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==Arizona Democratic Party Progressive Caucus==
==Arizona Democratic Party Progressive Caucus==
[[Patrick Morales]] January 26:  
[[Patrick Morales]] January 26 2019:  
Honored to have been unanimously voted in as Co-Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party's Progressive Caucus.  
Honored to have been unanimously voted in as Co-Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party's Progressive Caucus.  

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Patrick Morales served as Field Director at "Dr. Matt Heinz for Congress". He previously worked for Kyrsten Sinema. Lives in Tempe, Arizona. Longtime Communist Party USA supporter and probable member.


Arizona Democratic Party Progressive Caucus

Patrick Morales January 26 2019:

Honored to have been unanimously voted in as Co-Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party's Progressive Caucus.

Patrick morales.PNG

Glad to be serving with the rest of the executive board Jenise Pace Porter, Mikel Weisser, Brianna Westbrook, and Dan O'Neal! Thank You!

"Progressive candidates"

According to Joe Bernick writing in the Peoples World, November 14, 2018.

Across the state, many progressive candidates participated and won in local races. Progressive school board members won reelection, notably, Adelita Grijalva at the Tucson Unified School District, Patrick Morales in Tempe Elementary, and Eva Carrillo Dong, unopposed at Sunnyside in Tucson.[2]

Communist Party?

From a Joelle Fishman report to the Communist Party USA National Committee meeting on November 17th 2018.

Our concept of the revolutionary process and building broad unity against the right and for peoples needs is more relevant than ever, as is the importance of a larger Communist Party.

In 2020 Tony Pecinovsky will be on the ballot for Alderman in St. Louis. Perhaps there are coalition tickets forming in other cities where we can put forward one of our own.
In Texas we had five candidates in the primaries who got a quarter million votes for US Senate and plans to run again. In the general election Penny Morales Shaw ran for county commissioner in a Republican area and got 45% of the vote in a great campaign with union support.
In Arizona, in addition to races at every level, in Tempe Patrick Morales came in first for re-election to the School Board.[3]

Young communists

Earchiel Lee Johnson December 19, 2015 ·


With Patrick Morales, Emiliana Sparaco and Patrick Foote.

Article in Peoples World

Patrick Morales contributed an article to the Peoples World, "Long lines in Arizona Primary reflect intentional voter suppression" March 29, 2016:

Peoples World bio:


Patrick Morales is the Vice-President of the Tempe Elementary School District and President of the Hispanic and Native Caucus for the Arizona School Boards Association. Morales is also an activist for change and a community organizer. Morales fulfills his commitment to the community by being heavily involved in education policy work from the local to the state and national levels, and serving on numerous boards and organizations, including the Arizona Students’ Association's Executive Board, Somos America Executive Board and Progressive Democrats of America.

National Party Building Conference

National Party Building Conference Hosted by Communist Party USA and People's World.

Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 12 PM – 6 PM EST

Join Communist Party activists and members in a national conference. You can register here https://tinyurl.com/ycdouk3y

The conference will take place November 11th to 12th to plan our work in the fight against the Trump Administration and its white supremacist ruling class backers. Find information here about how to participate. http://www.cpusa.org/2017-national-party-building-conference-resist-organize-vote-grow/

The conference will be streamed from Chicago to regional meetings in New Haven, Los Angeles, and Orlando. Whether you’re on the East Coast, West Coast, in the MIdwest or the South, you’ll be able to participate.[4]

Those invited on Facebook included Patrick Morales.

Sinema team

Kyrsten Sinema November 21, 2012 ·

Patrick Morales far right

THANK YOU! Final vote counts were completed last night and we won by a margin of 10,251 votes -- proof that the force of our community is stronger than political cynicism and more powerful than millions of dollars of the negative advertising against us.

Sinema connection


Patrick Morales, Kyrsten Sinema, November 1, 2014.

Eddy Morales connection

Ernesto Fonseca January 13 2019·


Celebrating with Eddy Morales who was sworn in on January 8th as one of the new City of Gresham Councilors. In addition he has supported a lot of our AZ Dems to get elected. Kyrsten Sinema Patrick Morales Arizona Democratic Party David Garcia — with Eddy Morales.


