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Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon (UK) is a leading member of the Communist Party of Britain. He is a rail union activist and member of the Communist Party of Britain Popular Sovereignty and Anti EU Commission.

Alex Gordon is also Communist Party of Britain Membership Secretary.

Trade Union Conference 2023


Speakers Mick Whelan, Kevin Courtney, Salma Yaqoob, Lindsey German, Alex Gordon, Shelly Asquith, Daniel Zahedi, Jose Nivol, Riccardo La Torre, Jinsella, Andrew Murray.

Coming to communism

In 2018 Alex Gordon was glowing with pride as he showed visitors a huge portrait of Karl Marx, Lenin's office during exile and precious collections, including the New York Tribune articles that Marx wrote to supplement his income and the full run of the Daily Worker and Morning Star.

The 51-year-old chair of the Marx Memorial Library could barely hide his excitement -- the two-story whitish building located in the heart of London has in recent years witnessed an increasing number of visitors and memberships, especially of young people.

"We have increasing applications from school students to borrow books for research due to a lack of academic courses in British schools about Marxism," Gordon told Xinhua.

"We have increasing applications from school students to borrow books for research due to a lack of academic courses in British schools about Marxism," Gordon told Xinhua.

Gordon's profession is actually being a train conductor. He drives high-speed passenger trains from London to cities in the west of England and Wales such as Oxford, Bristol and Cardiff. As former chairman of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers, Gordon has been an active trade union organizer among railway workers for 25 years.

"Since the global financial crisis of 2007, it became clear to me and to many trade unionists that an understanding of Marxist political economy is essential in order to develop a clearer picture of the crisis of Western capitalism," he said. "For this reason I returned to reading Marx's Capital, which I had read 30 years previously as a student."

However, Gordon felt that it was not enough to read and learn from Marx and Lenin and more action needed to be taken. Five years ago, Gordon joined the Communist Party of Britain.

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, as Marx wrote, the point however is to change it," he said.

Apparently, Gordon felt his role in the Marx Memorial Library could in a way help change the world. In 2012, Gordon was elected chair of the library board and since then he has worked at the library for up to three days each week as a volunteer. Established in 1933 on the 50th anniversary of the death of Marx, the Marx Memorial Library has been the intellectual home of generations of scholars interested in studying Marxism, trade unionism, and the working class movement.

With its vast collections of books, posters, photos and pamphlets from across Britain, the library's collection even outdoes that of the British Library, offering a unique place for members and visitors to fill "the vacuum of knowledge," Gordon said.[1]

Union Left

In October 2022 Fran Heathcote, PCS Left Unity organiser; Andrea Egan, Unison Time for Real Change; Alex Gordon, RMT Broad Left; Lucy Coleman, chair of NEU Left; Dave Allen, secretary of Unite's United Left published an article in Morning Star "Union left groups are here to co-ordinate action".

There are now left groups in the NEU, PCS, RMT, Unison and Unite – in this time of heightened struggle, we urge all members to reach out to them so that we can mobilise for united action across the union movement, writes Union Left.[2]

CPB Political Committee

At the January 2022 Communist Party of Britain executive committee meeting Andy Bain, Mollie Brown, Ben Chacko (Alternate member), Tony Conway, Lorraine Douglas, Alex Gordon, Robert Griffiths, Johnnie Hunter, Kevan Nelson (Alternate member), Carol Stavris, Ruth Styles were appointed to the CPB Political Committee.[3]

International Brigades memorial


Message from Communist Party of Britain General Secretary Robert Griffiths, which was read out at the events held around the country on 17 October 2020 to remember the role of communists in the International Brigades. These were held as part of the CPB’s programme of activities to mark its centenary this year. Gatherings took place at Cambridge, Cardiff, Crewe, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Oxfoird, Sheffield, Southampton and Taunton.

"Britain’s Communist Party salutes the memory of those volunteers who went from England, Scotland and Wales to Spain in defence of democracy against fascism...".

London participants included Rosie Spencer, Steve Johnson, and Alex Gordon.

