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The Chile Emergency Committee


The Communist Party USA and other marxist organizations set up several front groups to support the Allende marxists in Chile after the September 1973 coup in which Allende killed himself and his marxist government and secret militia were destroyed. Among this front groups were the National Legislative Conference on Chile and People's Lobby 1974, which formed the National Coordinating Center in Solidarity with Chile. Other marxists and Castro-Lobbymembers created Non-Intervention in Chile NICH.

However, a full-page ad appeared in the "New York Times", September 23, 1973, p. 9, by an organization calling itself Chile Emergency Committee, at 135 W. 4th Street, New York City, NY, 10012, Jane Rothenberg Secretary. It was definitely pro-Allende and anti-coup, but what is important is that the list of sponsors included the heart of the Latin American Lobby of communists, marxists, socialists, radicals and the Left in academia, and obviously took a lot of work to network in getting these people to sign on to the ad. This was no spur-of-the-moment effort though it was put together within a few weeks of the coup.

The complete text of the ad as well as a complete list of "sponsors" is reproduced below.

Santiago: the streets are red with blood
A tragic course of events has destroyed the constitutional process in Chile. Thousands are reports to been killed and many others are endangered by the recent military coup against the democratically-elected government of Dr. Salvador Allende. We raise our voices in protest against this illegal military regime and call for the full protection of those seeking asylum from the Junta.
Having dealt a death blow to the constitutional order, the right-wing junta has launched a reign of terror. Not only did President Allende and his aides face brutal repression; many thousands are reported killed and wounded in a widespread resistance, and an untold number have been imprisoned or "exterminated." The junta singled out for particular persecution the more than 10,000 Latin American exiles who fled to Chile from the military dictatorships in their own countries, especially Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay. The threatened deportation of these people to their country of origin would lead to certain imprisonment, torture or execution.
The United States government and certain large corporations bear major responsibility for what has happened in Chile. Covert efforts to undermine the Chilean constitutional process were first revealed in the secret ITT memos. "A more realistic hope among those who want to block Allende is that a swiftly deteriorating economy ... will touch off a wave of violence, resulting in a military coup." (ITT memo, September 29, 1970.) ITT, fearing nationalization, blatantly offered the CIA over one million dollars to prevent the election of Allende. This offer "was apparently made known ... to Henry A. Kissinger, President Nixon's adviser on national security." (New York Times, March 22, 1973). The State Department gave the U.S. ambassador "the green light to move in the name of President Nixon" as well as "maximum authority to do all possible - short of Dominican Republic-type action - to keep Allende from taking power." (ITT memo, September 17, 1970.).
Following Allende's confirmation by a majority of the Chilean Congress, U.S. government, corporate and banking interests unleashed an invisible blockade which, according to the Washington Post, "squeezed the fragile Chilean economy to the choking point." (September 16, 1973). Last December, Dr. Allende, speaking before the U.N. General Assembly, denounced these aggressive "efforts to isolate us from the world, strangle the economy and paralyze the sale of copper, our main export product, and deprive us of access to sources of international financing."
"U.S. copper giants Kennecott and Anaconda retaliated against unanimous parliamentary nationalization of their operations. First, they froze the New York bank accounts of Chilean government agencies, and then blocked copper deliveries to France and German. Lacking both credits and foreign exchange, Chile was unable to import vital replacement parts for U.S.-made machinery."
U.S. Ambassador Nathaniel P. Davis evaluated the Chilean situation in a secret memo reported by Jack Anderson. Davis told the State Department that Allende would not be overthrown unless public opposition became "so overwhelming and discontent so great, that military intervention is overwhelmingly invited." (Washington Post, March 28, 1972). The United States had trained 4,374 Chilean officers by the time Allende came to power. Clearly aware of the dangers to the constitutional government, the Defense Department nevertheless funnelled $30 million in military "assistance" to the "non-political" armed forces in the three years prior to the coup. Right-wing terrorism accelerated in combination with anti-government shut-downs led by truck owners. These paralyzing disruptions, in concert with the international blockade, set the stage for Chile's first military coup in over forty years.
  • We strongly condemn the illegal military coup in Chile and its brutal attack on the democratic institutions of that Republic.
  • We demand that the U.S. government withhold recognition from the illegally constituted junta.
  • In this year of the 25th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we appeal to all peoples to intercede for the welfare of those persons endangered by the military regime in Chile.
  • We specifically appeal to the governments of Argentina and Peru to offer full asylum to all persons seeking refuge from Chile; we appeal to the Mexican government to broaden its offer of asylum to include the foreign political exiles residing in Chile.
  • We appeal to the United Nations to guarantee the human rights of all persons in Chile, especially political prisoners and foreign exiles.
  • We appeal to the Congress of the United States to use every means at its disposal to repudiate the military junta; to assure the safety of foreign exiles residing in Chile; to refuse all economic and military assistance appropriations; and to investigate charges of U.S. involvement in the coup.

