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William Copeland

William Copeland is Climate/ Justice Director at East Michigan Environmental Action Council - EMEAC and Youth Coordinator at East Michigan Environmental Action Council.


Studied Biological Sciences at Stanford University.

LeftRoots connection


‎Owólabi William Copeland‎ to LeftRoots November 10 2019.

Looking for a national environmental/ climate policy job or know someone who is?

Background: The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is seeking a full-time Policy Director to support the alignment of local organizations with CJA’s overall Just Transition framework, goals and 4 year strategy. This is a full-time position, one-year contract with the possibility of being extended. Location is flexible – preference will be given to candidates in the US Midwest and the South/Southeast.

The Policy Director is a key leader of CJA. Serving on CJA’s Leadership Team, Policy Director will scale the power of the Alliance in advancing policy and civic engagement goals, including within the context of the Green New Deal and the 2020 elections.

Republic of New Afrika

Owólabi William Copeland February 9, 2018 ·


REGISTER! you don't have to identify as "New Afrikan"... All Black folks welcome... Folks of all nations are welcome to our public events to learn about this history and join in our anti-imperial struggles!

50 years of the Republic of New Afrika

Owólabi William Copeland March 30, 2018 ·


come on through 2nite! — with William Whole Note, Atieno Nyar Kasagam Imbuchi, Shane Bernardo, Bryce Detroit, Kali Akuno, Sy Walker, Greg McKenzie, Author Tawana Petty, Prostell Thomas, Violeta Donawa, Kadiri Sennefer Ra, Onyesonwu Chatoyer, Ifabayowa Adesanya Awoyade, Adrienne Roach, Andrew Diaminah, Adela Nieves Martinez, Karanji Kaduma, Faro DeSage, Ulysses Newkirk and Ifalola Felton.

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Coordinating Committee

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Coordinating Committee, as of 2015;[1]


William Copeland was in Senegal in 2011 with Stephanie Guilloud[2] and Cindy Wiesner.[3] at the World Social Forum in Dakar.

Owólabi William Copeland February 15, 2011 ·


With Ahmina Maxey, Charity Mahouna Hicks and Sistufara W. Muhammad.

Youth Multi-media classes


East Michigan Environmental Action Council - EMEAC October 15, 2011 ·

JOIN US!!! Youth Multi-media classes, leadership team, and food justice!!! — with Owolabi William Copeland, Diana Seales, Ahmina Maxey, Lou Novak, Roger Boyd, PoeticRain Stinson, Sabrina Nelson, Lori Sasai Robinson, Vanden Spady, Sabrin Hermes, Motisala Ra, Adrienne Maree Brown, Shane Bernardo, Alia Harvey-Quinn, Invincible Ill Weaver, Kadiri Sennefer Ra, Anjela Newsom, Domonique Davis, Bryce Detroit and Siwatu-salama Ra.