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Jestin Samson is a California activist. Assistant Executive Director at The Hitting Stops Here!. Worked at Bernie Sanders for President.[1]


  • Studied Philosophy at Cal State Fullerton
  • Went to El Toro High School

Our Revolution SoCal OC

Tim Johnson December 9, 2018:

I love every single one of you. Seeing this group come together and really get off the ground is honestly thee biggest accomplishment of my life. Thank you Russell Allin Baldwin for reaching out to me after #Bernie2016 to start the next stage of the political revolution. And thank you so so much to Socrates Cruz, Ken Warfield, Margot Tenenbaum (Emma) & Stahsha Kay for making our leadership team complete. And a super special shout out to Jaci Lyn Iannello for totally rising to the occasion in becoming not only our lead organizer, but truly the new leader of Our Revolution SoCal OC.

To the revolution. ✊


God bless it. 💞🐦🙏 — attending ORSOC December Meeting with Yenni Diaz, Jaci Lyn Iannello, Bill Honigman, Virginia Tibbetts, Iyad Afalqa, Scott Rhinehart, Russell Allin Baldwin, Ken Warfield, Margot Tenenbaum, Jestin Samson, Socrates Cruz and Joese Gloria.

State Senate

Jestin Samson, a Bernie Sanders delegate is running for California State Senate. in 2018. [2]


Vote for ​Jestin Samson​. Do it. Now.


Orange County Democratic Socialists of America member and Bernie delegate ​Jestin Samson is running for this seat.[3]

Standing for AD 69

In 2019 Jestin Samson stood from AD 69 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee on the The People's Delegate slate.

As your AD69 Assembly Delegate, I will aim to support progressive candidates and progressive policies to move the California Democratic Party forward. As a former candidate for the California state Senate, I got a chance to see, with my own eyes, what our community and state desperately needs. The homeless residence I served along the Santa Ana Riverbed need a strong California Democratic Party that they can rely on to fight for them. As your delegate, I will strive to make sure that our party can mobilize around progressive ideas, like Medicare for all, debt-free college, and humane solutions to end homelessness in our community. I will strive to hold elected officials accountable to their promises, and their votes. I will strive to fight for a more transparent CDP, one that will excite and bring young people, people of color and other Marginalized groups into the political process. I hope I can have your support, if we stand together and fight for our Progressive values, there is nothing we Cannot accomplish.[4]