherty to ride over 230Km to the Tolpuddle Festival and personally deliver solidarity greetings from the Morning Star to all those attending the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom eve of festival fringe meeting.

Text messages from veteran rider Mark David-Gray and constant support on twitter from Peter Middleman (himself a vet of all four editions) and the Halton Unison Local Government Branch was a welcome cure for the screaming lungs and legs.

Big thanks to all those who have supported and sponsored us across all four challenges and to this years team of riders; Richard Aubery, Anna Burton, Paul Collins, Jason Cook, Les Doherty, Matt Jenkinson, Mike McKrell, Peter Middleman and Matthew Tollitt Logistics and support driver Kevan Nelson and our P4P graphic designer Hazel Roberts.[2]

Sam Watts Brigade confirmed

The 3rd edition challenge team signed up to the Sam Watts Brigade was confirmed April 2015 only 24 hours after announcing details of this years cycle challenge to raise funds for the Morning Star.

The team of 10 riders and 4 logistics core has a familiar ring to it with a mix of new and returning members.

The ever present John O'Brien, Les Doherty, Peter Middleman and Regi Thomas help form the spine of riders along with Head of Logistics Kevan Nelson. Mark David-Gray, Steve Lyons and Bernie Wentworth all make a return to the team for a second time following their exploits to Paris.

Helping to keep riders on the road and refreshed along the way will once again be Paul Vogt and David Owen who bring with them their European driving and map reading skills. And new to the team this year are Mike McKrell and Jason Cook both experienced riders and seasoned Morning Star campaigners.

Finally there is a welcome return to Bob Kelly with the Logistics core and to Richard Aubery, veteran of the original Coast2Coast edition who was unable to take part last year due to his recovery from a serious cycling accident.[3]

"The Future of Industry"

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Laura Pidcock, Steve Turner, Carolyn Jones, Peter Middleman.

Unemployment Fightback


Peter Middleman NEU, Henry Fowler StrikeMap, Jo Rust, Tam Kirby The People's Assembly, Rohan Kon Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise, Ian Taylor and Gawain Little, Jordi Lopez-Botley.

2014 CPB Executive Committee

Andy Bain, Ben Chacko, Andy Chaffer, Tony Conway, John Foster, Pauline Fraser, Alex Gordon, Moz Greenshields, Bill Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Tim Gulliver, Anita Halpin, Zoe Hennessy, Steve Johnson, Bernadette Keaveney, Thomas Kirby, Eleanor Lakew, Martin Levy, Peter Middleman, Tommy Morrison, Mark O'Neill, Liz Payne, Ben Stevenson, Graham Stevenson, Joanne Stevenson, Ruth Styles, Anita Wright, Nick Wright.[4]

Morning Star

From Pedal4Progress:

"My first memory of the paper is as a young boy when my Mum chastised my Dad for leaving a copy on display in the house when we were expecting visitors. I suppose the subversive reputation of it resonated with me even then. Much later as a new and naive union rep, I’d buy as many papers as were offered to me at demonstrations and on visits to News from Nowhere – Liverpool’s radical bookshop.

As I got older and more experienced, it began to dawn on me that on industrial issues, the Morning Star was always the paper that stood alone in refusing to scream “sell-out” at every set back, preferring to take a long-term and, wherever possible, positive, view on disputes so as not to undermine the confidence of those taking part in them or those whose battles were yet to come. What really has always set the paper apart has been its superb international coverage – never more so than in those febrile months leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. By that time, I was proud to be associated with paper and its role in setting out in forensic, daily detail the case for peace and socialism. Since then, from Cuba to Libya and from Palestine to Ukraine the papers reporting and features are essential reading for all progressives."[5]

Fete l’Humanite

In 2014 Pedal4Progress sent a team to Fete l’Humanite in Paris.

Kevan Nelson, Paul Vogt, David Owen, Hazel Roberts, Cad Jones, Bob Kelly, Nick Wright, Mark David-Gray, Steve Lyons, Peter Middleman, John O'Brien, Dan Smith, Regi Thomas, Matthew Tollitt, Calvin Tucker and Bernie Wentworth.[6]

Merseyside Morning Star supporters


Lynn Collins, David Sharkey, Carolyn Jones, Chris Guiton, Megan Dobney, Peter Middleman, Steve Gillan, Christine Blower, Ben Chacko, Len McCluskey, Jane Carolan, Gawain Little.