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Celia Barotz is a Northern Arizona activist.

Team Putzova

Eva Putzova February 3 2020·


With Don B. Fireland Fanning, Rod Robinson, Michael J. Keberlein, Ken Kenegos, Pez Owen, Bill Honigman, Celia Barotz, Steve Robinson and Sandra Lubarsky.

Minimum wage lawsuit

Moving Flagstaff Forward, April 13, 2015.

Attorney Mik Jordahl, Flagstaff Councilmember Eva Putzova and Joe Bader held press conference where they announced the filing of the lawsuit challenging the authority of the state of Arizona to regulate the minimum wage across the state and prevent cities from determining what is the best path based on local conditions.


After the press conference today! — with Madison Ledgerwood, Frankie Beesley, Patty Hansen, Moran Henn, Celia Barotz, Doug Ballard, Eva Putzova, John Grahame, Joe Bader, Gordon Isaac and Ed Dunn.

"Feeling the Bern" Flagstaff

Progressive Democrats of America Northern Arizona June 28, 2015.


Flagstaff was feeling the Bern on Friday! What a turn out, over 150 people came out to show support for Bernie Sanders. Organized by Moving Flagstaff Forward, the gathering heard from several speakers including, Flagstaff Vice Mayor Celia Barotz, City Councilmembers Eva Putzova, and Coral Evans, Coconino County Supervisor Art Babbott and PDA Arizona State Coordinator Dan O'Neal.