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Robin Talbot is a secondary school teacher from North London, an NEU activist and former Chair of the Young Communist League of Britain.

I come from a left-wing Labour Party background and joined the YCL and the Communist Party in early 2014. I speak Spanish, Russian and Serbian and plan to become a secondary school languages teacher.[1]

In 2022 Talbot was Secretary of the London District of the Communist Party of Britain, and Chair of the YCL.[2]

Communists in the People's Assembly

Communist Party of Britain, January 15, 2022.

Communist Party members attended the national conference of The People's Assembly on Saturday.

Over 300 delegates from all over Britain participated and spoke in the conference, including Communist Party members, while activists of the London Communist Party hosted a stall and spoke to attendees about our vision for building the broad democratic movement for progressive change in Britain.

Conference motions focused on developing local groups, campaigning against public sector cuts and supporting the strikes, as well as the right to food and campaigning to save the NHS.


Tony Conway, Ruth Styles, Mark Jones, Sean David Cannon, Bill Greenshields, Moz Greenshields, Robin Talbot.


On the occasion of Students' Federation of India - United Kingdom's 53rd foundation day, the flag of SFI was hoisted in Edinburgh and London. The flag was hoisted in Edinburgh by Comrade Alakta Das (Unit Joint Secretary) and Comrade Aswin Govindan (Unit Committee member, Convenor - Edinburgh Subcommittee) in the presence of other comrades from the city.


The flag was hoisted in London by Comrade Jishnudev Gadfly (Unit Committee member, Convenor - London Subcommittee) and Comrade Alwin (Unit Committee member) in the presence of other members of the organisation from London. Also present at the gathering were Comrade Harsev Bains (Vice President, Indian Workers Association) and Comrade Robin Talbot (Chair, Young Communist League of Britain) who extended solidarity to SFI on behalf of their respective organisations.

Communist candiate 2022

MEET OUR CANDIDATES - ARSENAL WARD, ISLINGTON - Robin Talbot is a secondary school teacher and has lived most of his life in this north London area.


Robin Talbot is a member of the Central Council of Liberation, formerly the Movement for Colonial Freedom.[3] The organization has observer status at the United Nations.

Communist Party of Britain Derbyshire Branch

Communist Party of Britain Derbyshire Branch public Facebook page members include Robin Talbot.

"All for Profit & Power"

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CPB Executive Committee

At the Communist Party of Britain’s 56th congress on November 6-7 the following executive committee was elected Nisar Ahmed, Sonya Andermahr, Andy Bain, Mollie Brown, Andrea Burford, Sean Cannon, Ben Chacko, Andy Chaffer, Tony Conway, Mary Davis, Lorraine Douglas, Alex Gordon, Bill Greenshields, Moz Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Jonathan Havard, Richard Hibbert, Johnnie Hunter, Bernadette Keaveney, Tam Kirby, Hugh Kirkbride, Gawain Little, Sarah McDonough, David Morgan, Tommy Morrison, Kevan Nelson, Evan Pritchard, Carol Stavris, Ruth Styles, Robin Talbot, Jade Welburn.[4]

International Bulletin


Contributors on Latin America to the Communist Party of Britain's International Bulletin November 2020 Number 4 were Abbie Rhodes, Robin Talbot, Wendy Emmett, Ben Lunn, Steve Johnson.



Robin Talbot is a leading member of the Communist Party of Britain. In the 2021 London Assembly elections the Communist Party of Britain were able to secure 8787 votes across London. Over recent weeks Communists in London have been heavily active with campaigning for the Communist vote in London canvassing votes in North, East, South and West London. Your candidates for London are Hannah Sawtell, Robin Talbot, Anita Halpin, Akira Allman, Lucian Branescu-Mihalia, Phil Brand, Judith Cazorla-Rodenas, Stewart McGill and Lorraine Douglas.[5]

Centenary conference

Communist Party of Britain centenary conference August 1, 2020

Young workers for a future!

Chair: Zoe McKeown Young Communist League of Britain Scottish women’s officer


Sochi, October 2017


Owain Holland, Peter Stoddart, Robin Talbot, Daoud Hamdani, Johnnie Hunter, Harry Warren.



YCL 2015 leadership

The Young Communist League of Britain’s new Executive Committee met for the first time over the weekend since the last Congress. Elected to the EC in December at our 47th Congress in January 15 were Laura-Jane Rossington, Julian Jones, Ryan Boyle, Robin Talbot, Calum Baird, Daragh O'Neill, Johnnie Hunter, Daoud Hamdani, Owain Holland and Zoe Hennessy.

The Executive met in the Communist Party of Britain’s Glasgow Office on Saturday. Zoe Hennessy was elected as General Secretary, Owain Holland as Chair and Julian Jones was elected as Treasurer of the YCL.

Comrades assumed the following roles as officers on the Executive Committee: Laura-Jane Rossington was elected as Women’s Officer, Daragh O'Neill as Student Officer, Ryan Boyle as Industrial Officer, Calum Baird as Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism Officer, Owain Holland as Marxist-Leninist Education Officer, Robin Talbot as Communications Officer, Johnnie Hunter as Challenge Editor and Julian Jones as International Secretary.[6]

YCL summer camp 2015


Ken Keable, Thomas Butler, Robin Talbot, Zoe Hennessy, Johnnie Hunter.


Zoe Hennessy with Robin Talbot.