State Representative Bob Thorpe, Flagstaff Republican, in 2018 introduced a Bill, HB 2277, seeks to designate "American free-market capitalism" as the state's official political-economic system.

"Thorpe's lack of awareness about Americans under 40 shows us just how far the Republican party is removed from what is actually happening," said Patrick Morales, the 25-year-old organizing director of Progressive Democrats of Arizona. "To assume anyone under 40 just doesn't understand politics is to assume you will still be in office after they vote."[5]


"Socialism is inherent in the American fabric," pointed out Patrick Morales, a self-described leftist who also sits on the Tempe school board. Along with public education, institutions like the post office, Social Security, Medicare, and public libraries are socialist in theory, if not in name.

If socialists actually were running the #RedForEd movement, it might look a lot more radical. Morales, the Tempe Elementary School Board member, was critical of the teachers' decision to hold "walk-ins," which he views as counter-revolutionary. Just prior to the strike starting on April 26, teachers wore red and rallied before going to work as normal.

"You're walking into the system that's oppressing you," Morales said.

He also thinks that the leaders of the movement should have pushed Governor Doug Ducey and the legislature further, and not been so quick to accept a deal.

The typical labor negotiation tactic is "asking for a $100 and getting $50," he said. "But they’re getting $20."

Plus, he said, the teachers should have enlisted more community support. What if, he suggested, all the unionized workers at Sky Harbor had walked out in solidarity, completely shutting down the airport?[6]

Lucha Arizona people

Lucha Arizona November 10, 2015;


Today, we made history!

Thank you to all the community, organizations, and elected officials, volunteers but above all, thank you to the brave and courageous workers who are standing up for all workers in the country for the #fightfor15 — with Pita J. Samayoa, , Anabel Maldonado, Yosselin Benavides, Xochitl Rayas, Viridiana Hernandez, Natacha Chavez, Anel Luisa Mercado, Patrick Morales, Andrea Adum, Raquel Teran, Ian Danley, Araceli Becerra, Ken Chapman, Esmeralda Garcia, Richard Andrade, Tomas E. Robles, Jr., Cristina Gallardo-Sanidad, Aldo Gonzalez, Chris Fleischman, Antonio Valdovinos and Michael Angulo at LUCHA - Living United for Change in Arizona.

Maricopa County Young Democrats

Maricopa County Young Democrats November 14, 2015 ·


With Tyrone L. Wigfall, Joe Murphy, Jazmine Hayes, Patrick Morales, Channel Powe, Kate Gallego and Michael Martinez.

Arizona Students Association

Arizona Students Association February 4, 2016.


With Casey Dreher, Tim Barthelmes, Bren Pantilione, Patrick Morales, Shayna Stevens and Michael Martinez.

Arizona Students Association, February 21, 2016;


With E-ka Toussaint, Cesar Aguilar, Jessica Mendoza, Barbara Sofia, Shayna Stevens, Nic Parra, Lex Allen, David Garcia, Kristy Ann Silva, Michael Martinez and Patrick Morales.

Arizona Student Association 38th Annual LobbyCon

Channel Powe, February 21, 2016 ·


Arizona Student Association (ASA) 38th Annual LobbyCon. We just had a dynamic presentation from Mr. Ryan D Winkle! #GoASA — with Ryan D. Winkle, Kika Varela-Winkle, Patrick Morales and Michael Martinez at ASU Memorial Union.

Greater Phoenix for Bernie Sanders - 2016

Patrick Morales February 9, 2016.


The impending doom face* discussing higher education and K-12 with Bernie Sanders . #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016

Credit: Celina Medina Photography — with Reginald Bolding, Andrea Dalessandro and Richard Andrade at.

Arizona for Bernie Sanders

Belen Sisa February 23, 2016;


With Dru Talero, Shayna Stevens, Bren Pantilione, Jose Miranda, Tomas E. Robles, Jr., Channel Powe, Dan O'Neal, Jesus Gonzalez Jauregui, Chris Fleischman, Patrick Morales, Aldo Gonzalez and Alejandra Gomez at Our Revolution - Arizona for Bernie Sanders.

