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Alyssa Keiko Tsuboi


Studies International Affairs at The George Washington University.

Young Progressives Demanding Action

Progressive Democrats of America February 28, 2017.


Young Progressives Demanding Action - Progressive Democrats of America Leadership Retreat — with Cameron Stempel, Keiko Tsuboi, Aaron Mandell, Patrick Morales, Nathan Siegel, Ian Schiffer and Belen Sisa at Historic Plaza Hotel.



YDSA GW Facebook group, as of May 2018: Admins and Moderators


YDSA GW September 6, 2017:


With Keiko Tsuboi and Caroline Zagraniczny.

Statement on "Harrassment of black students"


Signatories included Keiko Tsuboi Young Progressives Demanding Action-Our Revolution.

Our Revolution comrades

YDSA GW October 26, 2016:


With Keiko Tsuboi, Olive Eisdorfer and Josh Cam.

"The people united will never be defeated!"

YDSA GW October 22, 2016


The people united will never be defeated! George Washington University Progressive Student Union — with Keiko Tsuboi, Eden Vitoff, Olive Eisdorfer, Frank Santos Fritz, Julia Grifferty and Josh Cam.

Our Revolution GW

YDSA GW October 22, 2016:

Even at 1:50 in the morning, Our Revolution is revved up and ready to go!

Members of our org are joining the group of GW students traveling by bus to Harvard University to stand in solidarity with Harvard's dining hall workers who have been on strike for several weeks.


Every full time worker deserves a living wage. And Harvard, the richest university in the world, should provide this for their hardest working employees. — with Olive Eisdorfer, Keiko Tsuboi, Nino Aspanadze, Julia Grifferty, Lily Barrett, Frank Santos Fritz, Eden Vitoff and Josh Cam.

Rally to Demand Paid Leave and Fair Scheduling

YDSA GW September 20, 2016:

Today, some of our members (Our Revolution) attended the Rally to Demand Paid Leave and Fair Scheduling. The message was clear, #RecessIsOver for the DC Council, it's time to prioritize DC families.

We continue to be inspired by all of the hardy, passionate advocates fighting for crucial policies on the local level. We can't wait to see the Paid Leave campaign gain momentum in the coming weeks and we want to make sure we're harnessing the energy of the student body to support the DC community. We look forward to teaming up with other student orgs to bring these much-needed policies to DC!

  1. PaidLeave4DC #JustJobs — with Kyrah Altman, Keiko Tsuboi, Conrad Fox, John Kim and Jacob Roger Anderson-Little.