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Party of the European Left commonly abbreviated European Left, is a European political party which operates as an association of democratic socialist and communist political parties in the European Union and other European countries. It was formed in January 2004 for the purposes of running in the 2004 European Parliament elections. EL was founded on 8–9 May 2004 in Rome. Elected MEPs from member parties of the European Left sit in the European United Left–Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) group in the European parliament.

Several of the member and observer parties participate also in the more radical European Anti-Capitalist Left. Before the European Left was founded, most of its members already held annual meetings together as part of the New European Left Forum (NELF).

As of December 2016, the Party of the European Left gathers 27 member parties, 8 observers and 3 partners from 25 European countries.

Party of the European Left hosts American Socialists 2019

Compilation: European United Left–Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) discussion with American Socialists 2019

On April 3 2019, Tatu Ahponen tweeted[1] that American socialists from the Democratic Socialists of America, David Duhalde and Matt Duss were meeting with the Party of the European Left at the European Parliament in Brussels:

Tatu Ahponen's tweet
""In Brussels. Party of the European Left is going to meet American socialists from DSA (@TheDuhalde, @mattduss of the ones who are on Twitter). A nice respite from the Finnish election business."

Attendees for a panel discussion with European United Left–Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) of the Party of the European Left included Maria Svart of Democratic Socialists of America, David Duhalde of Our Revolution, Alan Minsky of Progressive Democrats of America and Alexandra Rojas (remote) of Justice Democrats.[2]


According to the Facebook invitation,[3] hosted by GUE/NGL, Helmut Scholz and Lola Sanchez Caldentey:




Party of the European Left hosts American Socialists 2018

Tatu Ahponen's tweet

On Sept 7 2018, Tatu Ahponen tweeted[4] that Matt Bruenig was speaking in Finland, while Bhaskar Sunkara and Shana East waited:

"Presentation in Finland by @MattBruenig, @sunraysunray and @TheShanaEast waiting."


The Congress, upon proposal of the Council of Chairpersons, elects the EL Presidency: Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson/s.

The Chairperson represents the EL in the public sphere in the contacts with representatives of organisations and institutions, including the EU authorities, Trade Unions, non-governmental organisations and associations. The Vice-chairpersons support the Chairperson in fulfilling his/her duties.


Its first congress took place on 8 October 2005, in Athens, which produced the Athens Declaration of the European Left. The second congress was held 23–25 November 2007 in Prague. The third congress was held on 2–5 December 2010 in Paris. Its fourth congress was held on 13–15 December 2013 in Madrid. Its fifth congress took place on 16–18 December 2016 in Berlin, electing German lawyer and politician Gregor Gysi as the new EL President. The four Vice-Presidents are Maite Mola, Margarita Mileva, Paolo Ferrero and former EL President Pierre Laurent. Swiss Brigitte Berthouzoz serves as the new EL treasurer.

Towards a new strategy for the Left

The Party of the European Left in the Left Forum 2018 in New York – Towards a new strategy for the Left

At least thousand of people took part in the Left Forum 2018, which took place from Friday June 1st to Sunday June 3rd, offering one plenary per day covering on Friday the political sphere, on Saturday the academic approach and on Sunday the grassroots activists perspective on this year’s general topic.

The European Left presented 2 panels : “Connecting the European and North American Left: Identifying Spheres of Cooperation” and “ Party of the European Left - a Success Story of Radical Left Alliances? An Analysis from US and European Perspective”.

The EL participants (Paolo Ferrero, Waltraud Fritz Klackl and Piera Muccigrosso), were accompanied by Haris Golemis (Transform Europe), Andreas Gunter( future director of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, New York), Leo Panitch (York University, Socialist Register), Ethan Earle (Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung) and Ethan Young (journalist and editor).

Both events were attended quite well and stimulated lively debates. Many Americans, some of European origin, were very interested in the current situation of the different European countries and parties, e.g. the latest events in Italy and Spain, and how the left forces in Europe have been reacting to the Syriza experience in government. Even an individual member of the EL with Turkish roots was present to express his wish to have more information and being more actively involved into the EL politics.

The presence of the EL proved to be useful in more than one way, giving us the chance for information, discussion and debates. More contacts with representatives of the transatlantic left arose and lead us to a better understanding what kind of political and organization challenges a still quite fragmented radical left in the United States is facing in the Trump era.[5]


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