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Megan Zapanta is a San Francisco activist

ILPS Nor Cal Open House

1010 Mission Street, San Francisco, Sunday 27 January 2013, 17:00 till Sunday 27 January 2013. Organized by Jack Stephens, ILPS Nor Cal Open House .

Please join the newly launched Northern California Chapter of the International League of Peoples' Struggles for our open house on Sunday January 27th in where we will be highlighting the world-wide peoples' struggle against U.S imperialism...

Those indicating attendance on Wherevent included Ellen Choy, Valerie Francisco, Elaine Villasper-Dizon, Jacqueline B. Husary, TJ Basa, Justine Santos, Emily Chen, Faye Denise, Megan Zapanta, Christopher Michael Dioquino DeKoven-Guevarra, Rupert Carangal Estanislao, Eugene Bengan Gambol, Carlo Montemayor, Ian Jerome Conde, Joseph Smooke, Jeremias David, Nicolas Hernandez, Joshua F. Castro, Jack Stephens, Julian Jaravata, Lyle Prijoles, JaseNjoanna Roger Ildefonzo, Joshua Jimenez, Rupert Carangal Estanislao.[1]

Clowning comrades

Jennifer Phung July 8, 2014:


With Connie Huang, Ken Wang, Mei-ying Williams, Alvina Wong, Megan Zapanta, Jonathan Yee, Le Tim Ly and Aaron Toy.



Mabel Tsang wrote :Tomorrow I will be heading to DC with a #ItTakesRoots to Grow Resistance Delegation convened by Grassroots Global Justice Alliance / Climate Justice Alliance / Indigenous Environmental Network / Right To The City Alliance because I believe we can create an alternative to Trump's Terror. He stands for racist violence; aggression against women; criminalizing queer, gender non-conforming and transfolks; and detention of and war against immigrants and refugees - in the name of our future and our values.

I believe the alternative exists today. I believe it already exists in my organizing work at Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) and I believe it exists in our dreams for our collective future. This moment scares me and this moment emboldens me. This moment shows me the need and the proof for powerful actions and bold experimentation. It calls on all of us to act.

With Jane Martin, Vivian Yi Huang, Rachel Lee Holstein, Laiseng Saechao, Malcolm Amado Uono, Hyejin Shim, Sydney Fang, Amee Raval, JingJing He, Alex Tom, Annelisa Luong, Chiravann Uch, Alvina Wong, Miya Yoshitani, Ed Scott, Shina Riane, Eric Mar, Russell Wynne, Nick Mitchell, Saa'un P. Bell, Mee Jung Tsang,, Jin-kyung Kim, Megan Zapanta, Orlie Kapitulnik, Aiko Pandorf, Mei-ying Williams, Nancy Kab Xyooj, Erika Lenhart, Jonathan Ronald Tran, Jen-Mei Wu, Emily Ja-ming Lee, Nadia Khastagir, Shaw San Liu, Stacy Kono, Steve Lew, Sophia Arredondo, Cynthia Fong, Tracey Corder, Salima Hamirani, Jennifer Lee, Lu Lin, Ellen Choy, Shannon Garth-Rhodes, Kasi Farrar, Joshua Fisher Lee, Feng Kung, N’Tanya Lee, Kenneth Tang, Geordee Mae, Maya Tanaka, Timmy Lu