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The Asian Pacific Environmental Network received grant funds from the McKay Foundation in 2006.

The organization is closely affiliated with Freedom Road Socialist Organization.


Founding the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, 1993. Peggy Saika was the executive director of the Asian Law Caucus at that time.

Now she's the former executive director of APEN, followed by Joselito Laudencia, our new E.D. But her role was tremendous.

And there were other people, from campus actually, that were students, just graduated. Pamela Chiang, who was a student here at UC, and then Pam Tau Lee, Jack Chin, who was with the San Francisco Foundation. And Eric Saito, Martha Matsuoka, and Francis Calpotura.

According to Pam Tau Lee, "we met for about two years and looked at the needs and what we would want to do, and worked with the San Francisco Foundation, which helped us develop the bylaws and those structures to get one of those C3-kind of tax status."

And then we got the funding and hired Peggy Saika and a woman named Yin Ling Leung to be our first staff.

The first thing that we wanted to do was a needs assessment, to be able to talk to various organizations-Asian organizations-about the issues of environmental justice, and to see how these issues reflected in their work and their experiences. That took a couple of years. Then looking at the data, we also did some demographics. We also participated in other research like seafood consumption and other things that were going on, toxic lead-as a way to investigate the situation. We then met with some folks in Richmond, California, the Laotian community there, and started talking about the need to be able to develop our organization from the grass roots. We focused then on Richmond, California. [1]

Frontline Green New Deal

Climate Justice Alliance July 18 2019.


64 organizations are represented in Detroit today and tomorrow at the Frontline Green New Deal (GND)+ Climate and Regenerative Economic Policy Summit. This powerful gathering is building political power for the frontlines for 2020 and beyond. #FrontlineGND #GreenNewDeal — with Elizabeth Yeampierre, Chloe Sachine Sumi, Darryl E. Jordan, UpRose Bk, Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) and East Michigan Environmental Action Council - EMEAC.

Board of Directors, 2011

APEN board members who termed out in 2011 ::

Akonadi funding

Founded in 2000 by Quinn Delaney and her husband Wayne Jordan, Akonadi Foundation began as an extension of their commitment to racial justice. The foundation evolved from Quinn and Wayne’s years of experience as progressive donors, campaign activists, and civil rights advocates.

The foundation’s seeds were planted in 1999, as youth groups in the San Francisco Bay Area began campaigning against Proposition 21, a statewide initiative that was to appear on the March 2000 ballot. Under the proposition, many 14-year-olds would be tried in adult rather than juvenile courts and 16-year-olds could be incarcerated in adult prisons. A wave of youth activists and youth-led organizations organized against the initiative, inspiring people across the country. Quinn and Wayne noticed something different about these organizations’ approach to their work: each was committed to an explicit vision for racial justice. Inspired by what they saw and resolving to support organizations that had a racial justice focus, Quinn and Wayne launched Akonadi Foundation, named after the oracle goddess of justice in Ghana. For the next five years, Akonadi supported local and national groups that advanced racial justice, including the Applied Research Center, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, East Side Arts Alliance, and Causa Justa/Just Cause.

APEN Staff, 2011

Staff changes, 2011

New Development Associate, Megan Zapanta, joined from San Diego. Tiffany Yip and Sammy Huang, who volunteered with APEN as Alameda High School students over the past few years, started working as PAO organizing assistants after graduating.

Associate Director, Miya Yoshitani, transitioned from several years of development work to overseeing program and organizing.

Meanwhile, several members of the APEN team have transitioned to other endeavors. After six years as APEN’s Program Director, Mimi Ho left APEN in June, Rachel Vernon, Development Associate, also left to attend graduate school in Colorado, and Chinatown Organizer, Wayne Leung transitioned from APEN in August.

Also leaving were part-time Chinatown Organizer, Yik Fai Tam, who left to pursue a teaching position in Hong Kong.

And at the end of January 2012, we will say goodbye to Torm Normprasurt who has helped to nurture APEN’s growth the past 16 years.[4]

APEN circle of Fire-Monthly sustainers, 2011

Nikki Bas and Brad Erickson, China Brotsky, Carol Cantwell, Audrey Chiang and Tim Beloney, Jack Chin and Hedy Chang, Christine Cordero, Edmund D’Andria, Gopal Dayaneni and Martha Hoppe, Rona Fernandez and Henry Liu, John Fier, Claire Greensfelder, Michael Leon Guerrero, Pronita Gupta and Deepak Pateriya, Prasi Gupta and Brenda Munoz, Jenny Ho, Jeff Hobson and Kim Seashore, Nan Huang and Louis Huang, Vivian Yi Huang, Inno Nagara and Kristi Laughlin, Pam Tau Lee and Ben Lee, Sujin Lee, Steve Lew, Penn Loh, Tony Louey, Amy Lu, Martha Matsuoka, Tram Nguyen, Jennifer O’Day, Fam Saechao, Mari Rose, Irene Vernon and Ed Vernon, Miya Yoshitani and Danny Kennedy.[5]