Communist Party of Britain Derbyshire Branch

Communist Party of Britain Derbyshire Branch public Facebook page members include Alex Gordon.

International Solidarity

Pedal4Progress International Solidarity.

Screenshot 2022-07-09 8.37.14 PM.png

Eddy Redmond, David McKnight, Matthew Tollitt, Alex Gordon, Peter Middleman, Les Doherty, Mike McKnight.

Bikers for Marx

Screenshot 2022-07-09 3.59.08 AM.png

Mike McKnight, Alex Gordon, Les Doherty, Bob Oram, David McKnight, Peter Middleman.

Marx Memorial Library patron

In 2020 Alexander Gordon was listed as an official patron of the Marx Memorial Library.

Marx memorial


To commemorate the passing of Karl Marx the Marx Memorial Library has for many decades held an annual graveside oration at his burial place in the cemetery in North London.

The 2015 event was organised by the committee of the Marx Memorial Library, and conducted by Library chair Alex Gordon, a former president of the RMT transport union, who welcomed everyone to the commemoration and introduced the speakers.

This year the graveside oration was given by Yuri Emilianov, a Soviet academician and a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and Jean Turner of the Communist Party of Britain.

New Communist Party of Britain leader Andy Brooks laid the NCP’s floral tribute at the tomb together with a procession of other communist representatives that included diplomats from the Vietnamese embassy and comrades from Venezuela, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), the Progressive Party of Working People of Cyprus (AKEL), the Communist Party of Italy’s British Pietro Secchia branch and many more from other workers’ parties in the Middle East and the rest of the world that have members studying or working in Britain.[4]

Marx 200

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Hosted by Shropshire Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group.


RMT Broad Left support

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The RMT Broad Left was launched in Wigan by socialist members of the RMT. Many has supported Mick Cash's campaign for re-election as General Secretary. In 2020 they supported Mick Cash and Mick Lynch against attacks by some members of the NEC.

RMT Broad Left supported:

CPB Executive Committee

At the Communist Party of Britain’s 56th congress on November 6-7 2021 the following executive committee was elected Nisar Ahmed, Sonya Andermahr, Andy Bain, Mollie Brown, Andrea Burford, Sean David Cannon, Ben Chacko, Andy Chaffer, Tony Conway, Mary Davis, Lorraine Douglas, Alex Gordon, Bill Greenshields, Moz Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Jonathan Havard, Richard Hebbert, Johnnie Hunter, Bernadette Keaveney, Tam Kirby, Hugh Kirkbride, Gawain Little, David Morgan, Tommy Morrison, Sarah McDonough, Kevan Nelson, Evan Pritchard, Carol Stavris, Ruth Styles, Robin Talbot, Jade Welburn.[6]

2014 CPB Executive Committee

Andy Bain, Ben Chacko, Andy Chaffer, Tony Conway, John Foster, Pauline Fraser, Alex Gordon, Moz Greenshields, Bill Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Tim Gulliver, Anita Halpin, Zoe Hennessy, Steve Johnson, Bernadette Keaveney, Thomas Kirby, Eleanor Lakew, Martin Levy, Peter Middleman, Tommy Morrison, Mark O'Neill, Liz Payne, Ben Stevenson, Graham Stevenson, Joanne Stevenson, Ruth Styles, Anita Wright, Nick Wright.[7]

Greater Manchester branch

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Anti-Ukraine picket

Communists and militant trade unionists picketed the Ukrainian Embassy in Holland Park, London on Saturday 25th July 2015 to protest at a law passed in May by the puppet government in Kiev outlawing the communist party in Ukraine and banning all communist symbols and symbols of that country’s Soviet history.

The protest was jointly organised by the Communist Party of Britain and the Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine campaign. A similar picket was organised in Edinburgh on the same day outside the Ukrainian consulate there.

The picket was supported by the New Communist Party of Britain, the London section of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), the Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus (Akel) and the Communist Party of Iraq as well as members of Unite, RMT, NUJ and other unions.

