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PDA/CAIR connection

Progressive Democrats of America Arizona June 2 2018.

PDA table in the community at tonight’s CAIR-Arizona A Ramadan for Civil Rights night. Thank you for organizing such a wonderful space for us!


— with Erin Dennise Martin Tamayo, Natacha Chavez, Isa ONeal, Voltairine de Cleyre, , Ken Kenegos, Redeem G. Robinson, Dan O'Neal.

Lucha Arizona people

Lucha Arizona November 10, 2015;


Today, we made history!

Thank you to all the community, organizations, and elected officials, volunteers but above all, thank you to the brave and courageous workers who are standing up for all workers in the country for the #fightfor15 — with Pita J. Samayoa, , Anabel Maldonado, Yosselin Benavides, Xochitl Rayas, Viridiana Hernandez, Natacha Chavez, Anel Luisa Mercado, Patrick Morales, Andrea Adum, Raquel Teran, Ian Danley, Araceli Becerra, Ken Chapman, Esmeralda Garcia, Richard Andrade, Tomas E. Robles, Jr., Cristina Gallardo-Sanidad, Aldo Gonzalez, Chris Fleischman, Antonio Valdovinos and Michael Angulo at LUCHA - Living United for Change in Arizona.

Remembering Todd Wiandt

PDA Arizona May 30 2018;


The community came to remember Todd today. Activists from the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, Democratic Socialists of America, Progressive Democrats of America and so much more. We all learned a lesson from Todd .......Show up, bring your smile and get to work. He taught us to always have each others back. What an amazing human being. We love you Todd Wiandt ! Forever with us in the fight and in our hearts! La lucha sigue compañero. — with Dan O'Neal, Franki Garza, Jessica Mendoza, Natacha Chavez, Cesar Aguilar, Isa ONeal, Camaron Stevenson, LaDawn Stuben, Osiel Ibarra, Patrick Morales, Lupe Conchas, Chula Robertson, Belen Sisa, Patti Serrano, Casey Boyd, Stephanie Marie Adames, William Nelson, Redeem Robinson II and Len Clark.

Lobbying Sinema

Johnny Martin December 18, 2017:


With Camaron Stevenson, Shayna Stevens, Natacha Chavez and Dan O'Neal.


Police have identified the four women arrested October 2018 in a protest outside Sen. Jeff Flake's Phoenix office.

Police say they are Julie Golding, 47, Natacha Chavez, 33, LaDawn Stuben, 40, and Brianna Westbrook, 33.


All four were booked on one count of criminal trespassing, a Class 3 misdemeanor.[1]