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Calvin Tucker

Calvin Tucker is co-editor of and a freelance writer, as well as holding down a day job.

He has a strong interest in Latin American politics, and was one of the first commentators to correctly predict the 2002 coup against the elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Calvin's work has been published in Zmag, Green Left Weekly, Venezuelanalysis, Trinicentre, Underground Voices Magazine and various Latin American websites.

He is a member of the British based Venezuela Information Centre and a former student organiser of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign. The opposition publication Venezuela Today describes him as a "sycophant and a shill" of the Venezuelan Revolution.[1]

Brother of Dinah Mulholland.

"Demystifying modern, socialist China"


March 16 2022 with Kenny Coyle, Carlos Martinez and Calvin Tucker.

Morning Star contacts 2021

Morningstar 2021.PNG

Moshfiqur Noor, Bernadette Keaveney, Calvin Tucker.

Communist Party centenary conference

Communist Party of Britain was live. August 1 2020· RED WEDGE #CP100 - EU Imperialism & Austerity

With Robert Griffiths (Communist Party general secretary), John Foster (International secretary Communist Party), Laura Briggs (Member of the National Education Union, Lancashire), Sandra Pereira (Member of European Parliament Portuguese Communist Party), Moz Greenshields (Member of Derby Trades Council), Eugene McCartan (General secretary Communist Party of Ireland) #CP100.

Participants included Max Van de Poll Young Communist League of Britain - Brighton, Hank Roberts, Robert Wilkinson, Pam Pink, Marc Bilbao-Asensio, Malcolm Wallace, Dina Groden, Diane Randall, Steve, Javier Vivo, Michael Allan, Steve Arloff, Andrew Maybury, Marian Carty, Brent Cutler, Calvin Tucker, Mike Hallinan.[2]

Morning Star


Calvin Tucker is campaigns manager for the Morning Star.

Labour candidate

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Morning Star Red Xmas bash


The Morning Star December 10 2020·

Join Jeremy Corbyn, Maxine Peake and Diane Abbott at the Morning Star Red Xmas bash!

7pm Wednesday 16 December. REGISTER NOW to avoid disappointment.

Panellists include Morning Star editor Ben Chacko, CWU general secretary Dave Ward, Unite Chief of Staff Andrew Murray, legendary industrial correspondent Mick Costello, reporter Bethany Rielly, Venezuelan election observer Calvin Tucker, award-winning sports editor Kadeem Simmonds, circulation manager Bernadette Keaveney, and co-author of the ground-breaking No Holding Back report Laura Smith.

Chaired by Carolyn Jones from the Morning Star management committee.


The Morning Star June 16 2016.

Morning Star staff donating boxes of shirts 4 the Convoy to Calais #J18C2C People's Assembly Unite the union Care4Calais.


— with James Tweedie, Calvin Tucker, Jon Schwochert, Ben Stevenson, Steve Sweeney , Ben Chacko.


From Pedal4Progress:

"The bicycle is a human-powered machine which challenges, empowers and brings endless joy to countless millions. When I am riding my bike I am 12 years old once again, free as a bird, with the wind in my hair, ready for whatever adventure life may throw my way. By contrast, capitalism is a money-powered machine which oppresses humans in the interests of something our masters call “the economy”. The Morning Star is the voice of the human being demanding that the economy serves the people so that we can all be free. If that’s not worthy of our support, what is?" [3]

Fete l’Humanite

In 2014 Pedal4Progress sent a team to Fete l’Humanite in Paris.

Kevan Nelson, Paul Vogt, David Owen, Hazel Roberts, Cad Jones, Bob Kelly, Nick Wright, Mark David-Gray, Steve Lyons, Peter Middleman, John O'Brien, Dan Smith, Regi Thomas, Matthew Tollitt, Calvin Tucker and Bernie Wentworth.[4]

Merseyside Morning Star Cycle Challenge

Organisers for 2014 Merseyside Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group Cycle Challenge are pleased announce the remaining places on the ride team have now been filled. It means a full compliment of ten riders, supported by 4 logistics staff in two vehicles will take to the roads in a bid to reach Paris in time for the opening of the Fete L’ Humanite raising money for the only daily national paper of the working class.

Steve Lyons and Calvin Tucker, both strong cyclists in their own rights will bring steel and determination to the team already full of youth and experience. Calvin becomes the second rider to join the team from London. and will be part of a small group who will ride the first stage of the challenge next month as part of the teams preparations. Steve, has already met some of the team in a recent training ride where his experience as a club rider was evident and his coaching invaluable.[5]

Straight Left

Calvin Tucker and Noah Tucker operate the website along with Uri Cohen. Calvin Tucker and Cohen are ex-members of the Communist Party of Great Britain and split to form a group associated with the magazine Straight Left. They wanted the CP to be more “pro-Soviet”, a policy that seems consistent with their current beliefs.[6]