Alex Gordon of SARU and the RMT introduced speakers Steve Johnson of the CPB, Andy Brooks, general secretary of the NCP, Marina from the KKE, David Ayrton who spoke on behalf of SARU and others.[8]

SARU leaders

In June 2015 Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine formed a steering group: David Ayrton, Bridget Dunne (secretary), Eddie Dempsey, Alex Gordon, Jorge Martin, Ben Gliniecki, Jack Dearlove, Tom Piers, Richard Brenner, Theo Russell, Gerald Downing and Paul Williams.[9]


Anti-fascists in London discussed the role of the western media in reporting the turmoil in Ukraine over the past two years at a meeting organised by Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU) at the Marx Memorial Library in central London on Wednesday 15th October 2015 .

Andriy Bondarenko, a journalist for Dnipropetrovsk Pravda, and member of the Dnepropetrovsk regional assembly for the Communist Party of Ukraine, and Roger Annis, chief editor of the website New Cold War: Ukraine and Beyond, based in Canada, were interviewed via Skype at the meeting.

The meeting also heard from Giles Shorter of Bristol Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity (BUAFS), which has held a weekly picket of the BBC in Bristol for over a year. Giles said this was “to draw attention to the lies they tell about the conflict in the Ukraine and Donbas, and to point out how this conflicts with the vaunted status of the BBC as a paragon of objective and balanced journalism”.


The interviews were followed by a lively discussion on campaign priorities led by Alex Gordon, chair of SARU. These included protests outside the BBC and the Ukrainian Embassy, developing work with the Stop the War Campaign on the issue of British troops deployed in Ukraine to train Kiev regime troops, working with anti-fascist organisations in Britain, and the production of a dossier on the far right in Ukraine for circulation within the labour movement.[10]


In Bristol November 2015 Bristol Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity (BUAFS) hosted a meeting of around 30 anti-fascists to discuss “The imperialist crisis and the drive to war in Europe”. Speakers included Alex Gordon from the RMT transport union and SARU, Dan Glazebrook, author of Divide and Ruin, and Luke Beesley of BUAFS, Joti Brar from the CPGB(ML) and Alex Kempshall, who chairs the New Communist Party of Britain.[11]

Solidarity with "anti-fascist resistance" in Ukraine

Anti-Fascists packed the main meeting room of the Marx Memorial Library in London November 2014 for a meeting of Solidarity with Anti-fascist Resistance in Ukraine, supporting those who are resisting the illegal fascist government in Kiev.


Speakers included Anatolii Sokolyuk, the international secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine and Alexey Albu, a member of Borotba and an elected district councillor from Odessa now in exile who both spoke by means of a Skype connection.

Albu gave a detailed and harrowing account of his experiences in the Odessa fire massacre that left him seriously injured and a political exile.

Other speakers included Steve Skelly of the RMT union, Andrew Murray from the Communist Party of Britain, Jorge Martin from Socialist Appeal and rapper Marcel Cartier. The meeting was chaired by Richard Brenner. Alex Gordon was also present.[12]

2021 Marx Oration


Lydia Samarbakhsh, Liz Payne, Alex Gordon.

Jallianwala Bagh massacre

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Dr Shalini Sharma, Virendra Sharma MP, Pat McFadden MP, Prof Pitam Singh, Alex Gordon, Suresh Grover.

National Remembrance Conference

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April 13, 2019:

Speakers: Joginder Bains, Pervez Fateh, Sonian Kullar, Tariq Ali, Virendra Sharma MP, Prof. Mary Davis, Robert Griffiths, Suresh Grover, Balwinder Rana, Ranjeet Brar, Mohinder Farma, Steve Bell, Louise Regan, Alex Gordon.

2019 CPB Executive Committee


Liz Payne chair, Ruth Styles vice chair, Robert Griffiths Gen Sec. Andy Bain TU organizer, John Foster Int'l Sec, Carol Stavris women's organizer. Martin Levy is editor of Communist Review.

New Political Committee is Payne, Griffiths, Bain, Foster, Stavris, Ben Chacko, Steve Johnson, Tony Conway, as standing members and Mollie Brown and Alex Gordon as Alternates.

