Sara Joehnk

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Sara Joehnk

PDA Arizona

Dan O'Neal September 5, 2016;


PDA table at today's Arizona AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast. Thank you Rebekah Friend and all our brothers and sisters in the labor movement. — with Chula Robertson, Patrick Morales, Rebecca Dominguez, Adrian P. Fontes, Barbara Njos, Sara Joehnk, Isa ONeal, Bob Keiser, Cesar Aguilar and PDA Arizona.

Arizona DSA Facebook group

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America - Arizona, Closed Facebook Group, as of April 1, 2017 included Sara Joehnk.[1]

Somos America Coalition

Patrick Morales September 23, 2017;


Amazing night with the Somos America Coalition Board of Directors!

Special thanks to James Garcia creator of the #SB1070 play and Lucha Arizona for bringing students tonight that are well om their way to becoming full fledged organizers ✊!

  1. SomosAmerica #Lucha — with Patrick Morales, Rosa Maria Soto Castro, Wade Austin Padgett, Abril Gallardo, Susie Corona, Sara Joehnk and Margarito Blancas at Great Arizona Puppet Theater.