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Emily Ja-Ming Lee is one of the leading social justice movement and electoral organizers in San Francisco. She got her start in movement work by volunteering with a group organizing to stop evictions of Chinese elders in Oakland Chinatown right after she graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a BA in Environmental Science. In 2008, she got a job as a youth organizer at Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco) and stayed there in various positions for ten years. Her responsibilities as CPA’s Political Director thrust her into several campaigns around issues such as fighting housing speculation, raising the minimum wage, and on campaigns for Board of Supervisor’s candidates. Today, she serves as the Executive Director of San Francisco Rising, a multi-racial, grassroots coalition of community organizations focused on the electoral arena and building power for communities of color and low-income communities.[1]

Dump Trump

DUMP TRUMP, DEFEAT RACISM AND MISOGYNY, BUILD THE LEFT was an open letter to the left from 47 grassroots organizers. October 17, 2016.

A lot of us see something really clearly, but few of us—radical and revolutionary organizers—are willing to say it out loud.
So we’re going to say it. Defeating Trump in the presidential election is a top priority for the left. And at a minimum, that means mobilizing voters for Hillary Clinton in swing states even if you vote for another candidate in a safe state. We’ve got to beat Trump and Trumpism while building movements that will fight, resist and disrupt a Clinton administration that will be militaristic and pro-corporate...
As we mentioned at the beginning, defeating Trump is not enough. We need movements strong enough to fight a Clinton administration on several fronts—whether Israel/Palestine, free trade agreements, climate change, a $15 minimum wage, or the prison-industrial complex. And neutralizing the appeal of the far right means we need to both strengthen our movements for racial justice and win over white workers to a progressive class politics as an alternative to Trump’s racist economic nationalism. Finally, we need to build a left that can help anchor a visionary alternative to corporate Democrats. It won’t be easy, but we’ve come this far. Let’s defend what we’ve got in this election, and keep our eye on collective liberation.

Signatories included Emily Lee, LeftRoots.

Feminist Training School

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and the SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP) co-hosted our very first Feminist Organizing School (FOS2016) in Albuquerque, NM from May 20-24th 2016. Over 40 people from 17 organizations around the country participated in the school, grounded in the spirit of slain indigenous feminist environmental activist, Berta Caaceres.[2]