CPB school


May 2018 John Hendy with Alex Gordon, Tony Conway, Rhys McCarthy, Ann Field, Pierre Marshall, Elly Baker Daragh O'Neill.

No2EU candidates

No2EU candidates in London in 2014 were Eddie Dempsey, Alex Gordon, April Ashley, Annie Ngemi, Mary Davis, Paula Mitchell, Natasha Hoarau, Mick Carty.

No2EU candidates in South West England in 2009 were Alex Gordon,Roger Davey, Rachel Lynch, Nick Quirk, John Chambers, Paul Dyer.

The Left Case Against the EU


Leave – Fight – Transform

Founding signatories on the Founding Statement of the Communist Party of Britain led Leave – Fight – Transform: The LeFT Campaign included Alex Gordon (Former President RMT).


With Robert Griffiths as Chair, Alex Gordon as Convenor and Jonathan Havard as Treasurer, Lexit worked closely with Scottish Left Leave, the RMT, ASLEF, the Bakers’ Union and leading people in the Labour Leave campaign to produce a range of materials, set up a website and organise or support a large number of public meetings. Locally, many Party organisations and members participated enthusiastically in the Lexit campaign. As well as the Lexit officers, comrades Liz Payne, Graham Stevenson and Bill Greenshields participated in numerous public, trade union and media debates in a Lexit or Communist Party capacity. The future role of Lexit is now under consideration by the Party and its allies.[13]

"Red Lives"

The editors, Simon Meddick, Liz Payne and Phil Katz would like to express our thanks to all the contributors to this volume of Red Lives, who have given their time and work freely in the interests of ensuring these personal histories could be shared to inspire others.

Personal recollections and connections have been the principal source for the writers of these biographies, which makes this collection so special. Therefore our thanks go to: Kolya Abramsky, Bill Adam, Mary Aldridge, Brian Allbutt, Arthur Attwood, Meic Birtwistle, Annie Banham, Martin Brown, John Campbell, Colin Carritt, Jennie Chesterton, Joe Clark, Tony Conway, Andy Croft, Mary Davis, Lesley Discum, Megan Dobney, Lorraine Douglas, Paul Dunn, John Ellison, Dan Evans, Ann Field, John Foster, John Fox, Susan Galloway, Tom Gill, Alex Gordon, Bill Greenshields, Robert Griffiths, Liane Groves, Anita Halpin, Jonathan Havard, David Horsley, Pat Jay, Ben Jay, Cad Jones, Roger Jones, Meirian Jump, Chris Kaufman, Phil Katz, Ken Keable, George Kerr, Tam Kirby, Peter Lazenby, Martin Levy, Eleanor Lewington, Alex Maxwell, Rosie McGregor, Bevis Miller, Laura Miller, Tommy Morrison, Kevan Nelson, Cynthia Oughton, Liz Payne, Mike Pentelow Evan Pritchard, Mike Quille, Neil Rafeek, Ruth Rickman-Williams, Jane Rosen, Jane Scott, Tom Sibley, Dr. Mike Squires, Carol Stavris, Dave Stavris Graham Stevenson, Keith Stoddart, Robert Streader, Ruth Styles, The Vale of Leven History Project, Mike Vine, Michael Walker, Lynne Walsh, Robert Wilkinson, Jim Whyte, Tanya Wills, Anita Wright, Nick Wright.

RMT/Cuba Garden Party


Megan Dobney with Alex Gordon

"21st Century Marxism"


21st Century Marxism 2012 was convened by the Communist Party of Britain 21st and 22nd July 2012, Bishopsgate Institute London.

"EU Austerity coming our way?" with Alex Gordon, Andy Bain, Robert Wilkinson .[14]

"People's Brexit"

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Alex Gordon CPB, Feyzi Ismail Counterfire, Paul O'Connell Labour Party, Chair Prof. Mary Davis CPB.

Communist University of Wales 2012

The Communist University of Wales 2012 was held in Pontypridd over the weekend 7-9 December with a full programme of lectures, debates and revolutionary entertainment.

Saturday 8th YMCA, Taff Street