Many of the allegations about what happened before, during and after the coup in Chile on September 11, 1973, were both dissected and exposed as either false, distorted or deliberate Soviet/Communist "disinformation" in two major publications about the coup. The first was published shortly after the coup by the military government in the large "White Book of the Change of Government of Chile" in which the infamous "Plan Z" was exposed. On page 2657 of a congressional study by HISC in 1974, this plan was described in an "Editorial Note" regarding the testimony of Perez de Arce as follows:

"2.Plan Z, the master scheme whereby Chilean Marxist-Leninists, aided by foreign revolutionaries, had laid out a proposed program for the takeover of the remaining segments of the government. This included the proposed physical liquidation by trained terrorists of the leadership of the Armed Forces, as well as the opposition leaders from the political and labor sectors of Chilean society."

If this scenario seems familiar, remember what the Communist Party of Indonesia under Aidit tried to do in a similar manner to the Indonesian military leadership in 1965, which resulted in counter-action that decimated the CPI and nearly 1/2 million Chinese living in that country because it was thought, with some justification, that Red China was behind the attempted revolt and that the Chinese people were "fifth columnists".

Also, if one looks at events in Venezuela since the rise of marxist thug Hugo Chavez in the mid-2000's, you will see an exact duplication of the methods used by Allende and his marxist groups to chip away at free enterprise and labor rights in Chile prior to the revolt.]

A key government hearing/study on the hidden role of the various communist, socialist, Marxist-Leninist and Cuban/Soviet hands in the covert attempt to seize control of Chile by Allende and his forces, including a covert Cuba-armed and trained militia, can be found in "The Theory and Practice of Communism Part 5 (Marxism Imposed on Chile --Allende Regime), Hearings, House Internal Security Committee, Nov. 15, 1973 and March 7 & 13, 1974 (including Index).

Also in this hearing was information about the various American communist groups who supported Allende, especially those in the Chicago area. Also included in this publication was a "Staff Study" entitled "Visits of Hortensia Bussi De Allende to the United States December 7 to 18, 1973, and February 19 to 28, 1974" which detailed Communist Party USA CPUSA and sympathetic groups efforts to promote this propaganda tour by Mrs. Allende, a hardcore marxist in her own right. Some of the names that showed up in this hearing also showed up in the NYT ad of September 23, 1973, and in the "Congressional Record" articles listed under the National Coordinating Committee in Solidarity with Chile NCCSC at its own KeyWiki page.


Some additional information will be provided by KW concerning abbreviations used next to these names

Antioch College

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Brooklyn College

California State College

Catholic University

City College of New York

Columbia University

George Washington University

Hampshire College

Harvard University

John Jay College

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Need CITE from Women Strike for Peace HCUA hearings, 1965. CITE

New York University NYU

Polytechnic Institute of New York

Richmond College

Rutgers University

Miguel Algarin

Stanford University

State University of New York SUNY

State University of New York, old Westbury, SUNY

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Santa Cruz

University of Maryland

University of Masssachusetts

[KW: there was no break between the names listed for the Un. of Massachusetts and those who were not members of the faculty; KW arbitrarily put the break here because it was able to identify Van Horne as the syndicated columnist. Don't know if she was a Un. of Mass. professor at the time or not. VVAW begins that part of the list which we know did not include more Un. of Mass. professors.]


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