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Dan O'Neal

Dan O'Neal works at Our Revolution - Arizona for Bernie Sanders. Lives in Gilbert, Arizona.

Organizer at Progressive Democrats of America. Former History Teacher - Retired at Milpitas Unified School District.[1]

Dan O'Neal and Isabel O'Neal are the parents of Belen Sisa.


Radical life

Dan O'Neal has a B.A. in Political Science from California State Hayward, a Masters Degree and a Teaching Credential from San Jose State University. A 60’s political activist, he first got involved in the student anti-war movement in 1967 and was leader of Students for a Democratic Society at San Jose State University. Dan was arrested during the famous Student Strike at San Francisco State in 1969.

Dan O'Neal went on to get involved in several community organizing efforts, including anti-nuclear protests, organizing the unemployed, and union organizing in the electronics industry in Northern California. Dan was a leader in the South Africa Anti-Apartheid / Divestment Movement at the University California in the 1980’s Dan is a retired Public School History teacher and long time activist in the California Teachers Association serving on the CTA State Committee representing his local in the San Jose area.

Dan joined PDA in Nov. 2004 and has been the Arizona State Coordinator since 2006. He has built bridges in the Phoenix area with several key Immigrant Rights organizations and has been a leader in Phoenix against SB-1070, Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce, Jan Brewer and the Right Wing hate machine in Arizona. He is active in the Arizona Democratic Party serving as a Precinct Committee-person, an elected member of the ADP State Committee, and appointed delegate from CD-5 to the ADP Executive Committee. Dan lives in Gilbert, Arizona with his activist wife Isabel, his step-daughter Belen Sisa. Dan has two grown children Jennifer, John and several grandchildren. Mostly recently Dan has been active in the campaign to support Bernie Sanders. First organizing PDA’s “We Want Bernie” chapters in Arizona and later serving as a volunteer adviser and Maricopa County Coordinator for the Bernie Sanders for President – 2016 in the Phoenix area.[3]

Medicare for All event

Dan O'Neal October 26, 2018 ·


Great event with Michael Lighty - Medicare For All - DSA leader Benjamin Fong, PDA state coordinator Dan O'Neal, Michael Lighty of The Sanders Institute, CWA activist Yolanda Bejarano, and State Rep. Athena Salman.

Arizona Democratic Party Progressive Caucus

Patrick Morales January 26:

Honored to have been unanimously voted in as Co-Chair of the Arizona Democratic Progressive Caucus.

Patrick morales.PNG

Glad to be serving with the rest of the executive board Jenise Pace Porter, Mikel Weisser, Brianna Westbrook, and Dan O'Neal! Thank You!

Arizona DSA Facebook group

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America - Arizona, Closed Facebook Group, as of April 1, 2017 included Dan O'Neal.[4]

Healthcare-NOW - Las Vegas

Progressive Democrats of America October 5, 2017:


PDAmerica - Healthcare-NOW - Las Vegas — with Dan O'Neal, Tista Stemp, Keenan Korth, Hector Rivera, Georgia Davenport and Bill Honigman.

"Feeling the Bern" Flagstaff

Progressive Democrats of America Northern Arizona June 28, 2015.


Flagstaff was feeling the Bern on Friday! What a turn out, over 150 people came out to show support for Bernie Sanders. Organized by Moving Flagstaff Forward, the gathering heard from several speakers including, Flagstaff Vice Mayor Celia Barotz, City Councilmembers Eva Putzova, and Coral Evans, Coconino County Supervisor Art Babbott and PDA Arizona State Coordinator Dan O'Neal.

Arizona for Bernie Sanders

Belen Sisa February 23, 2016;


With Dru Talero, Shayna Stevens, Bren Pantilione, Jose Miranda, Tomas E. Robles, Jr., Channel Powe, Dan O'Neal, Jesus Gonzalez Jauregui, Chris Fleischman, Patrick Morales, Aldo Gonzalez and Alejandra Gomez at Our Revolution - Arizona for Bernie Sanders.

