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Janis Kay

Labor for Bernie event

Bill Honigman April 4, 2016 near Des Plaines, IL ·


From Labor Campaign for Single Payer National Coordinator Mark Dudzic, "Great Labor for Bernie event at this past weekend's Labor Notes conference in Chicago." #FeelTheBern. :-) — with Alan NY, Donna Smith, Tad Virbone, Joshua H. Koritz, Kade Quarles, Janis Kay, Kurt Bateman, Rose Roach and Paul Song.

PDA Family

Bill Honigman February 13, 2014:


PDA Family :-) — with Terence Dicks, Michael Lighty, Allan Nowakowski, Janis Kay, Eric Griego, Mark Dudzic, Paul Stokes, Russell Freedman, Mimi Kennedy, Walter Kloefkorn, Barbara Njos, Randall Holmes, Phil Lopes, Virginia Hauflaire, Judy Hess, Stephen Spitz, Mary Ellen Marino, Ruth Carter, Jim Hannley, Tim Carpenter, Conor Boylan, Michael Fox, Russell Greene and Jeanne Marie Dauray.

Progressive Democrats of America

Progressive Democrats of America, February 26, 2017.


It's time to make sure all Americans have the health care services and medications we need and deserve!!!

Ian Schiffer, Cheryl Harris, Bill Honigman, Patrick Morales, Belen Sisa, Judy Hess, Conor Boylan, Aaron Mandell, Allan Affeldt, Donna Smith, Janis Kay, Russell Freedman, Sarah Mahler, Tom Tilden, Cameron Stempel, Michael Fox, Michael Thaller and Sharon Janis at Historic Plaza Hotel. Bill Honigman November 25, 2016:


With Mike Hersh, Pamela Powers Hannley, Michael Fox, Russell Freedman, Bill Bianchi, Stephen Shaff, Judy Hess, Walter Kloefkorn, Virginia Hauflaire, Andrea Miller, Stephen Spitz, Barbara Njos, Donna Smith, Janis Kay, Randall Holmes, Mimi Kennedy, Tim Carpenter and Terence Dicks at La Posada Hotel.