Feel the Bern

Belen Sisa March 23, 2016;


No matter what, we've made history together. Thank you all for the unbelievable experience, we truly gave it our all. #AZForBernie #FeelTheBern — with Michelle Armer, Renu Kaur Sidhu, Jose Miranda, Shannon Spellman, Martin Vega, Joe Murphy, Annie Podk, Kassandra Alvarez, Michael Martinez, Julio Caesar, Julio D. Zuniga, Mark Cardenas, Todd Wiandt, Patrick Morales, Hector Rivera, Caesar Vargas, Erika Andiola, Lupita Arreola, Carlos A. Sanchez Savinon, Angel Fernandez, Maria Castro and Warren Jason, Jr. at The Vig Fillmore.

Bernie delegates

Arizona Democrats of Legislative District 18 April 16, 2016.


Congrats Jeff, Karyn and Nick, all Sanders delegates from CD09! — with Isa ONeal, Karyn Lathan, Dan O'Neal, Patrick Morales, Janie Hydrick and Nick Collins at Phoenix Convention Center.

Somos America Coalition 2016 Leadership


Fight for $15

Rep. Isela Blanc April 18, 2016;


With Edmund Higgins, Isela Blanc, Athena Salman, Juan Mendez and Patrick Morales at Margaret T. Hance Park.

Arizona Democratic Party activists

Patrick Morales May 16, 2016;


The dream team, no big deal.

  1. ADP #Vote — with Jon Sutton, Mark Peckham, Sam Sheridan, Chris Walker, Sierra Yamanaka, Alison Marciniak, Keith Brekhus, Abigail Rose O'Brien, Jacob McIntosh, Clay Pilcher, Kelly Langford and Stan Williams at Arizona Democratic Party Headquarters.

Kirkpatrick for Arizona

Michelle Robertson, May 21, 2016.


With Cesar Aguilar, Ryan D. Winkle, Athena Salman, Timothy Castro, Juan Mendez, Bill Mundell, Isela Blanc, Joe Downs, Patrick Morales, Adrian P. Fontes, Paul J. Penzone and Tomas E. Robles, Jr..

Field Organizers

Patrick Morales June 4, 2016;

Our first wave of Field Organizers has come to town! #ADP


Please tag whoever I missed! — with Ryan Mulcahy, Jacob McIntosh, Seth Lounsbury, Joey Postiglione, Mitzi Epstein, Jon Sutton, Justin Tyler Williams, Alison Marciniak, Nina Morales, Sean Bowie, Max Meghan Toubman, Abby Olmstead, Cris Romero, Natalie Dunn, Cassidy Danielle, Chris Walker, Zaira Emiliana Livier, Eric Meyer, Robert Morus, Sierra Yamanaka, Cathy Hozian, Chula Robertson, Elizabeth Porter, Kelli Butler, Sonja Denton, Gabriel Acosta and Cesar Aguilar.

Ruben Gallego connection

CD7 Democrats August 17, 2016.


Check out our pics of the Hillary Office Opening from La Prensa Hispana Newspaper! #CD7 #ADP #Vote! — with Ben Graff, Rep. Ruben Gallego, Stephanie Parra and Patrick Morales.

Arizona DSA Facebook group

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America - Arizona, Closed Facebook Group, as of April 1, 2017 included Patrick Morales.[7]

Progressive Democrats of America

Progressive Democrats of America, February 26, 2017.


It's time to make sure all Americans have the health care services and medications we need and deserve!!!

Ian Schiffer, Cheryl Harris, Bill Honigman, Patrick Morales, Belen Sisa, Judy Hess, Conor Boylan, Aaron Mandell, Allan Affeldt, Donna Smith, Janis Kay, Russell Freedman, Sarah Mahler, Tom Tilden, Cameron Stempel, Michael Fox, Michael Thaller and Sharon Janis at Historic Plaza Hotel.

Young Progressives Demanding Action

Progressive Democrats of America February 28, 2017.


Young Progressives Demanding Action - Progressive Democrats of America Leadership Retreat — with Cameron Stempel, Keiko Tsuboi, Aaron Mandell, Patrick Morales, Nathan Siegel, Ian Schiffer and Belen Sisa at Historic Plaza Hotel.