2011 Supporters

Orson Aguilar, Kiran Ahuja, Bob Allen, Christina Amini, Rebecca Concepcion Apostol, Nefertiti Atlan, Sarah Atlas, Sau Fong Au, Anamilena-Lucho, Ayala-Guerra, Lalit Balchandani, Mary Barnhizer, Tina Bartolome, Jodie Berger, Dipti Bhatnagar, Iqbal Bhatti, Jason Blalock, Jamie Borromeo, Michael Bradley, Aspen Branch-Moore, Donna Bransford, Regan Brashear, Molly Buchsieb, Irene Bueno, Diane Bush, Carol Calvert, Josie Camacho and Victor Uno, Hal Candee, Albert Carlson, Jr., Andre Carothers and Firuzeh Mahmoudi, Katherine Carter, Betty Castillo, Melanie Cervantes and Jesus Barraza, Cathy Cha and Dara O’Rourke, Robert Chamberlin and Deirdre Tansey, Dominic Chan, Ravi Chandra, Francis Chang, Vivian Chang and Dennis Quirin, Courtney Chappell, Sarah Chase, Victor Chavez, Keo Chea, Jia-Ching Chen, Miya Saika Chen, Viveka Chen, Stephanie Chen, Betty Chiang and George Chiang, Pamela Chiang and Ted Bryan, Jackson Chief Elk, David Chin, Atley Chock, Jung Hee Choi, Jae Sup Choi, Ellen Choy, Flora Chu, Jennifer Chu, Derek, Chung, Sheila Chung, B. Jesse Clarke, Allison Cohen, Krisha Corbo, Maria Crutchfield, Bernadette Cuyugan, Susan Davidoff, Nicole Davis, Lisa De Castro and Joe De Fao, Michael Dela Cruz, Gary Delgado, Nicholas Deluca, Brett Diamond, Steven Dolence, Keochay Douangmala, Kerry Lobel and, Marta Drury, Kit Durgin and Elaine McKinley, Ryan Edgar, Elaine El-Askari, Tiffany Eng, Nikki Bas and Brad Erickson, China Brotsky, Carol Cantwell, Audrey Chiang and Tim Beloney, Jack Chin and Hedy Chang, Christine Cordero, Edmund D’Andria, Gopal Dayaneni and, Martha Hoppe, Rona Fernandez and, Henry Liu, John Fier, Claire Greensfelder, Michael Leon Guerrero, Pronita Gupta and Deepak Pateriya, Prasi Gupta and Brenda Munoz,Jenny Ho, Jeff Hobson and Kim Seashore, Nan Huang and Louis Huang, Vivian Huang, Inno Nagara and Kristi Laughlin, Pam Tau Lee and Ben Lee, Sujin Lee, Steve Lew, Penn Loh, Tony Louey, Amy Lu, Martha Matsuoka, Tram Nguyen, Jennifer O’Day, Fam Saechao,, Mari Rose, Irene Vernon and Ed Vernon, Miya Yoshitani and Danny Kennedy, Nina Englander,, Lenniebelle Entereso, Liz Ernst, Holly Fincke, Netsy Firestein, John M. Lucero Fleck, Gisele Fong, Lora Jo Foo, Matthew Forkin, Judith Freeman, Christine Frey, Connie Galambos Malloy and,,, Nile Malloy, Libbey Goldberg, Amy Gonzales and Billy Gonzales, Rebecca Gordon and Jan Adams,, Anne Gordon, Dave Graham-Squire, Annelise Grimm, Anjali Gupta, Lisa Hasegawa, Lemi Hayashi, Kristina Heise, Larry Hendel, Sarah and Abraham, Beatriz Herrera, Johanna Hester, Courtney Hight, Mimi Ho, Samuel Ho, William K.W Ho, Sarah Hodgdon, Julie Hong, Gopal Dayaneni and,Martha Hoppe, Catherine Hsu, Gordon Huang, Patrick Huang, Vinita Huang, Elisa Huang, Priscilla Huang, Kil Huh, Priscilla Hung, Paul Igasaki, Chizu Iiyama and, Ernie Iiyama, Ken Ikeda, Jeanne and Bruce, Marie Imai & Kent Imai, Aviva Imhof, Diana Ip and Josh Seidenfeld, Andrea Israel, Jennifer Ito and Rafael Garrett, Rick Jacobus and, Heather Hood, Sarah Jaffe, Deeana Jang, Sarah Jarmon, Edith Jenkins Weinrub and Al Weinrub, Tammy Johnson, Betty Kano, Cory Kanow, Channapha Kham- vongsa, Yuki Kidokoro, Brian Kim, Helen Kim, Hyeonsook Kim, Roger Kim, Miho Kim, Gala King and Dang Nguyen, Ro Khanna, Ben Kobashigawa, Eddie Kochiyama, Angela Kohtz, Carolynne Komata, Stacy Kono, Jonathan Kreuz, Sara Kriksciun and Alex Wolf, Ratika Krishnamurty, Wenyao Ku, Bonnie Kwon, Livia