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Template:TOCnestleft Aldo Gonzalez lived as an undocumented immigrant for most of his life and that is why the work that he does is close to his heart. He works directly with his community who is made up of undocumented immigrants and working class families. Aldo is first generation latino, who graduated from college and lives in Arizona, the home of SB1070.

He has seen first hand how important it is to make sure the community has a political voice and exercises it. He is unapologetic and unafraid, and his favorite thing to do is witnessing someone stand up for justice.

Aldo is the Immigration Services Coordinator for Arizona Center for Empowerment.[1]

Lucha Arizona people

Lucha Arizona November 10, 2015;


Today, we made history!

Thank you to all the community, organizations, and elected officials, volunteers but above all, thank you to the brave and courageous workers who are standing up for all workers in the country for the #fightfor15 — with Pita J. Samayoa, , Anabel Maldonado, Yosselin Benavides, Xochitl Rayas, Viridiana Hernandez, Natacha Chavez, Anel Luisa Mercado, Patrick Morales, Andrea Adum, Raquel Teran, Ian Danley, Araceli Becerra, Ken Chapman, Esmeralda Garcia, Richard Andrade, Tomas E. Robles, Jr., Cristina Gallardo-Sanidad, Aldo Gonzalez, Chris Fleischman, Antonio Valdovinos and Michael Angulo at LUCHA - Living United for Change in Arizona.

Arizona for Bernie Sanders

Belen Sisa February 23, 2016;


With Dru Talero, Shayna Stevens, Bren Pantilione, Jose Miranda, Tomas E. Robles, Jr., Channel Powe, Dan O'Neal, Jesus Gonzalez Jauregui, Chris Fleischman, Patrick Morales, Aldo Gonzalez and Alejandra Gomez at Our Revolution - Arizona for Bernie Sanders.

Clean #DreamActNow!

Belen Sisa November 9, 2017 ·


Arizona respresenting in Washington, D.C. ready to demand for a Clean #DreamActNow! ❤️✊🏼 — with Rosa Maria Soto Castro, Korina Iribe-Romo, Perla Martinez, Denis Alvarez, Aldo Gonzalez, Oscar Hernandez Ortiz, Abril Gallardo and Mitzi Castro at St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church - Washington, DC.