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Johnnie Hunter

Johnnie Hunter is a leading member of the Young Communist League of Britain.

I joined the Party and the YCL when I turned sixteen and have been a member for over eight years now. I was elected as Scottish Organiser of the YCL in 2011, a position which I have held for seven years. However I am now stepping down to focus on my new duties a General Secretary.[1]


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In 2022 Johnnie Hunter visited Cuba as part of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign’s Young Trade Unionists May Day Brigade and for the VII International Seminar for Peace and the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases in Guantánamo. [2]

Glasgow Council elections 2022

Canal - Johnnie Hunter, 28, solicitor and shop steward, is a member of the Party’s Glasgow Branch and is General Secretary of the Young Communist League of Britain.

CPB Political Committee

At the January 2022 Communist Party of Britain executive committee meeting Andy Bain, Mollie Brown, Ben Chacko (Alternate member), Tony Conway, Lorraine Douglas, Alex Gordon, Robert Griffiths, Johnnie Hunter, Kevan Nelson (Alternate member), Carol Stavris, Ruth Styles were appointed to the CPB Political Committee.[3]

CPB Organisation Committee

At the January 2022 Communist Party of Britain executive committee meeting Andy Chaffer, Lorraine Douglas, Robert Griffiths, Jonathan Havard, Phil Katz David Morgan, Ruth Styles, Liz Payne, David Pettifor, Johnnie Hunter, Nick Wright were appointed to the CPB Political Committee.[4]

Glasgow YCLers


Michael Quinn, Jack Sloan, Rory Pryde, Craig Scott, Johnnie Hunter, Ronan Penman, James Meechan.

CPB Executive Committee

At the Communist Party of Britain’s 56th congress on November 6-7 the following executive committee was elected Nisar Ahmed, Sonya Andermahr, Andy Bain, Mollie Brown, Andrea Burford, Sean David Cannon, Ben Chacko, Andy Chaffer, Tony Conway, Mary Davis, Lorraine Douglas, Alex Gordon, Bill Greenshields, Moz Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Jonathan Havard, Richard Hebbert, Johnnie Hunter, Bernadette Keaveney, Tam Kirby, Hugh Kirkbride, Gawain Little, Sarah McDonough, David Morgan, Tommy Morrison, Kevan Nelson, Evan Pritchard, Carol Stavris, Ruth Styles, Robin Talbot, Jade Welburn.[5]

Unemployment Fightback!


May 29 2021.

Speakers include Bill Greenshields and Mollie Brown of the Communist Party of Britain, Steve Turner, Mark Porter of Rolls Royce Unite, Rohan Kon of Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise, Johnnie Hunter YCL, Laura Smith - ex Labour MP and No Turning Back campaigner, Helen O'Connor - NHS activist, Sabby Dhalu of SUTR and Jackie Simpkins of War on Want and Mike Lynch of RMT.

Zero Covid Conference

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November 2020 The People's Assembly organized an online "Zero Covid Conference". Participants included:

Centenary conference

Communist Party of Britain centenary conference August 1, 2020

Against imperialism & militarism


Sochi, October 2017


Young Communist League of Britain Facebook post dated October 22, 2017.[6]

Owain Holland, Peter Stoddart, Robin Talbot, Daoud Hamdani, Johnnie Hunter, Harry Warren.

Meeting Ukraine communist


Owain Holland, Johnnie Hunter with Mikhail Kononovich General Secretary of the Komsomol of Ukraine.


YCL 2015 leadership

The Young Communist League of Britain’s new Executive Committee met for the first time over the weekend since the last Congress. Elected to the EC in December at our 47th Congress in January 15 were Laura-Jane Rossington, Julian Jones, Ryan Boyle, Robin Talbot, Calum Baird, Daragh O'Neill, Johnnie Hunter, Daoud Hamdani, Owain Holland and Zoe Hennessy.

The Executive met in the Communist Party of Britain’s Glasgow Office on Saturday. Zoe Hennessy was elected as General Secretary, Owain Holland as Chair and Julian Jones was elected as Treasurer of the YCL.

Comrades assumed the following roles as officers on the Executive Committee: Laura-Jane Rossington was elected as Women’s Officer, Daragh O'Neill as Student Officer, Ryan Boyle as Industrial Officer, Calum Baird as Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism Officer, Owain Holland as Marxist-Leninist Education Officer, Robin Talbot as Communications Officer, Johnnie Hunter as Challenge Editor and Julian Jones as International Secretary.[7]

YCL summer camp 2015


Ken Keable, Thomas Joseph, Robin Talbot, Zoe Hennessy, Johnnie Hunter.

A night of Class Music

Calum Baird

In 2014 young Scottish communists launched their long-awaited new social and fund-raising initiative last month with their first-ever gig at the Roxy bar in Glasgow.

The Class Music night saw singer-songwriter Calum Baird, spoken word act and former YCL EC member Marc Livingstone and local bard Declan Welsh take to the stage.

YCL Scottish organiser Johnnie Hunter said the inspiration for the night came from the “rich musical tradition we have on the left.”

“I think as young communists it’s very important to foster a different social scene in opposition to the commercialised, often sexist and individualist outlook youth are fed presently.”[8]

21st Century Marxism 2014

21st Century Marxism 2014 was held 26th-27th July 2014, Clerkenwell Green London.

Speakers included Johnnie Hunter.