Lam, Marilyn Langlois, Betsy Law, Linda Le, Andrea Lee, Ed Lee and Lisa Nakamura, Emily Lee, Linda Lee, Lynette Lee, Ja-Ming Lee, Sandra Lee-Takei, Aaron Lehmer, Annie Leonard, Yin Leung and Shaibal Roy, Hui-Chang Li, Cynthia Liao, Jennifer Lin, Zi han Lin, Marian Lin, George Lipsitz, Mark Liu, Sue Liu, Karen Liu, Laura Livoti, Frank Lopez, Yang Lor, Mayka Lor, Tony Louey, Miriam Ching Louie and Belvin Louie, Lydia Lowe, Mario Lugay, Grace LyuVolckhausen-Poa, Tam Ma, Dolores Maclang, Vivek Malhotra, Armael Malinis, Mary Manuel, Gordon Mar and Cecilia Wong, Antonio Marquez, Tim Martin, Dorene Martin, Gasper Martinez, Eiko Matsuoka and Edward Matsuoka, Mark McConnaughay, Calvin Miaw, Ansje Miller, Marie Monrad, Sohug Eduardo Morales and Arup Eduardo Morales, Kate Morarass, Sloane Morgan and Nicholas Morgan, Floyd Mori, Jennifer Morozumi, Jeffrey M. Moy, Luke Newton Gabriel Newton, Seth Newton, Charlie Ngo, Khiem Nguyen, Van S. Nguyen, Vu-bang Nguyen,, Vy Nguyen, Quynh Nguyen, Lynne Nguyen, Thinh Nguyen, Quynh Nguyen, Christy Nordstrom, Jane Norman, Catherina Nou, Christie Onoda, Matt Osborn, Jennifer Pae, Vincent Pan, Eric Pankonin and Ellie Pankonin, Dana Paredes and Lillian Ortiz, Sylvia Park, Alicia Parker, Seema Patel, Gary Patton, Jason Patton, Catherine Payne, Christine Pielenz and, Bill Laven, Adam Poe and Janice Cho, Harriet Prensky, Paola Ramos and, Efrain Zepeda, Raahi Reddy, Meg Renik, Linda Ricciardi, Takeo Rivera, Marguerite Ro, Jane Rogers and, Michael Fischer, Lolita Roibal, Rosina Roibal, William Rostov, Renee Roy, Savina Rupani, Mari Ryono and Max Mariscal, May Chiu Saechao, Muey Saechao, Kao Chiu Saechao, Muey Saeteurn and Levi Tuuu, Nai Chang Saeteurn, Mary Saeyang, William Sage, Leonor Saijo, Peggy Saika and Art Chen, Alicia San Juan and Josefina Taruc, Rahmin Sarabi, Alison Satake, Jacob Schulz, Steven Schwartzberg, Sandra Sebastian, David Seidman, Barbara Selfridge, Riana Shaw Robinson, Kenzo Shibata, Joanne Shigekane, Rachel Shigekane and Steve Kraft, Hai Binh Nguyen and, Eric Shih, Steve Sigurdson, Abhijit Singh, Sameer Siruguri, Fernisa Sison, Betty Song, Heidi Sorenson, Arlene Southern, Josh Sperry and Ilinisa Hendrickson-Sperry, Erin Stuart, Dong Suh and Susan Park, Julie Sullivan, Jennifer Sung, Ann Surapruik, John Sutter and Elouise Sutter, Stacie and Isaac, Michael Tadlock, Catherine Tai, Alan Tam, Eric Tang, Mary Tansey, Daisy Taruc, Josefina Taruc and Ernesto Taruc, Laura Tatum, Janet E. Taylor, Susie Terada, Monica Thammarath, Alex Tom and Mychi Nguyen, Jenny Ton, Van Anh Tran, Linda Tran, Yvonne Tran, Mary Trieu, Irene Tsai, Danielle Tsingine, Victoria Tung, Tran K. Tuyet, Malcolm Amado Uno, Chris Vaeth, Aditi Vaidya, Amy Wanderwalker, Florence Vanderwarker, Barbara Vernon and Edward Vernon, Rachel Vernon, John T. Vu, Holly Wagenet, Richard Walker, Karin H. Wang, Ken Wang, Sean Wang, Burton Ward, Jo Anne Welsch and Lafcadio Cortesi, Conrad Wenzel and Meaghan Wenzel, Dustin White, Mei-ying Williams, Tanaya Winder, Pete Woiwode, Michael Wong, Helena Wong, Wesley Woo , Dianne Yamashiro-Omi and Michael Omi, Sunyoung Yang, Linda Yang, Luna Yasui, Aaron Yazzie, Alvina Yeh, Sachi Yoshii, Philip Yu, Christopher Yu.[6]

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Coordinating Committee

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Coordinating Committee, as of 2015;[7]

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