Feel the Bern

Belen Sisa March 23, 2016;


No matter what, we've made history together. Thank you all for the unbelievable experience, we truly gave it our all. #AZForBernie #FeelTheBern — with Michelle Armer, Renu Kaur Sidhu, Jose Miranda, Shannon Spellman, Martin Vega, Joe Murphy, Annie Podk, Kassandra Alvarez, Michael Martinez, Julio Caesar, Julio D. Zuniga, Mark Cardenas, Todd Wiandt, Patrick Morales, Hector Rivera, Caesar Vargas, Erika Andiola, Lupita Arreola, Carlos A. Sanchez Savinon, Angel Fernandez, Maria Castro and Warren Jason, Jr. at The Vig Fillmore.

Bernie delegates

Arizona Democrats of Legislative District 18 April 16, 2016.


Congrats Jeff, Karyn and Nick, all Sanders delegates from CD09! — with Isa ONeal, Karyn Lathan, Dan O'Neal, Patrick Morales, Janie Hydrick and Nick Collins at Phoenix Convention Center.

PDA Arizona

Dan O'Neal September 5, 2016;


PDA table at today's Arizona AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast. Thank you Rebekah Friend and all our brothers and sisters in the labor movement. — with Chula Robertson, Patrick Morales, Rebecca Dominguez, Adrian P. Fontes, Barbara Njos, Sara Joehnk, Isa ONeal, Bob Keiser, Cesar Aguilar and PDA Arizona.

Lobbying Sinema

Johnny Martin December 18, 2017:


With Camaron Stevenson, Shayna Stevens, Natacha Chavez and Dan O'Neal.

Risking arrest for a clean DREAM Act


LaDawn Stuben December 4, 2017 near Phoenix, AZ

Risking arrest for a clean DREAM Act #ourdream — with Dan O'Neal, Patrick Morales, Emily Kirkland, Camaron Stevenson, Johnny Martin and Redeem G. Robinson.

Healthcare Now! convention

Progressive Democrats of America staffers Dr. Bill Honigman and Dan O'Neal along with fellow PDA members and scores Single-Payer activists from around the country met September 17, in Las Vegas for the annual Healthcare Now! convention.

On Saturday attendees heard stirring speeches from PDA National Advisory Board members, National Nurses United leader Michael Lighty, nationally-renowned healthcare activist Dr. Paul Song.

Nevada Congresswoman and HR-676 co-signer Dina Titus, Healthcare Now leader Ben Day, NNU Vice President Jean Ross and PDA California Co-State Coordinator Dr. Bill Honigman also spoke during the conference, and PDA Arizona State Coordinator Dan O'Neal moderated a discussion.

One of the most stirring talks was Las Vegas activists Amy Vilela who told the heart wrenching story of losing her daughter due to not having healthcare Insurance. Amy is now running for Congress on a strong progressive platform in NV CD- 3.[5]

Remembering Todd Wiandt

PDA Arizona May 30 2018;


The community came to remember Todd today. Activists from the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, Democratic Socialists of America, Progressive Democrats of America and so much more. We all learned a lesson from Todd .......Show up, bring your smile and get to work. He taught us to always have each others back. What an amazing human being. We love you Todd Wiandt ! Forever with us in the fight and in our hearts! La lucha sigue compañero. — with Dan O'Neal, Franki Garza, Jessica Mendoza, Natacha Chavez, Cesar Aguilar, Isa ONeal, Camaron Stevenson, LaDawn Stuben, Osiel Ibarra, Patrick Morales, Lupe Conchas, Chula Robertson, Belen Sisa, Patti Serrano, Casey Boyd, Stephanie Marie Adames, William Nelson, Redeem Robinson II and Len Clark.

Flake action

Erika Andiola October 5 2018:

These incredible SHEroes have been released this morning from 4rd Ave. jail in Phoenix after spending a whole day in there. They were arrested yesterday at Senator Jeff Flake's office demanding a NO vote on Kavanaugh.


LaDawn Stuben, Judith Danvers, Natacha Chavez, and Brianna Westbrook, thank you so much for your incredible sacrifice and sharing your stories as survivors. We will continue to push Flake until the end!

Patti Serrano, Dan O'Neal and Kai Newkirk❤️, thank you so much for your leadership on this action. You are incredible organizers (especially my partner in crime who always inspires me). — with Brianna Westbrook, Dan O'Neal and Len Clark.


Our Revolution - Arizona