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Michael Martinez

Interfaith rally

Rabbi-Shmuly Yanklowitz December 15, 2015;


Leading an interfaith rally now on behalf of our children! Our State is ranked 49th and 50th in quality of education and school funding. Unacceptable! We will not be silent until our children are once again our number one priority! — with Jared Brooks, Ryan Gear, Samantha Hill, Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, Fred Barlam, Johnny Martin, Rabbi Dean Shapiro and Shayna Stevens.

Maricopa County Young Democrats

Patrick Morales August 27, 2015;


Maricopa County Young Democrats! and Alumni ! — with Kieran Elia, Sara Mattio, Shayna Stevens, Patrick Morales, Michael Martinez, Kate Gallego, Ruben Gallego and Bren Pantilione.

Feel the Bern

Belen Sisa March 23, 2016;


No matter what, we've made history together. Thank you all for the unbelievable experience, we truly gave it our all. #AZForBernie #FeelTheBern — with Michelle Armer, Renu Kaur Sidhu, Jose Miranda, Shannon Spellman, Martin Vega, Joe Murphy, Annie Podk, Kassandra Alvarez, Michael Martinez, Julio Caesar, Julio D. Zuniga, Mark Cardenas, Todd Wiandt, Patrick Morales, Hector Rivera, Caesar Vargas, Erika Andiola, Lupita Arreola, Carlos A. Sanchez Savinon, Angel Fernandez, Maria Castro and Warren Jason, Jr. at The Vig Fillmore.

Randy Parraz connection

Michael Martinez, January 11, 2016.


With Shayna Stevens, Bren Pantilione, Fred Barlam, Alison Porter and Randy Parraz.