PDA Arizona

Dan O'Neal September 5, 2016;


PDA table at today's Arizona AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast. Thank you Rebekah Friend and all our brothers and sisters in the labor movement. — with Chula Robertson, Patrick Morales, Rebecca Dominguez, Adrian P. Fontes, Barbara Njos, Sara Joehnk, Isa ONeal, Bob Keiser, Cesar Aguilar and PDA Arizona.

Peoples Summit 2017

Patrick Morales June 14, 2017


With Belen Sisa and Tomas E. Robles, Jr. in Chicago, Illinois Peoples Summit 2017.

Risking arrest for a clean DREAM Act


LaDawn Stuben December 4, 2017 near Phoenix, AZ

Risking arrest for a clean DREAM Act #ourdream — with Dan O'Neal, Patrick Morales, Emily Kirkland, Camaron Stevenson, Johnny Martin and Redeem G. Robinson.

CAIR connection

Shutter Proof Marketing June 1, 2018;


With Patrick Morales, Senator Martin Quezada, Stephanie Marie Adames and Ray Bradford.

CAIR training

Arizona Students Association July 11, 2017;


We had a great time at the Bystander Intervention Training hosted by CAIR - Arizona last night. ✊️ — with Patrick Morales, Imraan Siddiqi, Shayna Stevens, Deedra Hill Abboud and Yolanda A. Medina Olague.

District 18 Democrats

Arizona Democrats of Legislative District 18. April 20 2018.


With CJ Briggle, LaDawn Stuben, Becky Scotney, Karyn Lathan, Patrick Morales, Ruth E. Levin, David Huff, Patrick Schiffer, Janie Hydrick, Kevin Patterson, David Boyles, Jeffrey Tucker, Rebecca Hinton and Joseph Seelye in Tempe, Arizona.

Remembering Todd Wiandt

PDA Arizona May 30 2018;


The community came to remember Todd today. Activists from the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, Democratic Socialists of America, Progressive Democrats of America and so much more. We all learned a lesson from Todd .......Show up, bring your smile and get to work. He taught us to always have each others back. What an amazing human being. We love you Todd Wiandt ! Forever with us in the fight and in our hearts! La lucha sigue compañero. — with Dan O'Neal, Franki Garza, Jessica Mendoza, Natacha Chavez, Cesar Aguilar, Isa ONeal, Camaron Stevenson, LaDawn Stuben, Osiel Ibarra, Patrick Morales, Lupe Conchas, Chula Robertson, Belen Sisa, Patti Serrano, Casey Boyd, Stephanie Marie Adames, William Nelson, Redeem Robinson II and Len Clark.

Somos America Coalition

Patrick Morales September 23, 2017;


Amazing night with the Somos America Coalition Board of Directors!

Special thanks to James Garcia creator of the #SB1070 play and Lucha Arizona for bringing students tonight that are well om their way to becoming full fledged organizers ✊!

  1. SomosAmerica #Lucha — with Patrick Morales, Rosa Maria Soto Castro, Wade Austin Padgett, Abril Gallardo, Susie Corona, Sara Joehnk and Margarito Blancas at Great Arizona Puppet Theater.

Backing Navarette

Tony Navarrete April 6. 2018.


Thank you Board Member Monica Trejo and everyone who came out to support our campaign for State Senate in the West Valley. Very thoughtful of all of you. #EastMeetsWest #LD30 — with Reggie Carrillo, Katie Clemens, Alejandro Lozano, Christina Ngo, Brett Kennedy, Monica Trejo, Eryck Rogelio, Elora Diaz, Khadijah Muhammad, Matt Jewett, Teresa Silva, Elaissia Sears, Patrick Morales, Judy Davila and Larry L. Sandigo in Tempe, Arizona.

Progressive candidates

Patrick Morales July 21 ·


Ready for progressive change! Office opening! #ShutterProofMarketing #SPM (view on Instagram https://ift.tt/2JG1xpR) — with LaDawn Stuben, Stephanie Marie Adames, Matthew Marquez, Martin Quezada and Camaron Stevenson.