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Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller Co-Executive Director and IT Director of People Demanding Action, the activist arm of Progressive Democrats of America. She was the Democratic Nominee in 2008 for House of Representatives in the Virginia 4th District. Running on a Medicare for All and clean energy platform, Andrea was endorsed by PDA, California Nurses and The Sierra Club. Prior to running for office, Miller was a part of Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign, first as Statewide Coordinator for Virginia and subsequently as Regional Coordinator. From 2006 until leading the VA Kucinich campaign Andrea was’s Regional Coordinator for Central, Southwest and Hampton Roads areas of Virginia and West Virginia. She is also the PDA Virginia co-chair as well as the Technical Director. Andrea co-hosts, organizes and programs PDA's Blog Talk Radio show. She is also the lead designer and production team leader for PDA's websites and printed materials. Andrea co-directs PDA's Capitol Hill letter drops and Hill meetings. Her problem-solving skills are essential to PDA's operations.[1]

The Peoples' Inauguration

Progressive Central The Peoples' Inauguration was held Saturday, January 19, 2013, at the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law 5th Floor Moot Court Room, 4340 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC.

The event was sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America, The Nation, National Nurses United, and Busboys and Poets. The event was advertised and promoted by the Institute for Policy Studies.

The 11:15 am-­‐12:30 pm session What will the Progressive Agenda be in 2013? was moderated by John Nichols, and featured Rep. Jim McGovern – Rep. John Conyers -­‐ Andrea Miller, PDA National Team -­‐ Randy Parraz, Citizens for a Better Arizona.[2]

PDA meeting, Maryland

Thursday March 15, 2012, PDA National Director Tim Carpenter, PDA National Vice Chair emeritus Stephen Shaff, PDA National Deputy Field Director Andrea Miller and Mike Hersh welcomed speakers Rep. Donna Edwards (Md-6), Professor Eric Kingson from Social Security Works, and Alex Lawson from We Act 1480 AM Radio to Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Current and former PDA National Board Members Medea Benjamin, Joe Libertelli and Steve Cobble, Healthcare NOT Warfare co-chair Donna Smith, and Maryland Senator Paul Pinsky also helped welcome progressives to Prince George's County's newest meeting place. The turnout included several important progressive leaders from Maryland's 4th, 6th, and 8th districts.

Special thanks to the Very Important Progressive Host Committee including--Stephen Shaff; PDA board member Bill Fletcher, Jr., Raucus Activist Writer; Alex Lawson, Social Security Works and WE ACT Radio; Heather Booth, Activist; Steve Cobble, PDA Political Advisor, and Institute for Policy Studies; Medea Benjamin; Tom Hucker, MD Delegate, D-20; Greg Moore, NAACP/Political Consultant; Beth Becker, Progressive PST; Naomi Bloch, Activist who donated a small library of books; David Hart, Physicians for Social Responsibility; Beth Schulman, IPS; Greg Smith, Activist; Joe Libertelli; Mark Dudzic; Jimmy Tarlau, Communication Workers of America; Kerren-Pope Onwukwe, Attorney/Activist; and Andrea Miller.[3]

Left Forum 2015

Transforming Community and Labor Organizing into Electoral Victory at the Left Forum, 5/30/15, was a panel sponsored by Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, at Left Forum 2015.

Participants were NYC Councilmember Rosie Mendez, Andrea Miller of People Demanding Action, Ethan Young of Portside and Left Labor Project, Paul Krehbiel of CCDS in Los Angeles and trade union activist, and Pat Fry, CCDS Co-Chair.[4]

Andrea Miller, who is the Executive Director of People Demanding Action, the civic arm of the Progressive Democrats of America and the former PDA Co-Executive Director, talked about how she was urged to run as the Democratic Party nominee in Virginia’s 4th CD in 2008. She ran on a program of jobs, Medicare for All and clean energy. An African American woman from Chicago, Miller won 40% of the vote in a predominantly white and rural “Bible Belt” district. Prior to her bid for Congress, Miller was’s regional coordinator and then statewide coordinator of the Dennis Kucinich presidential campaign.

Miller spoke about the importance of the left running for political office. Though she did not win in 2008, a Democratic candidate now runs in every race in the 4th CD which had been ceded to the Republicans without a challenge. Addressing the question of why she agreed to run in the Democratic Party even though she identifies herself as a democratic socialist, Miller said “one big reason is that African Americans who were 33% of the voter population will not vote for anyone that is not running as a Democrat – no matter who or what.”

Miller came to know PDA because of the organization’s support for her 2008 campaign. She concluded her remarks talking about the importance of the Bernie Sanders for President campaign. She credited PDA as instrumental in convincing Sanders to run in the Democratic Party rather than as an independent. Miller urged the left to get involved in electoral politics and one good place to start is to run progressives for district leadership seats of the Democratic Party at the local level.

Miller also said “Political parties require structure and money. If you can raise the money to purchase voter files and build a campaign that can win very good. But if you can’t, take over someone else’s voter file”.[5]

PDA comrades

Bill Honigman November 25, 2016:


With Mike Hersh, Pamela Powers Hannley, Michael Fox, Russell Freedman, Bill Bianchi, Stephen Shaff, Judy Hess, Walter Kloefkorn, Virginia Hauflaire, Andrea Miller, Stephen Spitz, Barbara Njos, Donna Smith, Janis Kay, Randall Holmes, Mimi Kennedy, Tim Carpenter and Terence Dicks at La Posada Hotel.

Anti TPP


Alison Rose Levy wrote in Facebook, 11/12/2016;

Hooray for the Flush the TPP Friends of the Earth U.S. and TradeJustice New York Metro Progressives-- with a little help from our friends, Margaret Flowers Kevin Zeese Adam Weissman William Waren Andrea Miller Arthur Stamoulis Stan Sorscher Lauren Steiner Elizabeth Warren Mary Ellen Persuit Jeanne Marie Dauray Mara Cohen Arthur Stamoulis Ilana Solomon Ben Beachy Evan Greer Tom Kruse Susie Chasnoff Celeste Drake Nancy Russell Strong Harriet Heywood Wendie W. Goetz and of course---- Lori Wallach and everyone at Global Trade Watch!!!

Supporting John Lumpkin

In 1978, Andrea Miller was on the Committee to Elect Dr. John R. Lumpkin for the 7th Ward Alderman, Chicago.[6]


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