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The McKay Foundation was founded in 1992 following the Rodney King verdict. The McKay family created the Foundation to support low income community organizing efforts.

It supports and works with nonprofit and other membership and community groups to develop a civil society that is fully engaged with civic society and with the political process.

The McKay Foundation funds the Proteus Fund's Piper Fund.


Board of Directors


The McKay Foundation grants funds to organizations that have the following criteria:

  • "Organizing efforts that develop and strengthen local leaders, promote community education, and connect community interests to avenues of civic engagement and political power
  • Efforts that develop, move, and communicate public policy that benefits and enfranchises target communities
  • Efforts that develop, build, and strengthen permanent coalitions that expand the base working toward progressive change (movement building)
  • Efforts that develop, build, and strengthen ad hoc coalitions that can respond quickly and effectively to opportune political events (campaigns)
  • All organizations are highly encouraged to:
  • Actively include their constituents in their structure and direction
  • Locate, train, and support organizational and community leaders to diversify and strengthen civil society
  • Continuously measure their performance and their internal and external capacity, and can thus adjust and improve as needed and desirable"[2]

The following received grants from the McKay Foundation in 2006:

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