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Pacifica Radio is a listener-supported community radio organization and progressive news source. It has over 100 affiliate stations, including KPFA in Berkeley, CA, KPFK in Los Angeles, CA, KPFT in Houston, TX, WBAI in New York, NY and WPFW in Washington, DC.

Board of Directors

The following are the Board of Directors of the Pacifica Radio Foundation:

KPFA - Berkeley, CA Station Area Representatives

KPFK - Los Angeles, CA Station Area Representatives

KPFT - Houston, TX Station Area Representatives

WBAI - New York, NY Station Area Representatives

WPFW - Washington DC Station Area Representatives

Affiliate Stations Area Representatives

Pacifica Campaign

On January 31, 2001, Juan Gonzalez announced in an on-air broadcast of Democracy Now!, a campaign for a funding boycott of Pacifica Radio's network. The object was to oust then-current board. Gonzalez expressed dislike of the current corporate "takeover" of the network and called for his listeners to refuse to donate any money to Pacifica until its board of directors resigned. He subsequently announced his resignation in that call for campaign.[2] They were especially opposed to John Murdock, an attorney whose law firm was "notoriously anti-union."[3][4]

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